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UK Politics: Odds Halved on 2018 General Election

- 06:07, 9th July 2018
Theresa May has been thratened by Pro-Brexit MPs over he handling over the issue of leaving the European Union


7 /5
2 /1
9 /2


Football might be coming home, but the government looks more like a traditional England side as they crumble under the expectation of Brexit. On Sunday night, Brexit Secretary, David Davies, resigned at the 6th time of trying after clashing over the direction of leaving the European Union with the MP saying that the PM was giving away too much too easily to the European Union.

With this news, odds on another General Election in 2018 have been halved by the bookies. Paddy Power have dropped their odds from 4/1 to 9/4 for there to be General Election in 2018.

With divisions in the camp and a lack of vision in front of goal, you would think at this time of year we would be talking about an England tournament squad, but the Conservative party are still unable to sort out the friction within the squad.

Gove Favourite to Be Next PM

Michael Gove to be Next Prime Minister After Theresa May @ 5/1 – BET NOW

Since the news broke of David Davis resignation as the Brexit Secretary, current Environmental Secretary, Michael Gove has become the joint favourite to lead the country as it aims to leave the European Union in March 2019.

While other Brexiteers have quit the frontline in the past 48 hours, Michael Gove has stayed put stating that he "100% backs" Theresa May's Brexit policy and will not be resigning from the front bench. Whether he is buying his time as a senior member in the cabinet in anticipation of taking over or whether he genuiely believes in May's Brexit policy, it remains to be seen.

Gove joins Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, on 5/1 to be the Next Prime Minister as the chances of a next General Election are unconfirmed. However, Theresa May’s reign as the leader of the Conservative Party and PM look like they are tailing off the white cliffs of Dover.

Theresa May’s tenure as Prime Minister has been nothing short of a nightmare for the former Home Secretary. Despite starting off as the Tory Angel that is unable to do anything wrong in the eyes of the press and party, the tides turned swiftly after the 2017 General Election where the Conservatives lost their parliamentary majority to the Labour causing a hung parliament.

2018 Year of Next General Election @ 9/4 - BET NOW

Since then, divisions have deepened within Conservative ranks as the party comes to terms with Brexit. Anti-Brexit frontbenchers have threatened to revolt on crucial Brexit policy decisions, while pro-Brexit backbenchers have been beating the drum for ‘hard Brexit’. With political scandals such as Windrush and Grenfell marking her time in charge, it’s hard to see if Theresa will be around next May.

Dominic Raab Replaced Davies

Dominic Raab to be Next Prime Minister After Theresa May @ 12/1 - BET NOW

Theresa May has announced that Housing Secretary, Dominic Raab will replace David Davies at Brexit Secretary which in conjunction has seen his odds slashed in becoming the next Prime Minister. Bookies were offer a best-price of 100/1 on Raab becoming the Next PM, but his appointment has seen his odds cut to as short as 12/1.

David Davies’ resignation will have a knock on affect as undoubtedly other ministers will revolt due to what they see as a softening of the Brexit process and the undermining of ‘Leavers’. Pro-Brexit MP Andrea Jenkyns told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that Theresa may has to go, while Brexiteers figurehead, Jacob Rees-Mogg, believes Theresa May needs to change her approach. He told BBC Radio 5 Live that “it would be very difficult for them [Theresa May’s Brexit proposals] to get the support of the Conservative MPs.”

On Monday, Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, resigned citing the 'soft Brexit' policy that Theresa May is pursuing. This i nturn created a Domino effect within the Cabinet with a number of ministers given a promotion. 

Controversial Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, has been promoted to Foreign Sectratary, replacing the outgoing Boris Johnson. Digital, Culture Media & Sport Sectretary, Matthew Hancock, will replace Jeremy Hunt as Health Secretary, while former Attorney General, Jeremy Wright is now in charge of the Department for DCM&S.

While the bookies had 2022 as the favoured year for the next General Election, the news overnight has seen 2018 become the favourite in the eyes of the politics betting odds with 2019 just behind at 5/2.

Whether it is a general Election or a referendum on the Brexit deal, Brenda who was made famous for her quip about their being ‘too much politics” after the announcement of the previous Election in 2017, will be warming up her best “Not Another One” reaction to the news of the public heading to the polls once again.

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