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Vinnie Jones backs a Premier League return behind closed doors

- Created: 14:45, 18th May 2020 | Last updated: 12:19, 26th May 2020

It took 29 minutes to show us what we’ve been missing. Haaland scores for Dortmund against Schalke and everything seems right - because in that moment you know what we’ve been missing. Raw talent - and a goal. Get in! 

Well done the Bundesliga. We know these are early days for sport - and teams are taking all the necessary precautions - but just seeing the players put a string of passes together and score just made the world a better place for that minute.

And that’s what sport is all about.

It’s not ideal, we know that. The Dortmund players would have preferred a crowd to roar when Haaland hit the back of the net, but if behind-closed-doors is the way we’ve got to go then so be it. The Germans have showed us the way. It can be done.

Dortmund looked assured and at 5/1 to win the Bundesliga they could be in with a good chance.

So now it’s up to the Premier League and Championship to crack on. We need answers to the important battles in the table. Norwich look certain to go down, but Watford (2.20), Newcastle (2.12) and Everton (10.00) could offer real value with the odds coming from exchanges.

Let’s smash into the games behind closed doors. Give the TV companies what they want, give the fans something to enjoy and look forward to - and finish what we started before the coronavirus pandemic turned the world upside down.

Of course, all of this is done with best practice health and safety-wise.

Players are professional. They should be able to deal with anything and I've no doubt in my mind it’s the right thing to do, that football should carry on - certainly at the highest level. These massive clubs can then fund lower leagues and grass-roots football.

Who’s going up and who’s going down - and how many games will Liverpool need to win the PL? It’s a question we need answering.

Players train in stadiums and at training grounds without fans so they know what to expect. They might not get that rush of adrenaline you get when the fans roar your name or when a goal is scored, but they will deal with it. It’s their job at the end of the day.

And I’ve a message for those clubs using this situation to avoid relegation - get a grip. It’s not the British way - we don’t do things like that. No-one is deliberately putting lives at risk because the medical science is out there with testing and various precautions.

Get on with it I say - and push the start of next season back to September.

Not that all of this is a surefire way to win money. What will it mean for punters? How will certain teams handle empty stadiums? How will teams deal living in a bubble if social distancing measures mean they’re away from family in some instances?

My general feeling is that the obvious favourites become even stronger. A mid-table team with nothing to play for except for pride will not have their fans to impress - or drive them on when they tire. They could be rolled over - and then blame the situation.

The excuse for a poor performance has already been written!

Back those teams who REALLY need the three points. Those teams that can give or take their league positions and are out of promotion/relegation situations can be backed against with confidence - and I think that was obvious in the Bundesliga the weekend.

NOW you know I love a good fight - boxing I mean! I’ve been to a good few of the top fights in Vegas and you get to meet a few famous faces.

One of the most famous would have to be Mike Tyson, who’s been back in the news lately. I’ve not followed the story in detail, although there’s talk of some sort of comeback - hopefully just against his own age, if at all.

All I know is that I’ve met Mike a couple of times and he’s still the baddest man on the planet - and some.

In the meantime I’m back on the golf course. They’re opening up in the UK - although with new regulations. I’ve seen these rules and reckon they’ll make golf quicker which is what everyone wants it seems. Every cloud and all that.

Stay safe people and all the best.



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