BTTS is one of the most popular betting markets available with online sportsbooks. BTTS is short for both teams to score, which means you are betting on goals rather than a specific team to win.

When you back a match to be BTTS, you aren't concerned with which team wins. You simply want the two teams to score goals. Sportsbooks offer several different BTTS football betting markets which make this a great betting option.

What does BTTS Mean?

BTTS means both teams to score. When placing a BTTS bet, you are not concerned with which team wins the match. You are not betting on the match result. Rather, you are betting on both teams to score goals.

If you make a BTTS bet, and both teams in the match score goals, then your bet wins. Once again, the match result doesn't matter. In addition, it doesn't matter the number of goals that were scored in the game.

You can also bet on both teams not to score goals. Both teams not to score is a bet typically wagered on a match featuring teams that do not score many goals.

If you place a 'NO' both teams to score bet and both teams fail to find the back of the net, then your bet will win.

BTTS Example

For this example, let's imagine Liverpool and Manchester City are playing in the Premier League. Both teams are high scoring sides and are fighting for the Premier League title.

You place a BTTS bet on Liverpool and Manchester City at the best betting odds of 19/20. You place £100 on the match to end BTTS. Your profit at odds of 19/20 would be £95 with an overall payout of £195.

In the match, Mohamed Salah scores for Liverpool in the first half, but Manchester City equalise in the second half through Kevin De Bruyne. The match finishes 1-1. Since both teams scored, your bet is a winner and you receive a payout of £195.

You take a second punt on a Premier League game between Newcastle and Brentford. In this game, you wager £100 at the BTTS odds of 2/1. If you win, the payout is £300 with a profit of £200.

Newcastle claim a 3-0 win against Brentford. Both teams did not score in the game, which means your bet loses.

What does BTTS in Both Halves mean?

BTTS in both halves is an alternative wager to the traditional BTTS bet. If you place a BTTS in both halves wager, then you need both teams to score in the first half and the second half. You would need the game to end with a minimum of four goals, two goals apiece.

Punters will select a BTTS in both halves bet if two high scoring teams are playing. In addition, the wager allows a punter to take advantage of some high value odds. The odds for BTTS in both halves can have more value than the regular BTTS.

One of the top strategies experienced bettors use is to wager in play on a 'NO' BTTS in both halves at halftime during a match. If a match has had a high scoring first half with both teams scoring, a 'NO' BTTS bet for the second half can offer some high value odds.

What does BTTS and Win mean?

BTTS and win is another alternative to the traditional bet type. It can also offer you enhanced odds compared to straight up BTTS bets. For a BTTS and win bet, you are betting on both teams to score goals and one of the teams to win the match.

While the traditional BTTS bet isn't concerned with which team wins the game, the BTTS and win wager requires goals to be scored and the team you selected to win the match to be victorious.

In this type of bet, you will need at least three goals scored, and the team you selected to win the match to get the victory. You can also bet 'NO' BTTS and win. For this bet to be successful, you need both teams to not score and the team you selected to win the match.

Can you bet on BTTS in any sport other than football betting?

BTTS is most common in football coupons. There aren't too many other sports that are as low scoring as football. For example, in basketball, teams regularly score points and there is no chance of a shutout.

Sports such as baseball and ice hockey may have similar betting markets depending on the sportsbook. However, the BTTS is almost always reserved for football betting.

Does BTTS include extra time?

The BTTS bet does not include extra time unless otherwise stated. The majority of sportsbooks do not include extra time into bets. In the same way that BTTS does not count in extra time, a match result match does not include the overtime period.

Can you cash out of BTTS bets?

Many sportsbooks will let you cash out your BTTS bets. However, terms and conditions apply and not all sportsbooks will allow you to cash out your BTTS value bets. The BTTS market on most sportsbooks will inform you whether or not a cash out option is available.

The BTTS market of some leagues such as the Premier League may offer a cash out option. Keep in mind that if you placed a 'YES' BTTS wager, then the money will be paid out after both teams find the back of the net.

BTTS Accumulators

Accumulators are one option to combine odds from various matches to create value bets. Sports betting ACCAs allow you to combine events and wager a small stake with the possibility of winning a large payout.

BTTS is a popular betting market for ACCAs. You aren't wagering on teams to win, rather you want teams to score - or not to score in some cases.

You may select matches with teams that score a lot of goals for your 'YES' BTTS accumulator. If these teams score goals, then your ACCA will pay out.

Can you bet on other markets at the same time as both teams to score?

You can build an accumulator bet featuring the BTTS market and other football gambling markets. This is a popular way to build an ACCA.

One reason punters choose the BTTS bet is when two teams are rather equal on the pitch. You aren't betting on a team to win or lose. You are simply wagering on both teams to score.

For example, Liverpool and Manchester City were relatively equal during the 2021-22 Premier League season. You may not have been able to predict which team would win the head-to-head matches between Liverpool and Manchester City.

An alternative bet would have been the BTTS. Both sides scored plenty of goals in 2021-22. In all three games Liverpool and Manchester City played in all competitions during the 2021-22 season, BTTS scored. Therefore, BTTS betting would have enabled you to win your selection on your football coupon.

Is a BTTS a common bet?

BTTS is one of the most popular football bets. Once again, it is a bet you can place on two teams that are difficult to separate in terms of wins and losses. In addition, both teams may have fantastic offences or poor defences.

By doing your homework on the quality of the teams playing, you can predict which teams will score goals - or are at least likely to score goals.

Along with being a popular bet, the BTTS alternative bets such as BTTS in both halves or BTTS in the first half or second half are much used by punters. You can get some of the best odds for a match using the BTTS bets.

Moreover, you may find that a sportsbook has offered a high value bet that you can exploit in the BTTS market. Different bookmakers will offer competitive odds on BTTS markets.

Other common bets

BTTS is just one of the most common football bets punters place. Here are 10 other common bets:

  1. 1x2
  2. Total Goals: Over/Under
  3. Total Goals: Odds/Evens
  4. Anytime Goalscorer
  5. First Time Goalscorer
  6. Total Goals: Over/Under and to Win
  7. Asian Handicap
  8. Halftime Result
  9. Correct Score
  10. Halftime/Full-time

BTTS Tips and Strategies

One of the most important tips is to do your research. Since BTTS is a market that focuses on goals being scored, or not, then you need to know just how well the two teams are doing in the final third.

Moreover, know the defences and the goal conceded records of the teams playing. Teams with star strikers that score a lot of goals often influence punters to back their teams to score.

Some leagues, such as the Dutch Eredivise, feature more goals than others. La Liga is a division that features a lot of draws.

It also doesn't see a lot of goals from teams in the lower portion of the table. Value betting odds can be found in certain leagues.

Always be aware of the head-to-head record of teams. Finally, keep track of the injuries. Is a key player missing for the match?

BTTS In Play

BTTS in play betting is a great way to see how a match unfolds before placing a wager. After watching the first half, you may be given some excellent betting odds to make an in play bet at halftime.

A high scoring first half may offer you some value odds to place a 'NO' BTTS bet at halftime. You may also get good value to place a bet late in the game on 'YES' BTTS.

Do All Bookmakers Offer BTTS as a market?

All leading sportsbooks will offer a BTTS market as it is one of the most popular bet types. You will find BTTS on your favourite sportsbook.

From time to time, sportsbooks may offer BTTS bonus bets. If you have some bet credits or free bets, a BTTS wager is a great way to make money, as long as you know your teams.


BTTS is one of the most popular bet types available from leading sportsbooks. You can either bet on both teams to score or only one team to find the back of the net.

In addition, you can find alternatives to BTTS such as the first half BTTS, second half BTTS, or BTTS in both halves. There is also a BTTS and win bet market.

Regardless of the BTTS market you choose, it is a bet type that provides punters the chance to earn profits on successful bets.