A Yankee bet is made up of 11 bets of equal value. The selections for a Yankee bet must come from four separate events. The bet type includes six doubles, four trebles, and one four fold accumulator.

A minimum of two of the selections must win for a return to be made on your bet. The Yankee bet's payout increases thanks to the trebles and four fold accumulator should more than one of them come in. The opportunity to win large returns on a Yankee bet makes it a popular wager by bettors around the globe.

The Yankee bet can be utilised for a variety of sports. In fact, you can use the Yankee bet on sports as long as there are four selections from different events. The Yankee bet can offer you security as a bettor, meaning you can hedge your bet. For this reason, the Yankee bet may not appeal to bettors looking for large profits from their bets. If the security provided by the Yankee bet suits you, then be sure to read on.

Let's explore the Yankee bet and how to use it. Bear in mind that a Yankee bet is a wager that may take some time to fully understand.

Yankee Bet Explained

A Yankee bet a wager with four selections. The selections are made up of 11 different bets.

  • six doubles

  • four trebles

  • four fold accumulator

The Yankee bet will have a total of 11 different bets. A Yankee bet is similar to a Lucky 15. It does not consist of four singles like the Lucky 15, however. The returns on a Yankee are dependent on the number of selections that win. As long as you back four selections, you can place a Yankee bet on any sport.

A Yankee bet allows for 11 possible winning combinations. You only need half of the selections to win for a return on your stake. This makes a Yankee bet great for diversifying your betting. The only issue that you may have with making a Yankee bet is the stake. It is multiplied by 11.

How Many Selections are in a Yankee Bet?

There are 11 selections of equal value in a Yankee bet. The 11 selections are made up of six doubles, four trebles, and a four fold acca. Each bet will have the same stake. Your stake will be multiplied by 11 to cover all of the wagers. You need to ensure the amount of your stake doesn't exceed the total you originally wanted to stake.

How do you Calculate Yankee Bets?

The easiest way to calculate your Yankee bet is to use an online bet calculator. You can search for an online Yankee bet calculator or use a smartphone app to calculate the odds.

You can also calculate the odds yourself. Here is how:

  • When using fractional odds, you can convert them into decimal odds by dividing the numerator (top number) by the denominator (bottom). After dividing the top number by the bottom number, you simply add one.

  • To get the odds on the doubles, trebles, and four fold acca, you need to multiply the decimal odds for the selections together. Once this is done, you need to multiply the result by your stake.

How Does a Yankee Payout?

A Yankee bet is a great way to back a number of selections that could pay a shorter price if you wager on them individually. The returns can payout a larger return than bets on the individual wagers. Yankees focus on multiple bets that can pay out far more than individual wagers.

How to Place a Yankee Bet

A Yankee bet is easy to make. Simply make your selections from four different sports events and add them to your bet slip. Find the 'Yankee' bet option and type in your stake. The online sportsbook's bet slip will display your estimated winnings. If two of the selections are successful, the bet should pay out.

The majority of online sportsbooks will give you the option to wager across markets. You will have the chance to wager on match betting, goal totals, both teams to score, and much more if betting on football.

Regardless of the sport, you can wager on a Yankee bet in the same way. Yankee bets can be placed in horse racing, greyhound racing, and football.

The biggest problem with placing a Yankee is that each stake has to be the same amount. You don't have the option of wagering a larger stake on the multiples. Everything has to be the same value. Some punters may wish to stake less money on the four fold rather than the double to reduce risk. However, this cannot happen.

Is a Yankee Bet a Good Bet?

A Yankee bet is ideal if you want to wager on four separate games. The Yankee bet is great because it allows you to place multiple bets to ensure you earn bigger profits. If any of the doubles, trebles or the acca comes in, then the bet will be a success.

A Yankee bet is a good bet if you are backing selections at short odds. The bet type improves the return you can make off of the selections than if you wager on them individually.

The bet does not focus on single bets. Instead, it focuses the stake on more profitable multiple bets. These bets have the potential for bigger profits.

If you fancy four selections and want to back them, then don't be afraid to make a Yankee bet. However, when starting out with Yankee betting, start small with your stake. The stake is multiplied by 11. This means you could wager a stake that is larger than you initially intended.

What is the difference between a Yankee Bet and a Goliath Bet?

A Yankee bet and a Goliath bet are different types of wagers. A Goliath bet is made up of 247 equal bets with eight selections. The selections include 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 four folds, 56 five folds, 28 six folds, eight seven folds, and one eight fold.

A minimum of two of the eight selections must be successful for a return on a Goliath bet. The multiple bets mean that two or more winners will see your profits increase significantly.

Is a Yankee Bet Better than a Lucky 15?

A Lucky 15 bet is made up of 15 bets. The bets are of equal value on selections from four different matches. The bet has four singles, six doubles, four trebles, and one four fold accumulator. Just one of the selections needs to win for you to get a return on a Lucky 15. The multiple bets ensure that additional wins enable your returns to increase. Lucky 15 bets are most often used in horse racing.

How much is a 50p Yankee Bet?

A Yankee bet is made up of 11 bets. Therefore, a 50p bet would be a total stake of £5.50. Each bet must be of equal value. Therefore, you will make 11, 50p bets.

Yankee Bet Example

Let us look at a Yankee bet example using four football selections. Manchester United to defeat Newcastle, Barcelona to defeat Real Madrid, Bayern Munich to defeat RB Leipzig, and PSG to defeat Marseille.

You will add these selections to your bet slip and scroll down until you see the Yankee bet. Simply place your stake into the box. Bear in mind that the stake is multiplied by 11. If you wager £2 as your stake, it will be multiplied for a total stake of £22.

Yankee Bet in Horse Racing

Yankee betting is popular in horse racing. Although Yankee betting can be used in other sports, it is very popular in horse racing as it allows you to select four winners from four different races.

If you back a non-runner in a horse race, it won't affect your Yankee bet. All 11 bets will stand even with a non-runner. If you select a winner and a non-runner in a double bet, you will be simply paid out at the single winner's odds value. Regardless of the bet, you will be paid out with the omission of the non-runner.

The Yankee bet was created to hedge against the risks of not receiving a payout. If you feel confident in your choice and two selections winning, the Yankee bet is ideal. Even with two selections being successful, you have the opportunity to win serious earnings.

Yankee bets offer security to punters. The security provided can turn off some punters. The rewards are not as lucrative as some other multiple bets. It is important to be careful when betting and pay attention to the stake.

Each Way Yankee Bet

The each way Yankee is an alternative to the original Yankee. The each way makes every selection in your Yankee an each way bet. Instead of making 11 total bets, the each way Yankee makes 22 total bets. Therefore, the stake is double. In the above football example, the stake was £2. In an each way Yankee bet, the stake is doubled to £4. The total stake would be £44.

The each way Yankee provides a payout for each horse that places in a race. It will also payout if your selection wins. Most online sportsbooks offer 1/5 of the winning odds for the place portion of the each way bet.

What Sports Can You Bet a Yankee?

Yankee bets are very popular with horse racing punters. However, it isn't just horse racing that Yankees are perfect for. You may make a Yankee bet on greyhound racing, football, tennis, golf, ice hockey, and other sports that have four separate events. Once again, the Yankee bet is perfect for events with short odds. Combining these short odds events, you can increase the potential payout if your selections are successful.

Yankee Bet Strategies

The best Yankee bet strategy is to choose four strong selections. Then, make sure that all four of the sub-bets payout. Ensure that all the selections on your bet slip are at odds under evens. Odds under evens are more likely to win as these selections are the bookies' favourites. Selecting four odds on favourites to win improves your chances of the Yankee bet being successful.

The payout may be modest, however. The profit could even be smaller than your original stake. There is a good chance you will want to make selections on higher priced markets. Most sports bettors aren't looking to make small returns when placing Yankee bets.

What are Similar Bets to a Yankee?

A Yankee bet is similar to a Lucky 15. The Lucky 15's only difference is that it includes single bets. Like the Yankee, the Lucky 15 includes four bets. The Lucky 31 is another similar bet to the Yankee. The Lucky 31 features five bets rather than the Yankee's four bets. This makes the Lucky 31 popular amongst punters. The Super Yankee bet is also similar to the Yankee bet and we will explore that shortly.

What is a Super Yankee Bet?

A Super Yankee is made up of 26 bets on all variations from five selections on different events. The Super Yankee bet consists of 10 doubles, 10 trebles, five four fold accumulators, and one five fold accumulator.

There is also an each way Super Yankee which consists of 52 bets. Super Yankee bets really begin showing their profit potential when the multiples come into play. Like the regular Yankee bet, the Super Yankee is ideal for punters wagering on events at short odds.

Conservatively gamblers who want to play a percentage game may prefer the each way Yankee bet. Punters that prefer to wager on events with short odds may prefer to use the each way Super Yankee.


The Yankee bet is an ideal way to make a bet on four separate events at short odds. It provides punters with the chance to earn significant profits once the multiple bets land. Yankee bets can be made on a variety of sports including horse racing, football, tennis, ice hockey, greyhound racing, and more. The Yankee bet can be lucrative, but the stake is multiplied by 11. Therefore, you will need to consider our stake wisely.