He’s here, he’s there, he’s every f*cking where, Vinnie Jones, Vinnie Jones!

That’s right folks, if it ain’t stateside for me and Law And Order it’s down under for The Masked Singer. Yes, I’ve been causing a storm as Volcano in the Australian version of the series - and I did them good and proper. They had no idea it was me. Get in!

But I’m back to the day job now in NYC and enjoying all things Emma Raducanu. Wow!

What this young lady from Bromley has done, not just for tennis but British sport, has been amazing. It must be one of the greatest achievements by any British sportsperson ever and the city that never sleeps absolutely loves her.

She’s on TV, radio, billboards, everywhere. It’s brilliant. And while she looks fantastic, of course, you can see she’s hard as nails on the court. She’s got an absolute ruthlessness and clearly an amazing will to win - and you know I love that!

Play fair, but hard - and that leads me on to something those lovely people at Easyodds want me to look at this week.

They’ve asked me to name my current Premier League Hard Man XI - plus a manager - to put the fear of god into the opposition. 

Now, let’s be straight here - they ain’t allowed to be naughty boys like us anymore. Me, Keano, Hughesy, Batty, Big Dunc, Pearcey and the like wouldn’t last too long on the pitch nowadays. We’d never be guilty of pussy-footing around like some of the players.

But to be fair there’s still some hard nuts out there.

Look at my current Hard Man XI below - what d’you reckon?

Vinnie Jones' current hardman XI team

I could have had Schmeichel in goal, but went for Ederson at Man City. Anyone that’s brave enough to be sticking a tattoo on his neck like some f*cking madman gets my vote between the sticks. The geezer’s fearless.

Harry Maguire at Man United, Toni Rudiger at Chelsea and Eric Dier at Spurs are my three across the back. Maguire and Rudiger ain’t afraid to lead with their heads and Dier clambering into the stands a couple of seasons back shows he's not to messed with.

My right-sided wing back is Reece James, another Blues player, is a tank of a player. A brilliant footballer, he’s also rock-solid in the tackle and an immovable object - I can’t wait for Ronaldo to come up against him when Man United take on Chelsea.

Pushing on down the left is Arsenal’s Sead Kolasinac. Remember how he confronted them robbers a couple of years back. He was f*cking mad to do so, but fair play for seeing them off I say. You’d have him in the trenches.

I’m going for another Gooner just in front of them in Granit Xhaka. His record of red cards speaks for himself - he’s just like Wisey, he never f*cking learns! But he stirs things up in the middle, leaves one on the opposition, and gets on the pitch. For how long though?!

This is where it gets tasty. Supporting my front two will be Michail Antonio of West Ham and Adama Traore of Wolves. Get in their way and you’re steamrollered, make no mistake.

Traore, especially, is built like a rugby player not a footballer, and no-one knows how hard he is - because no-one is willing to try. And I don’t blame them!

So to the lads up front - and I’m going for Romelu Lukaku of Chelsea and Jamie Vardy at Leicester.

Big Rom picks himself because in full flight he's unplayable and unstoppable with a mixture of pace and power - and Vardy has a right nasty streak on the pitch. You want him on your side, he’s always pressing, always physical - and a right nuisance to the opposition, a trait which has made him a top, top player for so many seasons now.

So that’s it as regards players - but what about the current crop of managers? Sure, Brucey and Dychey are no shrinking violets, neither Moysey, but Patrick Viera is manager of my current Premier League Hard Man XI.

Crystal Palace boss Viera was a colossus for Arsenal and his battles with Roy Keane, in particular, was a throwback to my era!

I don't know whether Patrick rules the roost in the dressing room, but I’m betting he does. And given the way Palace dispatched Spurs last weekend the Eagles are listening to what he says - and doing what he says! Long may it continue.

Admittedly they’ve got a tough game this week at Anfield, but don’t put it passed them getting a result.

Check out all my predictions below and see you next week as I look at the managers I’d love to play for if I was playing today.

Have a good week boys and girls.



Vinnie’s best bets

Premier League


Newcastle United v Leeds  LEEDS WIN


Wolverhampton Wanderers v Brentford  WOLVES WIN

Burnley v Arsenal  DRAW

Liverpool v Crystal Palace  LIVERPOOL

Manchester City v Southampton  MAN CITY WIN

Norwich v Watford  DRAW

Aston Villa v Everton  EVERTON WIN


Brighton & Hove Albion v Leicester  LEICESTER

West Ham United v Manchester United  MAN UTD

Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea  CHELSEA