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Top 5 Tennis Bust Ups

- 09:07, 7th July 2017

David Williams offers a countdown on the top 5 bust ups in the world of tennis. We bet these didn't go down to well - but you can get the best tennis betting odds in our dedicated tennis betting centre.

"John McEnroe recently called for more arguments in tennis, saying it added to the spectacle. He seems to have bee answered directly from Australia, with Nick Kyrigos repeatedly kicking off at the umpire at Wimbledon and Bernard Tomic losing his temper with his own Davis Cup team and probably anyone else who will listen. They’ve got a way to go before they’re in the league of this lot though..."

#1 - Serena Williams vs line judge

The crowd at the 2009 semi-final between Serena Williams and Kim Clijsters never got to see a match point. Serena lost by default after saying to a line judge: ‘I swear to God I’ll fucking take the ball and shove it down your fucking throat.’ Would you argue with Serena?

#2 - Stan Wawrinka vs Roger Federer’s wife

A week before Switzerland’s star pair played together in the Davis Cup Final, they faced off in London. Mirka Federer decided it would be a good idea to get under Wawrinka’s skin, calling him a cry baby from courtside. Wawrinka was furious, Federer waded in. A week later they won the Cup anyway, so we assume they are now mates?

#3 - McEnroe vs Connors

Great because it was an exhibition match. Connors gets angry at McEnroe delaying his serve and crosses the net to wag a finger in his face. McEnroe, like the hero he is, doesn’t flinch and pushes him away. Most frustratingly, an official stepped in…

#4 - Hewitt vs Chela

This one was ugly. After Hewitt yells ‘C’mon!!!’ at his opponent’s mistake, Chela responds by smashing his first serve at Hewitt and then spitting at him on the changeover. We're amazed and disappointed it didn’t turn in to a punch up but great to watch! 

#5 - Tim Henman vs Ball Girl

Not many people know that lovely, polite Tim Henman was the first player to be thrown out of Wimbledon. In the years before the half-hearted fist pump and ‘Tiger Tim’ references, the man really was a Tiger after all. When a line call didn’t go his way in the 1995 doubles, Henman responded by smashing a ball at a ball girl’s head.