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Check out the latest form, race record and results for Fantasy Gladiator. Fantasy Gladiator was last ridden by Luke Morris.

Form: 656124

Here is how Fantasy Gladiator performed in its last race at Chelmsford City:

“Has won 11 races from 6f to 1m including 6 wins on the all-weather (1 FB, 5 PO). Beaten 1 1/2l by Arcadian Sea when second of 12 at 5-1 on his latest outing here over 1m 2f last month.”

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Fantasy Gladiator Race Results

Find out the latest results for Fantasy Gladiator below.

Race DateRace TimeCourse NameSPResultRunners
06 Oct 201720:15Chelmsford City5/1410 ran
21 Sep 201720:45Chelmsford City5/1212 ran
07 Sep 201718:40Chelmsford City5/219 ran
10 Aug 201715:40Yarmouth5/167 ran
21 Jul 201717:15Nottingham7/1513 ran
11 Jun 201717:10Nottingham5/1611 ran
31 May 201717:20Nottingham3/127 ran
02 May 201716:00Yarmouth13/268 ran
20 Mar 201714:00Kempton7/1410 ran
02 Mar 201715:45Newcastle80/1513 ran
09 Feb 201720:30Chelmsford City25/11011 ran
02 Feb 201718:25Chelmsford City12/113 ran
04 Jan 201716:45Wolverhampton14/1512 ran
22 Dec 201613:20Chelmsford City/8 ran
01 Dec 201618:15Chelmsford City33/1915 ran
10 Nov 201618:55Chelmsford City20/11213 ran
29 Oct 201619:40Chelmsford City20/1913 ran
10 Oct 201616:40Yarmouth28/189 ran
29 Sep 201619:40Chelmsford City33/11013 ran
10 Sep 201615:55Chester25/1310 ran
06 Jan 201614:00Chelmsford City10/158 ran
21 Dec 201515:20Chelmsford City10/1913 ran
07 Dec 201515:40Chelmsford City14/1713 ran
06 Nov 201518:40Chelmsford City4/129 ran
28 Oct 201514:20Nottingham14/1614 ran
02 Oct 201514:20Ascot25/1918 ran
04 Sep 201518:15Musselburgh9/1111 ran
22 Aug 201519:15Chelmsford City6/1610 ran
30 Jul 201516:00Nottingham3/116 ran
17 Jul 201518:05Hamilton3/127 ran
25 Jun 201517:15Nottingham11/428 ran
15 Jun 201520:10Nottingham5/2110 ran
10 Jun 201518:10Kempton/9 ran
27 May 201518:40Kempton/7 ran
28 Apr 201517:15Wolverhampton5/136 ran
23 Mar 201516:10Wolverhampton13/239 ran
04 Mar 201519:45Kempton14/1514 ran
17 Nov 201417:10Wolverhampton7/148 ran
29 Oct 201418:55Kempton12/1611 ran
23 Oct 201421:10Kempton/12 ran
02 Oct 201421:15Kempton25/1312 ran
03 Sep 201419:40Kempton16/1913 ran
13 Aug 201419:40Yarmouth25/179 ran
26 Jun 201415:20Yarmouth7/155 ran
20 Feb 201421:00Wolverhampton7/238 ran
03 Feb 201416:00Kempton16/1610 ran
12 Jan 201416:00Wolverhampton12/188 ran
03 Jan 201417:30Wolverhampton8/147 ran
26 Nov 201317:20Wolverhampton9/238 ran
19 Nov 201318:30Wolverhampton9/2110 ran
05 Nov 201319:00Kempton10/1513 ran
22 Oct 201318:40Kempton/11 ran
09 Oct 201316:30Nottingham8/1716 ran
11 Sep 201320:45Kempton11/1213 ran
25 Aug 201315:05Yarmouth11/127 ran
07 Aug 201318:20Yarmouth5/255 ran
30 Jul 201315:50Yarmouth11/128 ran
12 Jul 201317:25Ascot8/110 ran
27 Jun 201316:20Yarmouth6/119 ran

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