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Snap General Election Odds

- 14:04, 18th April 2017

“So our Prime Minister, Theresa May, has gone back on her word and announced a snap general election. Despite stating on multiple occasions she would never do such a thing, the current poling results are presumably just too tempting to ignore. Here I will go through some stand-out odds for the upcoming general election on June 8th.”

Conservative Majority @ 1/4 - BET NOW

There appeared to be a very strong likelihood of a landslide victory for the Conservatives and Theresa May according to the bookies when the election was announced with prices ranging from 1/7 to 1/12 for a Conservative majority. Although the bookies and polls have been wildly off the mark on more than one occasion recently – think Trump, Brexit and even the Conservatives victory in the last election.

However, the selection in the General election betting betting market has shortened to 1/4 with Jeremy Corbyn gaining ground according to the latest polls.

No Majority @ 9/2 - BET NOW

Next in the election betting is actually no majority. The Liberal Democrats will surely centre their campaign on their anti-Brexit stance, which could definitely see them gain a few seats and possibly create another swung parliament.

Labour Majority @ 22/1 – BET NOW

There is then an almighty jump in the betting to a Labour majority at 22/1. The polls suggest this is almost impossible but as mentioned earlier; the odds for the UK leaving the European Union were 1/16 at times before the vote started, so nothing is impossible.

These election odds were 40/1 on the week of the announcement, so that shows a shift - and some bookmakers are going as short as 9/1 on a Labour majority!

Green Majority @ 2500/1 – BET NOW

Very funny.

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