The Asian handicap bet is a type of betting market that started in Asia, hence the name. The bet type is often used in football betting, but it is used in other sports betting as well. Oftentimes, the name of the bet is slightly different depending on the sport.

The Asian handicap was created in the 1990s and is still a relatively new betting type. It is slightly complex and can take some time to get your head around.

The Asian handicap was invented to give the weaker team a slight advantage against a perceived stronger team. One of the teams, the underdog, will receive a virtual lead over the other team. The idea is that the handicap will make the match closer.

Asian handicap betting is often used to make two teams more equally matched. By making the teams more evenly matched, it adds value to the bet and encourages punters to wager on the game.

One of the key aspects of the Asian handicap is that it eliminates the opportunity to bet on a draw. There are only two possible outcomes when making an Asian handicap bet. In this article, we will explore Asian handicap betting further and understand how it is used.

Asian Handicap Betting Explained

Asian handicap betting is offered by major sportsbooks and betting exchanges. You can use the Asian handicap to wager on a game to increase the value of potential profits.

The Asian handicap provides one of the two teams with a head start. The weaker team will start with a goal or more advantage. The stronger team starts at a disadvantage. There are a number of different handicaps to wager on for a game.

One of the main reasons punters utilise Asian handicap betting is to eliminate the possibility of a draw. You are simply betting on a team to win or in some cases, a team to lose by a certain number of goals.

While the Asian handicap bet provides one team with an advantage, this isn't always the case. Some games can have an Asian handicap of zero. This means there is no apparent weakness between the two sides. When there is a handicap of zero, you are simply betting on one of the teams to win the match.

Why Bet on Asian Handicap Markets?

Asian handicap bet tries to offer punters a betting option offering close to Evens odds on both teams. This occurs in spite of the actual match odds provided by sportsbooks.

In order to make the game as even as possible between the two sides, the handicap is given to the teams. For example, a team will be given +1 goal or -1 goal to start the game. The ability to bet on a match that is as close to Evens odds makes the Asian handicap ideal for wagering on.

The difference between the Asian handicap and match betting is that the team that wins or loses may not matter. The Asian handicap betting line provides a minus number. The team with the minus number must cover this in order for your bet to win. In addition, the team with the minus number is the favourite team.

The team with the plus figure is the underdog. The underdog team is given the headstart in terms of scoring. Punters may choose the Asian handicap as it allows them to wager on the underdog and have more of a chance of winning the wager. In addition, giving the favourite a slight disadvantage can entice bettors to wager due to more value being offered. Furthermore, there are only two outcomes to the Asian handicap bet as the draw is eliminated.

What is the difference between the Asian Handicap and Handicap?

The two betting types are similar but do have a few small differences. The differences are symbols and representations, number variants, and match outcomes.

You will find numbers such as 0.5, 1.5, and so on in Asian handicap betting. This is to eliminate the draw result. Handicap betting only uses whole numbers. Along with using half numbers, Asian handicap betting may also use quarter goals such as 0.25, 0.75, etc.

Once again, the results of the game are different in both betting types. The Asian handicap takes away the draw result, while the handicap allows for a draw result.

Asian handicap betting has grown in popularity in recent years. Some punters have begun integrating it into their betting strategy, while others have stuck with the traditional handicap format.

Asian Handicap Examples

Let us look at an example with Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United.

The usual markets for a match bet are:

  • Tottenham Hotspur to win
  • Manchester United to win
  • Draw

The Asian Handicap market eliminates the draw. Now, you have two options to wager on. Spurs are favourites in this game, making Manchester United the underdog.

  • Tottenham Hotspur -1.5
  • Manchester United +1.5

Since Manchester United are the underdog, they are given a headstart. The football club that scores the most goals with the handicap applied is the winner. Therefore, if you bet on Tottenham Hotspur to defeat Manchester United with a handicap of -1.5, then Spurs must win the game by two or more goals for the bet to be successful. The bet loses if Manchester United win, the match finishes as a draw, or Spurs win by just one goal.

Best Sports for the Asian Handicaps

Asian handicap betting has become a popular bet type for football bettors. Its popularity has led to a number of major sportsbooks offering it. Asian handicap betting was developed for football betting, but it is found in some form for other sports.

You will find Asian handicap betting offered for tennis, football, basketball, cricket, and other sports. It is used when there is a significant gap between two teams. Therefore, you will find it in many major sports.

Football Handicap Betting

Football is the most popular sport for Asian handicap betting. It eliminates the draw result and provides better value in some cases. When there is a gulf in class between two team, the Asian handicap makes the game a little more even. Making the game more even provides more value. The odds entice more punters to bet on a specific game that would otherwise provide little value due to short odds.

Asian Handicap -1.5 Explained

A minus figure means that a team is the favoured team in a match. If a team has -1.5 this means they must overcome a goal handicap for the bet to win. If you back a team at 1.5, then that team must win by two or more goals for the bet to be successful.

Asian Handicap +1.5 Explained

A plus figure indicates a team is an underdog. The +1.5 means that a team has been given a headstart. If you back the underdog, your bet will win if the team wins, loses by fewer than two goals, or the game finishes in a draw.

Can You Bet on an Asian Handicap for One Half?

Yes, you can make an Asian handicap bet on the first half result. There are a number of different markets you can explore on your favourite sportsbook.

Asian Handicap On Outright Markets?

The outright markets for Asian handicap betting. You will be given odds on a team at a minus figure and a plus figure. Simply select the team you want to back and add it to your bet slip.

Can You Cash Out on Handicap Bets?

Some handicap betting markets do not have cash out options. Sportsbooks have the right to offer cash out options and many do not provide the cash out option on Asian handicap betting. The Asian market often needs the game to finish for the bet to be finalised. Since there is a lot that unfolds in terms of the bet, bookies do not provide cash out features on the bet type.

Asian Handicap Betting Strategies

You need to understand what you are betting on. It should specialise on one league or leagues from a specific country. By knowing the nuts and bolts of a specific league, it gives you a lot of understanding of the teams and players.

You should research and record the margin of victories teams have in the league. The Asian handicap takes into account a team's form, the league standings, and the potential gap in quality between two sides. It is important to note how a strong team achieved their league position. Are they blowing out the competition or are they winning tight games by a single goal? The Asian handicap markets are more than just betting on a potential winner. It takes into account a lot more.

Asian Handicap Tips

One of the tips used by professional bettors is to bet on the situation and not the match. This means researching the teamsheets and the players. Consider which players are missing or out of form rather than wagering on the side because of who they are.

In addition, consider the team's fixture list and the time between games. A team playing a third game in 10 days may struggle compared to a side that has played just once in that time period.

Motivation is another major factor that can sway the outcome of a fixture. Will a team qualify for Europe with a victory or avoid relegation? Along with motivation, you can add pressure to the list of tips. Pressure can get to even the best professional athletes and it can dictate the outcome of a sporting event.

What is the difference between Asian Handicap and Winning Margin?

The winning margin bet is a punt on the final score of a match. The winning margin must come between two fixed points. In a winning margin bet, you are wagering on two outcomes. You must bet on a team to win and to win by a specific number of goals between two fixed numbers.

For example, Denver Broncos vs. Dallas Cowboys

You may select Denver Broncos to win by 1 to 6 points. The bet will only win if the Broncos win the game and defeat the Cowboys by no more than 1 to 6 points. The winning margin bet is often found on sports such as NFL football.

What is the Difference Between Asian Handicap and Over/under?

The over/under bet is a stats wager on a sporting event. There are different over/under markets, but it is most often used on the final score of a game.

When making an over/under points bet, you are wagering on the total number of points in a given game. In football, you are wagering on a specific number of goals to be scored. The final score must either add up to over or under the given number of the bet.

You wager on the game to finish with over 2.5 goals. In this scenario, the result of the game, which team wins, isn't important. You are simply wagering on there to be more than 2.5 goals. If Arsenal and Chelsea combine for more than 2.5 goals, then your bet will win.

Are there Other Forms of Handicap Betting?

Along with Asian handicap betting, there is regular handicap betting or European handicap. European handicap betting is also known as the three way handicap. Within these handicap markets, there are different sub-markets to wager on.


The Asian handicap betting market has been around since the 1990s. It originated in Asian and in recent years, has become a popular betting type around the world.

The betting type eliminates the draw result. You only have possible results to wager on. The idea behind the Asian handicap bet is to make the two teams more equal. This is done by giving the underdog a goal advantage. The stronger team is at a goal disadvantage.

The Asian handicap betting market often provides better value to bettors. Teams with a large gulf in quality can be made more equal by the bet type. This makes the Asian handicap betting market popular with a lot of experienced bettors looking for an edge.