An each way bet is common in horse racing, motorsports, and other sports in which individuals compete against a group. While common amongst racing sports, you will also find each way betting in golf tournaments, tennis competitions, football, and the like.

When it comes to sports like horse racing, however, each way betting is extremely popular. The bet type covers multiple possible results. Placing an each way bet is easy. Simply select the participant of a race or sporting event you believe will finish first or place in the competition. Be sure to click on each way, EW, or E/W, and sit back to watch all of the action.

So, how does each way betting work? Let us take a deep dive into E W bets to understand it further.

Each Way Betting Explained

An each way bet is made up of two bets at an equal price. The two bets are a win bet on your selection to win the sporting event along with a place bet on the same selection to finish within a specific number of places. These places will be specified by the sportsbook before the event.

Since you are making two bets on one selection, your stake will be double. For example, if you wager £5 each way on a horse, the bet will require a total stake of £10 (£5 to win and £5 to place).

Each way betting is commonly abbreviated to EW, E W, or E/W. Although you typically find each way betting in horse racing, and motorsports, it is also found in golf, tennis, and even football.

Each way bets work well when there is a large field of entrants, such as a race or individual sport like golf. This allows you to wager on a participant to win the overall event or to place in a specific place. In golf, for example, you may wager on Tiger Woods to win the Masters each way. If Woods won the tournament or came second, your bet would be a winner.

How Do Each Way Bets Work?

There are two potential outcomes to an each way bet. If your selection wins the sports event, then your bet wins. If your selection places, finishing within the specified number of places, then your bet also wins.

Both the win bet and the place bet payout a return in an each way bet. If your betting selection places, you only win the place bet. The bet will pay out the return value.

The each way bet makes sense when there is a large field to select from and any of those participants can win. For example, the Grand National has 40 horses participating in the event. It can be difficult to pick the winner out of 40 horses. Therefore, an each way bet gives you the chance to win on two different outcomes.

The same goes for sports such as golf and tennis. Each way bets have become slightly more popular with football bettors. Wagering on a team before a major tournament such as the World Cup can be difficult. You can select an each way bet on a team to finish first or second. This provides you with some cover when placing a bet on a major event.

How Do You Make An Each Way Bet?

When selecting an each way bet, ensure you tick the E/W box on the betslip. It can be easy to miss the box, resulting in you missing out if your intended selection wins or places.

The stake total will double on your betslip. A £5 bet each way would cost you £10 in total. Remember, you are betting on two potential outcomes. Keep in mind that some bookings will have different terms. Some will payout based on the first five places, while others may payout at four places.

When making an each way bet, there are three things you must consider.

The odds are for the win portion of the each way bet. The odds dictate the odds for the place portion of the eachway bet.

Each-way places are the positions your selection must finish in for the place bet to be successful. Places can differ and it isn't just first and second.

Each-way fractions are the odds on the place portion of your each way bet and are a fraction of the win odds. This is due to your selection having a greater chance of placing than winning the entire event.

Is An Each Way Bet One Bet or Two Separate Bets?

An each way bet is made up of two bets at an equal price. A £5 each way bet would cost you £10 in total (£5 on the winner and £5 on the place bet).

How Much Do You Win On An Each Way Bet?

Before making an each way bet, you need to consider the odds. You can lose money on each way bets that are not evens (1/1) or greater in odds. The amount of money you win on an each way bet decreases the selection finishing further away from first place.

How Do You Calculate Each Way Bets Into Potential Winnings?

You want your each way bet to at least payout to cover your initial stake of £5. The number of places that payout is at the discretion of the bookie. The number of places that payout is typically determined by the number of participants that take place in the event.

Ensure you wager on events, such as horse racing, that offer each way bets. The following horse racing information should help:

  • 1 to 4 runners – No Places – Win Only bets
  • 5 to 7 runners – 1/4 Odds – 1st & 2nd place only
  • 8 plus runners – 1/5 odds – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
  • 12 to 15 runners (handicapped races only) – 1/4 odds – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
  • 16 plus runners (handicapped races only) – 1/4 odds – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place

You can turn your horse racing bets into potential winnings using this information.

How Can You Bet Each Way?

Simply click on your selection to add it to the betslip. Then, find the E/W box on the betslip underneath your selection and click it. Remember, your total cost will be doubled.

Which Sports Can You Bet On Each Way?

Each way betting is popular in sports in which there is a large field of entrants. Horse racing, motorsports, and marathon betting are popular sports in which each way bets are placed. However, these are not the only sports each way bets work.

An each way bet can be placed prior to a sports tournament such as the World Cup. You can select the team you believe will win the tournament and select each way to cover the result of a second place finish.

Golf and tennis are also popular sports in which each way betting is common. You can select a player ahead of a tournament to win or place.

If you want to get a great price on a football team, golfer, or tennis player to win a tournament or league, then an each way bet covers the possibility of them winning or finishing second.

Can You use Free Bets to Bet Each Way?

Yes, but if the funds are more than the free bets, additional funds will be taken from your deposit balance to cover the each way bet.

How Many Runners Does There Need to be for an Each Way Bet?

To bet each way in horse racing, the following number of runners need to take part:

  • 1 to 4 runners – No Places – Win Only bets
  • 5 to 7 runners – 1/4 Odds – 1st & 2nd place only
  • 8 plus runners – 1/5 odds – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
  • 12 to 15 runners (handicapped races only) – 1/4 odds – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
  • 16 plus runners (handicapped races only) – 1/4 odds – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place

Is Each Way 1st and 2nd?

The number of places in an each way bet is up to the bookmaker. However, horse racing has a specific number of runners that dictate how many places are available in an each way bet.

In some competitions, such as football tournament betting, golf, and tennis, each way bets may cover first and second place.

Each Way In Horse Racing Betting

Each way betting is most popular in horse race betting. It gives you the chance to cover multiple positions depending on the number of runners. The number of positions changes due to the number of runners competing in the race.

Each Way Betting On The Grand National

The Grand National is the biggest horse race in British racing. It features 40 entrants, making it difficult to select the winner. Each way betting is a popular way to wager on the Grand National. If the win part of the bet is successful, then you can land a nice profit. You can still make a tidy profit if your horse places. Each way betting was created for major sporting events like the Grand National which could have a variety of outcomes.

Extra Places and Enhanced Each Way Terms

A number of leading bookmakers offer extra places and enhanced each way terms as special promotions. These promotions often take place during major horse racing events. Extra places and enhanced each way terms may be offered on additional sports.

Extra places are given on specific events. For example, during the Cheltenham Festival, bookies may add an extra place to their each way bet. Instead of the first four finishers, they may payout for the first five finishers. The promotion encourages more betting on the racing.

Enhanced each way terms are added to your each way odds. The enhanced terms are a bonus for betting on a specific event.

Each Way in Golf Betting

You can wager on a golfer to win a tournament before the field tees off. Sportsbooks tend to payout if your selection wins or finishes in the top five. Each way golf betting allows you to earn profits even if your golfer doesn't come first.

Each Way In F1 Betting

F1 is the most popular motorsport in the world to bet on. Unlike horse racing, F1 each way betting is typically on the drivers that finish on the podium. This means your driver must win or finish second or third.

What Is The Difference Between an Each Way Bet and A Place?

In a place bet, the selection must finish in those specific spots. For example, if you wager on a horse to finish first or second, they must end the race in those places to win. The bet would lose if the horses came third or fourth.

Each way bets will payout your selection wins or places second, third, or fourth. Of course, the event has to feature enough runners for this to occur.

Are Each Way Bets Worth It?

Yes, each way betting is worth it. For events with large fields, you can select a participant to win the event or to finish in a specific position, rather than simply winning it. This gives you multiple ways to make a profit. You need to pay attention to the odds of the selections to ensure you do not lose money on the each way bet, however.

Will I Break Even If I Place an Each Way Bet?

A trick to ensure you bet each way on horses at odds to return a minimum of your total stake is to find the each way fraction. Invert the number with the numerator on the bottom and the denominator on top. This will give you the odds at which your each way will break even if the horse places. For example, an each way fraction of 1/4 would give you the minimum odds of 4/1 to break even.

How Do I Decide if An Each Way Bet Is Worth It?

Punters do not often have the odds in their favourite. Bookies tend to be in control when it comes to betting. However, each way betting can give punters an advantage over bookmakers.

Horse races in which there is a strong favourite along with a second, and possibly third favourite, make for great each way betting opportunities. These events have only a slim chance of the favourite being beaten and the places going to runners outside of the top favourites.

Bookies hate these types of sports events because it gives the punter power. If you look at the 2021-22 Premier League, Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea were the favourites to win the title. If you had selected one of the three teams to win the league and made it an each way bet (paying out for first, second, and third), then you would have taken advantage of the sportsbooks.

Each way betting is a great way to bet on horse racing, motorsports, football, golf, and tennis. Any sport with a large entry field is perfect for each way betting. If the odds are in your favour, you can make a tidy sum off of the bookies.