An acca bet is one of the most popular ways to wager on sports. Accas' popularity comes from a bettor's ability to win a large profit from a small stake.

There are regular news stories about bettors winning massive pay outs on large acca bets. Just a few well chosen selections can lead to hundreds or thousands of pounds in winnings from a stake as small as a £1.

So, what is an acca? Let's explore acca betting options and why they are so much fun for bettors to use.

What is an Acca?

Accumulator bets, or accas for short, are a wager on multiple selections all on the same bet slip. Acca bets are available on nearly all sports. There are some exceptions, but you will find most online sportsbooks offering accumulator bets to customers.

Acca bets are useful as you can combine several short prices into a larger bet. For example, you could wager £10 on a football match at evens. The return would be £20. However, a £10 accumulator bet wager on two selections at evens would return £40. Add another football match at evens to the wager with a £10 stake and it would return £80.

Acca bets are used by bettors to combine a number of games or events into one single selection. If all of the selections win, then your bet wins. If any of your selections lose, then your bet loses. Each selection affects the bet.

Aside from being able to wager on short odds and accumulate them into a larger bet, accas are popular due to the excitement they offer. Having a multiple bet in which you need all of the results to come off can be thrilling.

How Many Selections Are In an Acca?

Depending on the sportsbook, you can have up to 20 selections in an acca. The more selections you add the bet slip, the longer the odds become. As the odds grow, your potential profits grow. This means that a small stake could land you a large pay out.

The more selections you add to your accumulator bet, the more difficult it is to win the bet. If just one of the selections doesn't come off, your bet will be unsuccessful. The winnings from the first bet are used as the stake for the second wager. If the second bet wins, the winnings are then the stake for the third bet and so on. Accas appeal to novice and professional bettors due to the amount of money that could be won.

Is There Such a Thing As A Four Fold Accumulator?

Yes, a four fold accumulator bet is one type of multiple bet. A four fold accumulator features four different selections on one bet slip. An acca has multiple parts and in this bet type, there are four parts. 

Is an Acca Multiple Bet?

Yes, an acca is a type of multiple bet. All of the selections are combined into one bet. This means the overall bet is dependent on each selection to win.

What is the Difference Between an Acca and an Accumulator Bet?

An accumulator bet and acca bet are the same thing. The term 'acca' is often used by bookies and experienced bettors.

What is the Difference Between An Acca and A Treble?

Accumulator bets have four or more selections to them. A treble is a type of multiple bet with three selections. There is also a double which consists of just two selections. Oftentimes, when making two or three selections, it is often called an acca. However, bookies refer to these bets as doubles and trebles, respectively.

Types of Accas

There are a number of acca types:

  • Double - two selections

  • Treble - three selections

  • Four fold - four selections

  • Five fold - five selections

  • Six fold - six selections

  • Seven fold - seven selections

  • Eight fold - eight selections

There are sportsbooks that offer accas with up to 20 selections.

What Markets Can You Bet on with Accas?

You can wager on a variety of sports on an accumulator bet. Football is one of the most popular sports to bet on using accumulator betting. Football matches are not the only thing you can wager on. You can add other selections such as outright tournament or league winners to make an accumulator bet.

There are other sports you can wager on using acca betting options. Tennis, golf, basketball, baseball, hockey, and many more sports can be bet on using accumulator bets. You can even create an accumulator bet that combines different sports and market types.

How Do You Know How Much An Accumulator Bets Worth?

You can use an acca bet calculator online to determine the worth of an accumulator bet before making your wager. An acca calculator is the best way to work out your potential winnings. In addition, when compiling your selections at your favourite sportsbook, your odds will be calculated.

Can You Make Two Separate Bets with An Acca?

You can make an each way bet on your accumulator bet. When making an each way bet, your stake is doubled.

What is the Difference Between An Acca and a Bet Builder?

A bet builder allows you to make multiple selections from one single sports event and place them into one bet. For example, you may make selections from a single football match on goal scorer, final scorer, total goals, and total corners. All of these selections come from the same football match.

An acca bet cannot be made on multiple selections from one single football match or sports event. Accumulator bets must be made up of selections from different sports events and not from the same game.

Do All Bookmakers Offers Accas?

The majority of leading sportsbooks offer accumulator betting. Accas are extremely popular with sports bettors, especially football bettors. Accas are used by novice and expert bettors alike.

Football Accas

Football accas allow you to combine multiple match selections into one great bet. You have the possibility of making a wager on a football acca with a small stake to win large profits.

Best Football Markets for Accas

There are a number of great markets for football betting. The best football markets for accumulator bets include the 1x2 bet, BTTS, over/under goals, goalscorer, and the number of cards.

Horse Racing Accas

Horse racing is another popular sport for accumulator betting. Simply select the horses you expect to win from multiple races and make your wager. You may even be able to select each way for the bet. Remember that the stake is doubled on all each way bets.

Best Horse Racing Markets for Accas

You can select the 'to win' market and 'to place' market for horse racing accas.

Golf Accas

Golf is another sport in which accas are offered. The sport of golf has a number of tournaments throughout the year. You can put together an accumulator bet on individual tournaments or on tournaments throughout the season.

Since there are multiple tournaments in golf occurring around the same time, you can select the winners of these events into one bet. You could land a life changing profit from your acca.

Best Golf Markets for Accas

Most golf tournaments have the golfers play out in groups of three for the first and second rounds. This is called a 3-ball. For the final two rounds, the pairings are of two golfers. This is called 2-ball. Bookies offer bets on a 3-way or 2-way market and all you have to do is select the player(s) that will have the best score of the round.

In addition, you can also select golfers that are not paired together to wager on. An 18 hole match up bet allows you to wager on a specific golfer to outperform another player over the course of a round. You can choose multiple 18 hole match up selections for an accumulator bet.


Accumulator bets make sports betting even more exciting. You can place a small stake on multiple selections to win a large pay out. Accas are available for a number of sports. Simply make multiple selections on different games, place your stake and watch the action unfold in front of you. The more selections you place on your acca, the more difficult it will be to win. However, if all of the selections win, then the bet is successful. If just one of your selections loses, then the entire bet loses.