Eurovision - Where Are They Now?

- 16:04, 10th April 2017

Eurovision is back on our screens next month with Lucie Jones flying the Union Jack for the United Kingdom. Odds of 100/1 suggest we have little chance of winning the 61st Eurovision Song Contest, but what has happened to our former entrants? Easyodds tipster Ross Casey answers ‘Where are they now?’

Eurovision: Where Are They Now

1996 – GINA G

Gina G was the Australian born UK entrant for 1996 and her track ‘Ooh Ah Just A Little Bit’ was the last Eurovision song to score a UK number one! After a prolonged legal battle with a previous record company the mum of two now resides in America and owns her own label.

Her last release of her own music was in 2011, but she still looks as good as she did in 1996! Ooh err just a little bit!

2003 – JEMINI

Jemini (made up of Chris Cromby and Gemma Abbey) recorded the worst performance for a UK act with nul points back in 2003. Jeremy Corbyn and Terry Wogan have both been on record blaming the Iraq war, but their performance left little to be desired.

Mum of two Gemma has left the business and runs a make-up salon whilst Chris is still plugging away with his music career and is pursuing a solo career.


Former X Factor contestant Andy Abraham was the public choice in 2008 for the UK but he came in last with a poor effort. His single was the first since 1989 at the time that did not reach the top 40 in the charts.

The 51 year-old is still touring though and is often seen in musicals, events and pantomimes. You can head to his website to book him for an event now if you wish!


Josh was another sorry UK entrant to finish last. After being labelled a ‘real talent’ by Pete Waterman, Josh could not replicate his popularity in the UK across the sea in Europe.

Despite that initial disappointment he has carried on his career in show business. Changing his stage name to Josh James to avoid google searches on his Eurovision past, he now tours playing gigs as well as appearing in plays and pantomimes.

2014 – MOLLY

Molly was unfortunate not to do better with her song ‘Children of the Universe’ in this writer’s opinion. She finished 17th with 40 points despite an excellent Eurovision song.

She is recording tracks for a new release to follow up her 2015 collaboration with German DJ Zwette and she is very active on her social media channels.

So there you have it, now you know what former UK entries are up to these days! Get the latest Eurovision odds by heading to our Eurovision betting centre.