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Football is the greatest sport on the planet. The highs and lows are incredible, and in 90 minutes, football fans can feel a variety of emotions. Betting on football brings supporters even closer to the game they love.

Putting a punt on your favourite team, league, or the big game gives you the chance to feel closer to the action.

Football betting can be overwhelming. Each match has a number of football betting markets and each has its own odds. Not all bookmaker odds are the same and they can be very competitive.

Easyodds makes it simple for you to find the best football odds for matches around the world. You can find the latest odds on the World Cup, Premier League, or UEFA Champions League and more.

Competitive football odds are our business and you will always find the latest odds for the games you want to wager on. Prior to each match in football's biggest leagues and tournaments, you will find the latest football odds from the industry's leading sportsbooks.

Today's Football Odds

Every day, Easyodds compiles the latest odds on hundreds of football betting markets from around the globe. You will always find the latest odds. Our staff scours the Internet to locate the most competitive football odds for bettors seeking an edge when making a bet on football.

Before wagering on a match, just visit Easyodds and you can find great match odds from a host of bookies for hundreds of markets.

You can select from the match odds and bookies that suit your betting style. The betting markets are updated on a daily basis, making Easyodds a one-stop shop for finding the best football betting odds anywhere.

Premier League Betting Odds

The Premier League is the world's No. 1 football league. The fast paced action, speed of matches, drama, and famous clubs draw interest from football fans from all over the world.

Not only is the Premier League the most watched football league, but it is one of the most bet on by fans.

You can find the most up to date betting odds on the Premier League each day. Whether you want to bet on a match winner or explore the hundreds of betting markets available, you can find everything you need at Easyodds.

There are great alternative markets in which you can bet on the league winner before the season starts or on the team(s) to be relegated. There is no shortage of betting markets when it comes to the English Premier League.

Champions League Betting Odds

The Champions League is the biggest club football tournament in the world. Not only do you have to be one of the best teams in your domestic league, but you have to navigate the nine month long tournament to reach the final.

The midweek tournament is popular for bettors looking to wager on some of the biggest teams and games in the world. Match betting is the most popular way to wager on the Champions League, but you will also find hundreds of markets on each game.

You will find the latest odds for each matchday at Easyodds. The tournament's games are played on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the week, throughout the campaign.

Betting odds may not fluctuate quite like they do when it comes to domestic competitions. Regardless, you will find the competitive betting odds for each football match in the Champions League.

Europa League Betting Odds

The Europa League takes place on Thursday nights and is UEFA's secondary continental cup competition. While the Champions League is often the big boys of European football, the Europa League is a mix of clubs. You will find some of Europe's heavyweights alongside some lightweights on the continent. Regardless of size, the Europa tournament often throws up some surprises.

If you can find a football market with competitive odds, you could come away with some cold hard cash from the Europa competition.

Easyodds provides bettors around the world with freshly updated odds every day during the season on the Europa tournament. You will always find the best markets for the competition. You will surely find a price you like.

Championship Betting Odds

The Championship is one of the most exciting football leagues to watch. The English second division features teams desperately trying to reach the Premier League. This makes for some exciting football throughout the year.

You will find the latest Championship football betting odds updated daily. Whether you explore match betting or one of the other markets for each game in the division, you will find what you are looking for.

World Cup Betting Odds

The World Cup comes around every four years. It is the biggest sports event in the world with some of the best footballers competing for the World Cup trophy. When the tournament rolls around, you will find the latest World Cup match odds posted daily at Easyodds.

The tournament is a month long sprint. This makes it difficult to find the best odds on games if you simply search them out from sportsbook to sportsbook. Easyodds compiles all of the odds for the World Cup's matches in one place, giving you the ability to wager on the market you prefer at competitive odds.

Even before the World Cup tournament kicks off, national teams compete in the qualifying stage. Betting on the qualifying stage gives you a chance to follow your favourite team all the way to the World Cup finals. Easyodds has you covered during the qualifying rounds. No matter if you are betting on qualifiers from CONCACAF, AFC, or UEFA, you will find the most up to date odds at Easyodds.

FA Cup Betting Odds

The FA Cup tournament is the oldest club knockout cup tournament in the world. It features teams across Great Britain from the amateur ranks all the way up to the Premier League. There is nothing like seeing a David versus Goliath fixture, especially when David slays Goliath.

FA Cup betting odds are updated regularly ahead of each round. You will find odds for individual games or on the outright tournament winner. There is never any shortage of betting markets to select from when it comes to the FA Cup.

Football Transfer Odds

Each summer, the football world is thrown into chaos when the transfer window opens. There is always the chance for one of the world's top footballers to move to a new team.

Ahead of the transfer window, bookies post the latest odds on the biggest transfer possibilities. Wagering on football transfers is a great way for bettors to make some additional cash in the offseason.

You will find a variety of top football transfer betting markets at Easyodds. Odds on each market are updated on a daily basis, so you won't miss out.

Football Manager Odds

Football management is a difficult business. One day, a manager can be the toast of the town. The next, he could get burnt. A manager's job is rarely safe and bookmakers monitor the situation at clubs across the UK and Europe.

You can wager on the manager that will either be sacked next or hired by a club. The summertime is the perfect time for clubs to change their manager. You will find odds on all the clubs around the Premier League, Championship, and elsewhere seeking new managers.

How to Bet on Football?

There are hundreds of markets available for any given football match. You can bet on any of these great markets.

One of the reasons football is such a popular sport to bet on is because there are thousands of games to wager on each week. You can bet on football club matches or international fixtures. There is never a shortage of football to bet on. Even during the offseason for clubs in main leagues in Europe, there are leagues in other countries.

You can wager on a simple single match bet or make a combination bet with multiple selections. There are a lot of different betting opportunities available. There are also different types of bets including cards, correct score, total goals, goalscorer, number of corners, and much more. There is always something to bet on.

How to Bet on Football Outright Markets

An outright bet is a great way to lock in the odds of a team before the season kicks off. An outright bet is placed on the outcome of an entire football league or tournament. Rather than making a single bet on a match or event, an outright bet is for the entire season.

You can place an outright bet prior to a league season beginning. Outright betting markets are often open during the competition, however. If you place an outright bet before the season or tournament begins, you lock in those odds. Therefore, as the odds change during the league or event, the odds you bet on do not. The outright bet can provide long term value to bettors.

Football Free Bets

Free bets are bonuses provided by sportsbooks to customers. Free bets are usually offered to new customers when they sign up for a new sportsbook. Existing customers may also receive free bets from time to time to reward them for their loyal patronage.

The types of free bets available vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. Instead of real cash, you will likely be offered a betting credit to use. Some sportsbooks provide free bets on specific matches, leagues, or markets. You may need to make a cash deposit to activate the free bet. In some cases, the free bet may be offered if you make a prematch bet on a specific fixture.

Which Bookmaker Has the Best Football Odds?

This is a difficult question to answer. There are a number of great sportsbooks available, but there are also some bookies that have poor reputations. It is important to read customer reviews and third party reviews of a sportsbook before signing up.

Easyodds makes it easy to find the best football odds, so you don't have to search them out yourself. Simply visit Easyodds every time you want to wager on a specific match or outright bet. Explore the odds from sportsbooks at Easyodds and select the best odds for the match or event. This is the simplest way to locate the best odds on the Internet for football betting.

What are the best football betting markets to bet on?

There are a number of popular football betting markets. There are great opportunities to make cash off of these markets. Some may be new to you. With a little research and practice, you will get to know these markets and how to access them.

Match betting, Double Chance, Draw No Bet, Both Teams to Score (BTTS), and Over/Under are the best football betting markets to select from. These markets give you the chance to win money from a simple bet slip selection. Match goalscorer and correct score are also great betting markets to select from. These may take a bit more research, but the payouts can be very good.

What are the most popular football betting markets?

Match betting is the most popular market by far. You simply bet on the overall outcome of a match. You will select whether the game will be a Home win, Away win, or Draw. You can play it safe and risk low amounts of money to gradually build up your winnings.

Both teams to score is a very popular market. Rather than picking a winner, you bet on whether both teams will score, or not, during a specific match. This is a good market to wager on if you are not sure which team will win. It is also good if the match features to strong scoring teams.

Over/Under is another goal market. For this market, you are betting on whether a match will have a combined number of goals over a set total. Over/Under values are typically set at 0.5. For example, you can bet on there being Over 2.5 goals in a match (i.e. three or more goals) or Under 2.5 goals in a match (i.e. fewer than three goals).

The Double Chance market is similar to the match betting market. There are three different outcomes to the Double Chance. All three outcomes cover two of the three possible outcomes of a football game. You can wager on a Home win or Draw (Home or Draw), an Away Win or Draw (Away or Draw), or a Home win or Away win (Home or Away). This is a low risk bet and the odds for a Double Chance are typically lower than match bet odds. Bettors have more chances to win the bet.

What are the most popular football leagues to bet on?

The Premier League is by far the most popular football league to bet on. The league is followed all around the world and features some of the biggest clubs and players.

The Champions League also sees a lot of betting due to the competition being one of the biggest. It features Europe's biggest clubs and the Champions League final is the largest one-off match in club football each season.

Other popular football leagues to bet on include the Championship, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1.

What is a football Acca?

An accumulator, or acca, combines bets from multiple games into one bet. An acca boosts your odds and increases the potential payout you can win. Accas are very popular. You can select multiple games and markets for your betting slip. A small stake could return a large payout if the acca is successful.

An acca is created by multiplying the odds together of each selection. It allows the bettor to wager on every outcome in one bet. You should always remember that the more selections added to an accumulator, the higher the odds of it being successful are. In addition, the more selections you make, the more money you can win.

Can you bet on multiple markets in a football Acca?

A football acca allows you to make selections from different markets. For example, you can combine a match bet, BTTS, Over/Under, and Double Chance into one acca. You cannot add selections from the same match or event to the same acca. For example, you cannot make an acca featuring more than one market for a match featuring Manchester City and West Ham.