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ATP World Tour Finals Overview

- 09:05, 11th May 2017

The ATP Tour World Finals comes right at the end of the ATP World Tour season in November and acts as the second highest level of tennis tournament on the world after the four grand slams. The tournament takes place annually at the O2 Arena in London, England and was first held in 1970.

What’s the surface and who has the most wins!?

It utilises the hard court surface, is played indoors and the Swiss Maestro himself Roger Federer holds the record for the most titles of all time in the Singles tournament. John McEnroe and Peter Fleming hold that accolade in the doubles version with seven victories in total.

How do you qualify?

The qualification for the men’s tournament runs as follows: (a) the top seven players in the ATP rankings (b) up to two grand slam winners ranked between 8 and 20 (in order of ATP ranking, if any such players exist) (c) the next players in the ATP rankings, until the quota of eight is reached.

But what do you get if you win?

The winner of the singles tournament will receive 1500 ranking points, but with each round robin loss 200 points are deducted. In terms of prize money, reaching the final will pocket you a cool $1,130,000.

But there’s more…

If you go through then entire tournament undefeated you’ll take home a whopping $2,391,000!

Is the format any different to a regular ATP Tournament?

Interestingly, unlike every other singles tournament on the tour, which uses the straightforward knockout format, the ATP Tour finals adopts the round robin setup. This sees the tournament split into two groups of four where each player plays three matches, then the top two players from each group play in a semi-final before moving onto the final match.

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