A Goliath bet is made up of an incredible 247 equal bets using eight selections. The selections for a Goliath bet consist of 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 four folds, 56 five folds, 28 six folds, eight seven folds, and one eight fold. As the name suggests, the Goliath bet is huge.

For the bet to win, you will need a minimum of two of the eight selections to be successful. If two selections win then you will receive a return on your stake.

The trebles and accas that make up the Goliath bet mean you will receive large increases in your winnings if those come off. A Goliath bet with three or more winning selections will see your returns increase significantly.

Unfortunately, a Goliath bet needs a few winning selections to see a profit on your wager. Like other multiple bets, the Goliath bet stake is multiplied by the number of bets. You will most commonly find the Goliath bet in horse racing, but it is used by bettors for other sports.

Before going any further, you should know that the Goliath bet's total stake is large. Therefore, you should use caution when making a wager using this bet type. In this article, we will explain the Goliath bet further and how it works.

Goliath Bets Explained

So, what is a Goliath bet? As mentioned previously, the Goliath consists of 247 bets of equal value. It is known as a large scale bet. The Goliath is made up of eight selections and provides you with a range of bets in one wager. This is one of the most expensive bets you can make on a sportsbook website. Therefore, you should weigh the selections, risk, and reward when making it.

Goliath bets should only be made by bettors with years of experience. You need a full understanding of sports betting and the event(s) you are wagering on. A bettor that lacks experience and knowledge will often times find themselves losing large sums of money.

The 247 bets of equal value consist of:

  • 28 doubles
  • 56 trebles
  • 70 four fold accumulators
  • 56 five fold accumulators
  • 28 six fold accumulators
  • 8 seven fold accumulators
  • 1 eight fold accumulator

Like other multiple bets, the stake is multiplied 247 times. A £1 Goliath bet would have a total stake of £247.

How Many Selections are in a Goliath Bet?

There is a total of 247 selections in a Goliath bet. You will need at least two of the bets to come off to earn returns on the wager. Three or more successful bets will enable you to see more significant returns on your stake.

How do you Calculate Goliath Bets?

The simplest method for working out a Goliath bet is to use a Goliath bet calculator. You can find odds calculators online or download a smartphone app to calculate your odds. If you prefer to do it manually, then the following equations will help you.

  • Covert your fractional odds into decimal odds first. This can be done by dividing the top number (numerator) by the bottom number (denominator). Next, add one to the sum. (For example, 3/1 becomes 4.0)
  • Then, multiply the decimal odds for the selections together. Once you have the sums, multiply them by your stake.

Manually calculating your Goliath bet odds can be time-consuming. The joy of having a betting odds calculator means you are able to get the odds in a matter of seconds.

How Does a Goliath Payout?

The Goliath bet is a high level bet type. It is not a bet type for novice bettors. The odds of each selection will have a large bearing on the wager. Depending on the selection prices, the bet's profitability will change.

You will need high odds on your selections if only two win to see a profit. Below is an example of how a Goliath bet pays out:

Example – £1 Goliath bet with a total stake of £247. Each football match is priced at 3/1.

  • 0 bet wins – £0 return with a loss of -£247
  • 1 bet wins – £0 return with a loss of -£247
  • 2 bet wins – £16 with a loss of -£231
  • 3 bet wins – £112 return with a loss of -£135
  • 4 bet wins – £608 return with a profit of £361
  • 5 bet wins – £3,104 return with a profit of £2,857
  • 6 bet wins – £15,600 return with a profit of £15,353
  • 7 bet wins – £78,096 return with a profit of £77,849
  • 8 bet wins – £390,592 return with a profit of £390,345
  • As you can see, the amount of money you can win is incredible. However, the initial stake is also high. You would need four winning selections to post a profit.

How to Place a Goliath Bet

Simply make eight selections on football, horse racing, or another sport. Once these selections are added to your betting slip, scroll down to the 'Goliath bet'. You will see the odds listed on the betting slip. Enter your stake, but remember this stake will be multiplied 247 times. Review your bet slip and press 'bet'.

Is a Goliath Bet a Good Bet?

A Goliath is an alternative to an eight fold accumulator. It provides you with some sort of financial return if two selections are successful. You will likely need more than just two selections to be successful for the bet to actually turn a profit, however.

The Goliath also provides coverage on different events occurring. You are making a number of multiple bets using the Goliath. If you are willing to stake the money, then a Goliath could return a fantastic amount of profits.

Is a Goliath Bet Better than a Heinz?

A Heinz bet includes 57 bets of equal value on six betting selections. Like the Goliath bet, the Heinz is a bet type that only experienced punters should explore. The difference between the two bets is a personal preference. With that said, the Heinz bet will cost you less money to stake. You also have less risk due to there being two fewer selections. The Goliath bet, depending on the odds, could return more profits, however.

How much is a 10p Goliath Bet?

A 10p bet is the minimum stake you can make on a Goliath bet. The stake is then multiplied 247 times. Your total stake would be £24.70.

Goliath Bet Example

Let's us the example from above once more to illustrate the Goliath bet type.

Example – £1 Goliath bet with a total stake of £247. Each football match is priced at 3/1.

  • 0 bet wins – £0 return with a loss of -£247
  • 1 bet wins – £0 return with a loss of -£247
  • 2 bet wins – £16 with a loss of -£231
  • 3 bet wins – £112 return with a loss of -£135
  • 4 bet wins – £608 return with a profit of £361
  • 5 bet wins – £3,104 return with a profit of £2,857
  • 6 bet wins – £15,600 return with a profit of £15,353
  • 7 bet wins – £78,096 return with a profit of £77,849
  • 8 bet wins – £390,592 return with a profit of £390,345

Goliath Bet in Horse Racing

Goliath bets are common in horse racing. They enable you to make eight selections from eight different horse races and to combine them as multiple bets. When using the Goliath bet on horse racing, you may consider using the each way Goliath. This will give you some insurance in case your horse doesn't win the race.

Each Way Goliath Bet

The each way Goliath allows you to make double the bets. Rather than making 274 bets, you will make 494. This also means that your stake will be multiplied 494 times. A £2 bet on an each way Goliath bet would be a total stake of £988.

Even if your horse places, it doesn't mean you will earn large profits. In fact, you may not break even on such a large stake. The majority of bookies pay each way at 1/5 of the win odds on the placed portion of an each way bet.

What Sports Can You Bet a Goliath?

Goliath bets are most commonly used in horse racing. You can also use the Goliath bet for football, cricket, tennis, NFL football, basketball, and other sports betting. After you add eight selections to your betting slip on eight different events, simply scroll down the betting sites' bet slip to see the Goliath bet is provided. You may need to click on 'multiple bet' to bring it up.

Goliath Bet Strategies

First and foremost, the Goliath should not be used by novice bettors. Thre are two groups of people that use the Goliath bet regularly. One group is a set of friends or work colleagues that put money into a pot each week and have a punt at the weekend on football games. The group will share in the profits made. The other group of Goliath regulars is professional bettors that have worked out the risk to rewards of the bet type.

The best strategy for making a Goliath is to do your homework. Understand the teams, leagues, horses, or whatever you are wagering on. In addition, work out the profits of the bet beforehand to ensure it is worth your time and hard earned money.

Finally, be sensible about the selections you make. The longer the odds on a selection, the more unlikely they are to win the event. A Goliath needs a large stake, so don't add a number of long shot selections.

What are Similar Bets to a Goliath?

There are similar bet types to the Goliath. These include:

  • Lucky 15
  • Heinz
  • Super Heinz bet
  • Yankee bet
  • Canadian bet
  • Lucky 31
  • Lucky 63


The Goliath bet is a monster of a wager. It consists of 247 bets of equal or lesser value across eight different selections. You will need at least two selections to win to see a return on your wager. Even with two selections winning, you may not see a profit. Three or more winning selections could see your returns increase dramatically.

A Goliath bet is not cheap to make. The stake is multiplied 247 times. If you are not careful, the total stake could increase significantly. A £1 stake would actually be a total stake of £247.

Only experienced bettors that truly understand the bet type should attempt the Goliath bet. Experienced bettors may still shy away from using the Goliath bet. Despite its drawbacks, the Goliath bet can be a very lucrative bet type.