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Glorious Goodwood Dress Code

- 14:03, 20th March 2017
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The dress code at Glorious Goodwood varies depending on which enclosure you find yourself in. But no matter where you are most attendees opt to dress up in smart attire. Fashion and standing out is incredibly important at Glorious Goodwood, maybe only second to Royal Ascot in the British flat racing calendar! There are also various ‘best dressed’ competitions running throughout the four days! Glorious Goodwood dress code is synonymous with elegance and is a major fashion event in its own right.

Richmond Enclosure Dress Code


Vibrant prints are a favourite with the ladies in the most expensive enclosure at Goodwood. A summer wedding outfit would work well that feels “fun but chic”. Head gear is required but the rules are far less stringent than Royal Ascot. Experiment with flamboyant head pieces, or if you feel like it, stick to a more elegant pillbox!


Jacket and tie are required for the Richmond enclosure but like for the ladies the feel is much more relaxed than the top hat and tails of Royal Ascot – think timeless appeal but smartness to make you fit in anywhere. Linen suits are popular and the majority of the males in the enclosure will be wearing some kind of Panama hat. Jeans are strictly forbidden of course.

Gordon and Lennox Enclosure Dress Code

Gordon Enclosure – Slightly less formal than the Richmond enclosure but smart attire should still be adhered to. Suit and tie are not strictly imposed but you should definitely feel the need to dress to impress as you’re likely to be snapped by a photographer!

Lennox Enclosure:

The cheapest and least formal enclosure at the course with no formal dress code whatsoever! Wear whatever you want – within reason. Don’t go dusting off the old Spiderman costume quite yet because no fancy dress or bare chest outfits are aloud. Shorts are also strongly discouraged.

Serving Military Personnel:

Serving military personnel are welcome to wear formal serving dress.

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