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SpreadEx was founded back in 1999 by a former City trader Jonathan Hufford and is one of the leading spread betting companies not only in the UK but the world. Known for being a very profitable company, they have been listed by the financial times not less than three times as one of the fastest-growing companies in the UK. While they do offer fixed odds betting on sporting events, they are primarily known for their spread betting options on both the financial markets and on sporting events. Spread betting is a very different type of offering and requires some skill to play, but the opportunity to make massive profits is always a plus when it comes to making your gambling choices.


SpreadEx Free Bets

One of SpreadEx’s great betting offers is the ability to get a free spread bet having placed three qualifying previous spread bets. Using this special welcome offer, you could get a massive bet credit. The amount you get is based on the amount you stake on your qualifying bets. As with many offers, there are a number of terms and conditions that you have to be aware off before you can take advantage of these offers.


SpreadEx Welcome Offers

In terms of welcome offers, SpreadEx has a really good one. Just take a look at their promotions page to see their great deals, but the best one they have either gives you £300 cashback on your first bets, or you can get a free iPad. In order to qualify for the iPad you need to stake at least £300 worth of bets in the first twenty-eight days, but after that, they will send you the iPad for free. If you don’t want to stake that much, their cashback offer will match everything you stake up to a total value of £300 in your first twenty-eight days. As always there are terms and conditions attached to these offers, so make sure that you read them before you sign up.

SpreadEx Sign-Up Bonuses

As mentioned above the best sign-up bonus is the cash back offer that they have in which you will get up to £300 of your first stakes back after twenty-eight days. It is easy to take advantage of these offers, simply go to their promotions page and follow the links, they will lead you through signing up for an account and taking advantage of your chosen welcome offer. It is essential that you read the terms and conditions before you sign up and you need to understand how spread betting differs from normal fixed odds betting before you sign up, but the opportunities to win big are huge.

Depositing Money With SpreadEx

There are several ways that you can deposit money with SpreadEx. By default, a SpreadEx account operates on a credit limit basis, and so you don’t necessarily need to deposit money initially to be able to play. However, when it comes to making a deposit, there are a number of options. You can use your Visa or MasterCard to make a payment using your debit card. You can also use any UK based debit card to make a payment. These payments are all instant and will hit your account immediately. Outside of this, you can use Bank Transfer, Direct debit, or cheque. These will all take longer to make your payments, but they are available.

Withdrawing Money From SpreadEx

Withdrawing money is pretty simple from SpreadEx, and you can withdraw instantly to the bank card that you used to make a deposit into your account, which is excellent. You do need to be making a withdrawal of an amount of over £50. And this amount needs to take into account any ‘open positions’ that you have on your account at the time that you request the withdrawal. You can also request a withdrawal via bank transfer, direct debit, or cheque. Obviously, these options all take longer to process. What is good is that you can speak directly to the SpreadEx back office to make your withdrawal request rather than just processing it online.

SpreadEx Special Bets

SpreadEx’s main market, which differs from other betting companies is the ability to spread bet on the financial markets. So if you know your stocks and shares, then you have a great opportunity to make a load of money with something that is a little different. Again you will find the best in spread betting prices for the financial markets on their site, and the prices change constantly so keep an eye on the site and you will find something special for you.

Betting Responsibly With SpreadEx

SpreadEx is committed to responsible gambling and has a page to this effect on their site. They put a number of policies in place to help those with problems with gambling, and if you need help, they will assist you to get the help that you need.

Live Streaming With SpreadEx

When it comes to live streaming, SpreadEx has a wide range of options as well as the ability to see what TV channels are also showing the games that you are betting on, which is great. In order to access their live streams, it is really straight forward. You just go to their in-play better page, and you can filter the games by what is available to be streamed, you just click your game, and click watch live stream and away you go. You do have to be a member of the site in order to be able to watch the streams, but there is a wealth of options for you to watch on there.

SpreadEx Odds

Spread betting works slightly differently to regular betting, so you buy and sell points against a spread. But the prices that are being offered in the spread are some of the best that you will find on the market. The prices continuously change in response to news items and other players placing bets so you will need to track the prices in order to find the optimum price for you. It is also possible to bet both ways on a spread bet and win both sides of the bet if you can find the big middle, so watch closely, and you are sure to find a win.