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Football is the world's No 1 sport. With so much interest in the game, it is no wonder that football is the top sport to wager on.

If you are new to football betting, it can be a little overwhelming. Below you will find information on various leagues, markets, popular football tips, and much more.

Football Betting Odds

Football betting odds are the ratio between the amount of money staked by the bookmaker and the punter when making a wager or bet. For example, the odds of 3/1 mean the bookmaker stakes three times the amount of money staked by the bettor.

For example, if you wager on a Tottenham Hotspur versus Real MadridChampions League match, you may select Harry Kane to score anytime at odds of 3/1. If you wager £10 on Kane to score, then the bookmaker will pay you £30 back if the striker finds the back of the net.

If your bet on Harry Kane to score anytime is successful, you would receive £40 back in total. The total payout would represent the £10 you initially stakes and the £30 you won in profits.

Football Betting Markets

There is an enormous amount of football betting markets available to explore. Major sports betting websites offer customers hundreds of football markets to wager on. There are the usual markets of 1x2, over/under, and both teams to score. However, there are other markets including goalscorer, halftime result, draw no bet, and other obscure markets available.

Not all bookmakers offer customers a wide range of markets to bet on. The more reputable sportsbooks like Bet365, William Hill, Betvictor, and the like will provide customers with more betting markets than they know what to do with.

Small sportsbooks and fly-by-night bookies will offer fewer markets for football matches. This is due to their lack of knowledge of the sport and trying to eliminate the customers' edge. The bookmaker will want to have the upper hand when taking on bets from customers.

Outright Betting Markets

The outright betting markets are popular for fans that want to lock in value on their football bets. The outright markets are offered for football tournaments and league competitions. Punters simply make a wager on the team they believe will win the event before it kicks off.

For example, you may wager on Manchester City to win the Premier League before the season begins. If the Cityzens win the competition, then your bet is successful. However, if another Premier League team wins the league, then your bet loses.

The outright market bet can be wagered on once the tournament or competition begins. However, the odds will change as the competitions unfold Betting on an outright market allows you to lock in the value from the start.

Outright betting markets are great because you get to watch the season and see if your predictions come true.

Transfer Markets

Transfer market betting is offered during the two transfer windows. Bookmakers will offer customers betting odds on a variety of players and their potential transfer destinations.

Some of the players are big-named stars such as Kylian Mbappe, Erling Haaland, and Harry Kane. Bookmakers also offer markets on other players and their chances of moving to a new team.

It is easy to make a transfer market bet. Simply select the team you believe a specific player will join. If the player signs for the team before the transfer window is closed, you will win the bet.

Manager Special Markets

There are two manager special markets. You can wager on the 'next manager to be sacked' market and the 'next club to manage' market. Both markets are great for punters in the know. If you know all the information about a specific club or manager, then these markets may be ideal for you.

For the 'next manager sacked' market, simply select which manager your predict will be fired next. The 'next club to manage' market is easy to understand. Just select the next football club a certain manager will join next. If you select the correct club, then your bet wins.

Premier League Odds

Before the new Premier League season, bookmakers will list the latest odds on the teams to win the competition. Bookies also offer odds on other markets before and during the season, including on relegation, finishing in the top four, qualifying for Europe, the Golden Boot award, and much more.

Sportsbooks offer individual match odds each week. Punters can get the latest football odds on the Premier League well in advance to lock in the value.

Champions League Betting Odds

The Champions League odds are provided throughout the competition each season. You can get match odds for every round of the competition, giving you the chance to wager on the best teams in European football.

Bookies also offer outright winner odds, giving you the chance to pick the tournament's winner before the event kicks off. There are also markets on the various groups, giving you the chance to bet on the team or teams you expect to win the Champions League groups.

Europa League Odds

The Europa League betting markets are very similar to the Champions League markets. Fans can wager on the matches individually, group stage, or the outright winner. The Europa League is slightly different from the Champions League. The variety in teams means the tournament is wide open.

Bettors need to do a lot of research on the clubs that compete in the Europa League and Easyodds' expert football tips are ideal for anyone seeking betting success in the competition.

La Liga Odds

La Liga is the top flight of Spanish football. It features two of the world's biggest clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona. Atletico Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, Villarreal, and Real Sociedad are just four of the other big clubs in Spain fighting for silverware.

Fans have the chance to wager on La Liga throughout the campaign. Sportsbooks also offer betting odds on the domestic competitions, the Copa del Rey and the Supercopa de Espana.

Bundesliga Odds

The Bundesliga is one of the most exciting football leagues in the world. The German top flight features Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig, Bayer Leverkusen, Eintracht Frankfurt, and more battling for the top prize in the country.

The 18-team league has a feeling of anything can happen. Of course, Bayern are the top team in Germany most seasons, but the quality is high throughout the league.

Fans can wager on outright markets, individual games, player-betting markets, and much more.

Serie A Odds

Serie A was the king of football in the 1990s and early 2000s. Although Serie A doesn't have the same popularity with football fans as it once did, the Italian top flight is still a great football league with iconic teams.

Football bettors can wager on the likes of Napoli, AC Milan, Internazionale, Lazio, Roma, and Juventus each week. Like the other domestic leagues, you can bet on outright markets, games, players, and more.

Ligue 1 Odds

Ligue 1 may be the fifth league of the "big 5" in world football, but it is still home to some of the best players in the world. Paris Saint-Germain are the kings of France and typically dominate the league.

You have the chance to bet on football matches featuring Paris Saint-Germain or the other top clubs across France all season long. Marseille, Monaco, Lyon, and Lille are just four of the clubs gunning for Paris Saint-Germain each season. You can get up-to-the-minute odds on all the matches in France from top bookies before wagering on the games.

World Cup Odds

The World Cup is the biggest sports event in the world. In the United Kingdom alone, the BBC reported 14.9 million watched the World Cup Final on TV, while another 7.1 million streamed it online.

Bookies offer an array of markets for the World Cup including outright winner, group betting, and, individual match betting. There are also player betting markets such as the top goalscorer, the player to win the Golden Ball, and the player to record the most assists.

Football Betting Tips

The Internet has made football tips available to all punters. However, with so much information available and many people claiming to be an expert on the best football tips around, it is important to do your homework.

Easyodds is one of the many websites that provide free advice to punters. Our football writers do the hard work throughout the week on key football matches to give you the best information possible. Our aim is to give you the tools to succeed.

You don't have to pay for our writers' advice. There are a lot of people online who claim to be experts on football and they sell their tips. It is important to know who these individuals are before purchasing their tips. Just because someone claims to be an expert doesn't mean they know the FA Cup from the World Cup. You should always vet the supplier of tips. With so many free betting tips provided by websites like Easyodds, there is really no need to pay money for tips.

Types of Football Betting Tips

You will find a variety of football tips for betting on the sport on the Internet. Some bet tips come from industry experts, while others are from fans attempting to sell you their tips.

It is important to separate successful, high-quality football tips from individuals on social media that claim to have the inside information that will win you large profits. There is a wave of modern-day tipsters on Instagram and YouTube, who show off their fancy cars and houses, claiming to be experts.

However, many of these people are not experts and the money they flaunt isn't real. These individuals are known as scamdicappers and they pry on inexperienced punters seeking advice on betting. Scamdicappers charge customers money for their tips.

You can find plenty of great free bet advice from Easyodds and a host of other tipsters online. Easyodds prides itself on offering free betting advice to punters looking for an edge. In addition to the free advice offered by Easyodds, you can find more football tips for free online and podcasts.

Free Football Betting Tips

Easyodds offers you free football tips throughout the season. You will find betting tips on competitions including the Premier League, Champions League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and many more European leagues.

Our football writers also provide tips for the biggest international football competitions including the FIFA World Cup, European Championship, and much more. You will find free football tips throughout the week from industry experts and betting expert tipsters.

Football Betting Guides for Beginners

Football betting markets and football betting odds can be overwhelming for beginners. There is a lot to learn and know about football betting, and it can take some time to understand the ins and outs of sports betting.

Easyodds tries to make football betting easy, with regular football tips, the latest football news, and advise on betting. You will also find information and guides for beginners. If you are new to football betting, then you have a wealth of reasons at your fingertips, ready to go.

What is a 1x2 Bet

The 1x2 bet is the simplest football betting market available. You can make 1x2 bets on Premier League, Champions League, Championship, and other popular football leagues' matches.

The simplicity of the 1x2 bet makes it the most popular football betting market in the world. You are simply concerned with the result of the fixture. When making a 1x2 selection, you are picking either a home team win (1), a draw (x), or an away team win (2).

When making a 1x2 bet, you can either make a single, double, treble, or add it to an accumulator.

For example, if Man City play Aston Villa in the Premier League, you may want to back the home team to win, due to their superiority in the competition. Simply select Man City to win on your bet slip and hit place bet. If Manchester City win the match, then your wager is successful. If the match ends in a draw or Aston Villa win, then the bet loses.

The 1x2 bet is a traditional type of bet, because your simply selecting the winner. Its simplicity makes it popular.

What is BTTS

Both teams to score is another popular football bet offered by sportsbooks. It is used by professional football bettors and casuals alike because it offers the chance to win large potential profits.

You are not concerned with the result of the match when it comes to the both teams to score wager. Instead, you are concerned with the teams finding the back of the net.

There are two both teams to score football markets. Football betting odds will be given for both markets. One market is for 'Yes' both teams to score, while the other is for 'No' both teams to score.

If you select 'Yes', then both teams must find the back of the net during the game. A 'No' selection means only one or neither team can score during the 90-minute fixture. This bet type can be used for games in which teams have the potential to score a lot or a few goals.

What is Over/Under

Over/under betting is a popular football bet, but it is also offered in a variety of other sports by bookmakers. The over/under is only concerned with the number of particular events occurring in a football match. The result of the match, win/draw/loss, is not important when making an over/under wager.

For example, you may bet on the total number of goals scored in a Champions League football match. The winning team is important in this scenario, only the number of goals scored.

You need to decide how many goals will be scored in the football match. The sportsbook will provide different goal totals for you to select from. You will need to accurately predict the correct total of goals for the bet to be successful.

For example, a Premier League game between Manchester City and Arsenal features two of the league's highest-scoring teams. You decide to make a football bet on over 2.5 goals scored combined. The Premier League match ends 3-2 in favour of Arsenal, which means your bet is successful. If the match had ended 1-1, then your bet would have lost, as the teams scored two combined goals, which is less than 2.5.

What is an Asian Handicap Bet

The Asian handicap was created in the Far East and is oftentimes used in football betting. In recent years, the Asian handicap has grown in popularity in football betting.

The bet type works with one team having a virtual lead, or handicap, over the other team. The Asian handicaps eliminate a match from ending in a draw. There are only two possible outcomes of the match, a win or a loss.

The Asian handicap is an advanced betting type and shouldn't be used by new customers or novice sports bettors. It takes sports betting experience and plenty of research on the topic to be done successfully.

What is an Accumulator

An accumulator, or acca bet, is one of the most popular sports bets provided by bookmakers. Accas are a type of multiple bet and they combine different selections into one bet. Accas are hugely popular in football betting in the UK and Europe. Some bookmakers will provide specific enhanced odds on football accas.

The reason accumulator bets are so popular is due to the large amounts of potential profits you can make off a relatively small stake. Of course, there are a lot of risks when betting on accas, as you need all of the selections to be successful to win the bet.

How to bet on a football accumulator

Betting on a football accumulator is easy. Simply go to the football page on your favourite sports betting website and make multiple selections from different matches. You can combine a 1x2 bet, over/under, BTTS, and more options into one accumulator.

It is important to remember that all the selections must come from different football matches. If you want to make a bet on football using multiple selections from the same match, then you will need to use the bet builder feature.

Once you have made your selections, review your bet slip, enter the stake you want to risk, and hit the bet button. The more selections you make on an acca, the more risk there is.

How to Bet on Football

Football fans have the chance to wager on the top football fixtures throughout the year thanks to industry-leading sportsbooks. You simply need to sign up for a bookmaker and you can begin wagering on football matches.

You should always vet the bookmakers before creating an account. There are a lot of bookmakers available with football betting odds and markets. You should only sign up for a sportsbook with generally positive reviews online. In addition, the bookie should provide a healthy dose of promos, bonuses, and offers to customers.

Once you create your account and make an initial deposit, you can begin searching the football section of the bookmaker. Leading bookmakers will offer odds on top leagues around the world. Some will also provide betting odds on smaller leagues, too. The more markets offered by a sportsbook, the more variety you have as a football bettor.

After you find the matches, leagues, and teams you want to wager on, search over the markets, locate the one that appeals to you, and place it into your bet slip. Review your bet, enter your stake, and hit the place bets icon. Now, sit back as the action unfolds, and hopefully, your wager will be successful.

What is Cash Out

The cash-out feature is provided by industry-league sportsbooks. The feature allows you to cash out your bet before the match ends. Cash-out is a great tool for bettors. For one, it allows you to cash out your winnings on a bet before the game ends. This prevents your bet from ultimately losing.

For example, a Champions League match featuring Real Madrid and Manchester City is going into the closing minutes. Real Madrid lead the game 2-1, but Manchester City are pushing for an equaliser. If you bet on Real Madrid to win, you are likely sweating the final minutes.

The cash-out feature allows you to end the bet and take the winnings before the match is over. The winnings will be less than if you let the bet continue until the end of the Champions League fixture. By cashing out the bet, you prevent losing the wager if Manchester City equalise or win the football match.

In addition to cashing out a bet on football you are winning, the feature also allows you to end a bet you are losing. By cashing out when your bet is losing, you are able to receive some of your initial stake back.

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