Double chance betting allows you to wager on a match and cover two possible outcomes. It is an alternative to the 1x2 market and the draw no bet market.

Double chance betting may seem similar to the draw no bet market, yet the two are very different once you explore them.

If you want to improve your chances of winning a football bet, then you may want to select the draw no bet market the next time you place a wager. In this article, we will explore the double chance bet market to learn more about it.

What does double chance betting mean?

Double Chance betting provides you with more of chance of winning from a single football match. The bet type covers two of the three possible outcomes in just one wager. It combines the win/draw for both sides.

The odds for a double chance bet are shorter than normal. This is due to the higher chance of winning the bet.

Why is it called double chance?

It is called double chance because you have two chances of winning the bet. By wagering on a double chance market, you increase your potential of winning the bet.

What are the outcomes in a double chance bet?

There are two possible outcomes in a double chance bet. A double chance wager allows you to cover two of the three possible outcomes.

The outcomes of double chance bets are:

  • Team A wins or draw
  • Team A wins or Team B wins
  • Draw or Team B wins

Are the odds shorter in a double chance bet in comparison to 1x2?

The odds in a double chance bet are shorter, because you are covering two possible outcomes of the three in a football match.

In a 1x2 bet, you cover one of the three outcomes. Your probability of winning a double chance bet is 66.6% since you are covering two potential outcomes.

Double chance betting example

Let's say Chelsea and Arsenal are playing a Premier League match at Stamford Bridge. Both teams go into the game in good form having won their last three league fixtures.

Chelsea are third in the Premier League standings, while Arsenal are up to fifth. This is a big game and it comes early in the season, which means it could impact the title race.

Both managers have a fully fit squad, so first choice players will be in the starting XI. Although Chelsea have played well over the course of the last six games with Arsenal, you have the feeling the Gunners could get a point. Their form has been very good in recent matches.

You decide to place a double chance bet on the match. You select a Chelsea win or draw. The reason for this selection is due to Chelsea's excellent head to head form versus Arsenal. Yet, you believe Arsenal could pull off a draw. By selecting a Chelsea win or draw, you provide yourself with insurance as the bet will if Chelsea win or draw the game.

The game doesn't go to plan and Arsenal actually take an early lead. Chelsea stay close and in the second half score goal in the final 10 minutes to get a draw. Luckily, you placed a Chelsea win or draw to cover two outcomes of the match. Your bet is a winner.

How do you work out winnings for a double chance bet?

The best way to work out winnings for a double chance bet is to use a double chance betting calculator. This will give you the potential winnings from a double chance bet in seconds. Just enter your information and it will provide you with everything you need.

Fractional odds vs decimal odds

Fractional odds are displayed as a fraction with the amount you will win on top and the amount you must stake at the bottom for those profits. For example, odds of 2/1 mean you will win £2 on a £1 wager if the bet is successful.

Decimal odds, on the other hand, show the amount of money you would win for every £1 wagered. For example, decimal odds look like 3.00. These odds mean that a £1 stake would result in a £2 profit for a successful bet. Unlike fractional odds, decimal odds include the returned stake.

What is the difference between double chance and draw no bet?

A double chance bet covers two possible outcomes of the three in a football match. You can either bet on:

  • Team A to win or draw
  • Team A to win or Team B to win
  • A draw or Team B to win

In a draw no bet, the draw is eliminated from the equation. You can only bet on:

  • Team A win
  • Team B win

If the match ends in a stalemate, then you stake is refunded.

Which market tends to have better odds: double chance or draw no bet?

The draw no bet markets tend to have better betting odds. When you wager on a double chance bet, you are covering two outcomes rather than just one. A draw no bet may eliminate the draw, but you are still covering just one of the two possible outcomes.

What is draw no bet?

A draw no bet is similar to the double chance but different. The draw no bet market takes away the possibility of a draw outcome. Therefore, the match has just two possible outcomes. Either Team A wins or Team B wins.

If you place a draw no bet wager on a match and the fixture ends in a draw, then you will be refunded your stake. The draw no bet wager provides you with some insurance on the wager.

Double chance betting strategy

An advantage of the double chance bet is that you can wager on two possible outcomes. This improves your chance of winning the bet to 66.6%. The risks of losing the bet are lower because you are betting on two outcomes.

Although the profits can be lower, you can offset this by building a three fold or four fold accumulator bet with additional double chance selections.

Double chance tips

If you select a match between two teams of equal strength, selecting a Home Team win/Away Team win can provide you with value. If you believe the home side in an evenly matched contest will get the support of its crowd, then you may prefer the Home Team win/Draw wager.

A double chance bet is also excellent for betting on underdogs playing at home. While it may be difficult to imagine an underdog getting a win over a strong away team, the home side could benefit from their crowd and pick up a draw. Backing a Draw/Away win could be a wise bet in this scenario.

If you back the underdog to win or draw, you will get strong odds and high value. Underdogs may struggle to pick up victories against strong teams, but draws are never out of the realm of possibility.

Is double chance a common bet?

The double chance bet is a common bet in the world of sports betting. It gives you the chance to cover two outcomes of the possible three results in a football match.

You can use the double chance bet to wager on the favourite but it also ensures you receive a payout if the underdog snatches a draw. Moreover, you can use the double chance bet to cover two evenly matched teams by betting on Team A to win and Team B to win.

This is perfect when betting on two football teams that are very strong. For example, you may want to use it when wagering on a game between teams such as Liverpool and Manchester City.

What sports can bet double chance?

The double chance betting market is ideal for football betting. This gives you the chance to cover two potential outcomes of the three offered in the 1x2 bet.

Some sportsbooks may offer double chance markets on other sports, but football is the most popular sport for the bet type. Sports in which draws are possible such as cricket and rugby may also have double chance markets. However, it depends on the sportsbook.

What sports can you not bet double chance?

Double chance is not offered on sports such as:

Other Common Bet Types

Some of the most common bet types in the sports betting world include:

  • 1x2 betting market
  • Draw no bet
  • Over/Under
  • Goals Odd/Even
  • Both teams to score
  • Player to score anytime
  • Player to be carded
  • Correct score
  • Halftime result
  • Halftime/Full-time
  • Halftime Double Chance
  • Both teams to score first half/second half
  • To win to nil


The double chance betting market is extremely popular with football bettors. It allows you to cover two of the three possible outcomes of a football match. You can either wager on Team A to win or draw; Team A or Team B to win; or a draw or Team B to win.

You cover two outcomes with the bet type. Although the odds are reduced compared to the 1x2 bet, you have a greater chance of winning your bet.

The double chance bet is perfect for building value for an accumulator. You can combine several selections into an ACCA to create value for a wager with a large potential payout. In addition, the double chance allows you to wager on a strong team that could be upset by an underdog. You may select the wager on two very strong teams that cannot be separated on paper.