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Jose C. Ferrer Form and Results

Jose C. Ferrer rides the following horses:

Jose C. Ferrer Race Results

Find out the latest results for Jose C. Ferrer below.

Race DateRace TimeCourse NameSPResultRunners
27 Jan 202121:50Tampa Bay Downs/14 ran
27 Jan 202121:18Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
27 Jan 202117:42Tampa Bay Downs/6 ran
24 Jan 202118:12Tampa Bay Downs/7 ran
20 Jan 202120:16Tampa Bay Downs/13 ran
20 Jan 202117:42Tampa Bay Downs/6 ran
17 Jan 202120:52Tampa Bay Downs/11 ran
17 Jan 202119:12Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
17 Jan 202118:42Tampa Bay Downs/14 ran
17 Jan 202118:12Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
16 Jan 202121:40Tampa Bay Downs/10 ran
16 Jan 202120:07Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
16 Jan 202119:04Tampa Bay Downs/14 ran
16 Jan 202118:03Tampa Bay Downs/9 ran
15 Jan 202118:42Tampa Bay Downs/7 ran
15 Jan 202118:12Tampa Bay Downs/7 ran
13 Jan 202120:50Tampa Bay Downs/13 ran
13 Jan 202120:20Tampa Bay Downs/11 ran
10 Jan 202121:22Tampa Bay Downs/10 ran
10 Jan 202120:46Tampa Bay Downs/9 ran
10 Jan 202120:15Tampa Bay Downs/10 ran
08 Jan 202120:46Tampa Bay Downs/10 ran
08 Jan 202119:12Tampa Bay Downs/7 ran
06 Jan 202121:20Tampa Bay Downs/13 ran
06 Jan 202120:50Tampa Bay Downs/9 ran
06 Jan 202120:20Tampa Bay Downs/11 ran
06 Jan 202118:10Tampa Bay Downs/6 ran
03 Jan 202120:46Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
02 Jan 202119:44Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
02 Jan 202118:12Tampa Bay Downs/7 ran
02 Jan 202117:42Tampa Bay Downs/7 ran
01 Jan 202121:50Tampa Bay Downs/11 ran
01 Jan 202120:46Tampa Bay Downs/9 ran
30 Dec 202021:50Tampa Bay Downs/10 ran
30 Dec 202021:20Tampa Bay Downs/12 ran
30 Dec 202020:20Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
27 Dec 202021:50Tampa Bay Downs/11 ran
27 Dec 202020:47Tampa Bay Downs/9 ran
24 Dec 202017:15Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
23 Dec 202019:10Tampa Bay Downs/7 ran
20 Dec 202020:50Tampa Bay Downs/13 ran
19 Dec 202020:21Tampa Bay Downs/9 ran
18 Dec 202021:50Tampa Bay Downs/13 ran
18 Dec 202020:50Tampa Bay Downs/12 ran
18 Dec 202018:12Tampa Bay Downs/7 ran
18 Dec 202017:42Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
16 Dec 202021:15Tampa Bay Downs/14 ran
16 Dec 202021:15Tampa Bay Downs/14 ran
16 Dec 202018:40Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
12 Dec 202021:20Tampa Bay Downs/11 ran
11 Dec 202019:09Tampa Bay Downs/9 ran
09 Dec 202020:50Tampa Bay Downs/13 ran
09 Dec 202020:20Tampa Bay Downs/9 ran
05 Dec 202021:49Tampa Bay Downs/11 ran
05 Dec 202020:19Tampa Bay Downs/9 ran
04 Dec 202020:50Tampa Bay Downs/7 ran
04 Dec 202020:22Tampa Bay Downs/9 ran
04 Dec 202019:48Tampa Bay Downs/7 ran
04 Dec 202018:48Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
04 Dec 202017:45Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
28 Nov 202021:52Tampa Bay Downs/12 ran
28 Nov 202020:52Tampa Bay Downs/12 ran
28 Nov 202018:52Tampa Bay Downs/13 ran
28 Nov 202017:22Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
27 Nov 202021:50Tampa Bay Downs/14 ran
27 Nov 202019:50Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
25 Nov 202019:22Tampa Bay Downs/14 ran
25 Nov 202018:52Tampa Bay Downs/14 ran
24 Oct 202022:12Monmouth Park/11 ran
24 Oct 202020:53Monmouth Park/12 ran
24 Oct 202020:27Monmouth Park/12 ran
24 Oct 202019:35Monmouth Park/9 ran
24 Oct 202019:09Monmouth Park/14 ran
24 Oct 202018:43Monmouth Park/12 ran
21 Oct 202021:41Monmouth Park/14 ran
21 Oct 202021:10Monmouth Park/8 ran
21 Oct 202020:39Monmouth Park/14 ran
21 Oct 202019:10Monmouth Park/12 ran
21 Oct 202018:42Monmouth Park/14 ran
21 Oct 202018:15Monmouth Park/8 ran
21 Oct 202017:50Monmouth Park/14 ran
17 Oct 202021:20Monmouth Park/10 ran
17 Oct 202020:53Monmouth Park/8 ran
17 Oct 202020:27Monmouth Park/9 ran
17 Oct 202020:01Monmouth Park/7 ran
17 Oct 202019:35Monmouth Park/8 ran
17 Oct 202019:09Monmouth Park/8 ran
17 Oct 202018:17Monmouth Park/8 ran
10 Oct 202021:46Monmouth@Meadowlands/13 ran
10 Oct 202020:53Monmouth@Meadowlands/9 ran
10 Oct 202020:01Monmouth@Meadowlands/13 ran
10 Oct 202019:09Monmouth@Meadowlands/8 ran
10 Oct 202018:43Monmouth@Meadowlands/12 ran
10 Oct 202018:15Monmouth@Meadowlands/6 ran
10 Oct 202017:50Monmouth@Meadowlands/12 ran
07 Oct 202021:46Monmouth Park/9 ran
07 Oct 202020:27Monmouth Park/10 ran
07 Oct 202019:09Monmouth Park/7 ran
07 Oct 202018:43Monmouth Park/9 ran
07 Oct 202018:17Monmouth Park/8 ran
04 Oct 202022:38Monmouth Park/7 ran
04 Oct 202022:12Monmouth Park/10 ran
04 Oct 202020:27Monmouth Park/13 ran
04 Oct 202019:35Monmouth Park/11 ran
04 Oct 202019:09Monmouth Park/8 ran
04 Oct 202018:43Monmouth Park/14 ran
04 Oct 202017:50Monmouth Park/14 ran
03 Oct 202021:46Monmouth Park/11 ran
03 Oct 202020:27Monmouth Park/11 ran
03 Oct 202020:27Monmouth Park/11 ran
03 Oct 202019:35Monmouth Park/9 ran
03 Oct 202018:43Monmouth Park/10 ran
27 Sep 202022:59Monmouth Park/8 ran
27 Sep 202022:07Monmouth Park/9 ran
27 Sep 202021:41Monmouth Park/9 ran
27 Sep 202020:48Monmouth Park/10 ran
27 Sep 202019:04Monmouth Park/12 ran
27 Sep 202019:04Monmouth Park/12 ran
27 Sep 202018:16Monmouth Park/11 ran
26 Sep 202021:14Monmouth Park/13 ran
26 Sep 202021:14Monmouth Park/13 ran
26 Sep 202020:22Monmouth Park/14 ran
26 Sep 202017:50Monmouth Park/12 ran
20 Sep 202022:59Monmouth Park/12 ran
20 Sep 202022:59Monmouth Park/12 ran
20 Sep 202021:14Monmouth Park/11 ran
20 Sep 202020:48Monmouth Park/8 ran
20 Sep 202020:22Monmouth Park/10 ran
20 Sep 202019:55Monmouth Park/7 ran
20 Sep 202018:39Monmouth Park/10 ran
19 Sep 202022:59Monmouth Park/8 ran
19 Sep 202022:33Monmouth Park/12 ran
19 Sep 202022:07Monmouth Park/10 ran
19 Sep 202021:41Monmouth Park/14 ran
19 Sep 202019:55Monmouth Park/12 ran
19 Sep 202019:29Monmouth Park/9 ran
19 Sep 202019:04Monmouth Park/13 ran
13 Sep 202022:33Monmouth Park/10 ran
13 Sep 202021:41Monmouth Park/12 ran
13 Sep 202020:48Monmouth Park/13 ran
13 Sep 202019:55Monmouth Park/14 ran
13 Sep 202019:29Monmouth Park/7 ran
13 Sep 202019:04Monmouth Park/12 ran
13 Sep 202018:39Monmouth Park/7 ran
13 Sep 202017:50Monmouth Park/12 ran
12 Sep 202023:25Monmouth Park/7 ran
12 Sep 202022:59Monmouth Park/8 ran
12 Sep 202022:33Monmouth Park/12 ran
12 Sep 202022:07Monmouth Park/7 ran
12 Sep 202019:55Monmouth Park/7 ran
12 Sep 202019:29Monmouth Park/11 ran
12 Sep 202018:39Monmouth Park/7 ran
07 Sep 202022:12Monmouth Park/14 ran
07 Sep 202021:10Monmouth Park/13 ran
07 Sep 202020:09Monmouth Park/13 ran
06 Sep 202022:40Monmouth Park/10 ran
06 Sep 202022:40Monmouth Park/10 ran
06 Sep 202021:40Monmouth Park/10 ran
06 Sep 202021:10Monmouth Park/6 ran
06 Sep 202020:40Monmouth Park/12 ran
06 Sep 202018:16Monmouth Park/6 ran
05 Sep 202023:40Monmouth Park/12 ran
05 Sep 202023:10Monmouth Park/7 ran
05 Sep 202022:40Monmouth Park/10 ran
05 Sep 202021:40Monmouth Park/14 ran
05 Sep 202021:10Monmouth Park/10 ran
05 Sep 202019:12Monmouth Park/8 ran
05 Sep 202018:44Monmouth Park/11 ran
05 Sep 202017:50Monmouth Park/10 ran
04 Sep 202021:41Monmouth Park/11 ran
04 Sep 202021:10Monmouth Park/9 ran
04 Sep 202020:39Monmouth Park/10 ran
04 Sep 202020:09Monmouth Park/7 ran
04 Sep 202019:39Monmouth Park/11 ran
30 Aug 202022:12Monmouth Park/12 ran
30 Aug 202021:10Monmouth Park/11 ran
30 Aug 202020:39Monmouth Park/7 ran
30 Aug 202020:09Monmouth Park/10 ran
30 Aug 202019:10Monmouth Park/11 ran
29 Aug 202022:59Monmouth Park/10 ran
29 Aug 202021:14Monmouth Park/10 ran
29 Aug 202020:22Monmouth Park/14 ran
29 Aug 20200:19Monmouth Park/10 ran
28 Aug 202023:49Monmouth Park/8 ran
23 Aug 202023:06Monmouth Park/7 ran
23 Aug 202022:39Monmouth Park/9 ran
23 Aug 202021:41Monmouth Park/12 ran
23 Aug 202021:10Monmouth Park/10 ran
23 Aug 202018:42Monmouth Park/11 ran
22 Aug 202022:33Monmouth Park/10 ran
22 Aug 202020:48Monmouth Park/11 ran
22 Aug 202019:55Monmouth Park/11 ran
22 Aug 202019:29Monmouth Park/6 ran
22 Aug 202019:04Monmouth Park/12 ran
22 Aug 202017:50Monmouth Park/9 ran
22 Aug 20200:19Monmouth Park/14 ran
21 Aug 202023:20Monmouth Park/9 ran
21 Aug 202022:52Monmouth Park/8 ran
21 Aug 202022:25Monmouth Park/8 ran
16 Aug 202023:25Monmouth Park/10 ran
16 Aug 202021:32Monmouth Park/14 ran
16 Aug 202019:35Monmouth Park/13 ran
16 Aug 202018:42Monmouth Park/12 ran
16 Aug 202017:50Monmouth Park/9 ran
15 Aug 202022:39Monmouth Park/14 ran
15 Aug 202022:12Monmouth Park/8 ran
15 Aug 202021:41Monmouth Park/12 ran
15 Aug 202020:39Monmouth Park/11 ran
15 Aug 202019:39Monmouth Park/10 ran
15 Aug 202019:10Monmouth Park/7 ran
15 Aug 202018:15Monmouth Park/6 ran
14 Aug 202023:49Monmouth Park/9 ran
14 Aug 202022:25Monmouth Park/10 ran
09 Aug 202022:12Monmouth Park/7 ran
09 Aug 202021:41Monmouth Park/12 ran
09 Aug 202021:10Monmouth Park/10 ran
09 Aug 202020:39Monmouth Park/14 ran
09 Aug 202020:09Monmouth Park/7 ran
09 Aug 202019:10Monmouth Park/6 ran
09 Aug 202018:42Monmouth Park/12 ran
09 Aug 202018:15Monmouth Park/7 ran
09 Aug 202017:50Monmouth Park/11 ran
08 Aug 202022:58Monmouth Park/8 ran
08 Aug 202022:31Monmouth Park/10 ran
08 Aug 202021:32Monmouth Park/8 ran
08 Aug 202021:00Monmouth Park/12 ran
08 Aug 202019:35Monmouth Park/9 ran
08 Aug 202017:50Monmouth Park/8 ran
08 Aug 20200:19Monmouth Park/9 ran
07 Aug 202023:49Monmouth Park/10 ran
02 Aug 202022:12Monmouth Park/7 ran
02 Aug 202021:41Monmouth Park/11 ran
02 Aug 202020:39Monmouth Park/14 ran
02 Aug 202020:09Monmouth Park/7 ran
02 Aug 202019:39Monmouth Park/8 ran
02 Aug 202018:42Monmouth Park/9 ran
02 Aug 202018:15Monmouth Park/6 ran
01 Aug 202022:04Monmouth Park/10 ran
01 Aug 202020:04Monmouth Park/7 ran
01 Aug 202019:35Monmouth Park/8 ran
01 Aug 202019:08Monmouth Park/8 ran
01 Aug 202017:50Monmouth Park/7 ran
01 Aug 20200:00Monmouth Park/10 ran
31 Jul 202023:30Monmouth Park/8 ran
31 Jul 202023:00Monmouth Park/12 ran
31 Jul 202022:30Monmouth Park/6 ran
31 Jul 202022:00Monmouth Park/8 ran
26 Jul 202022:04Monmouth Park/9 ran
26 Jul 202021:32Monmouth Park/8 ran
26 Jul 202021:00Monmouth Park/8 ran
26 Jul 202020:32Monmouth Park/10 ran
26 Jul 202020:04Monmouth Park/7 ran
26 Jul 202019:35Monmouth Park/6 ran
26 Jul 202018:42Monmouth Park/7 ran
25 Jul 202022:58Monmouth Park/7 ran
25 Jul 202022:31Monmouth Park/12 ran
25 Jul 202022:04Monmouth Park/11 ran
25 Jul 202021:00Monmouth Park/9 ran
25 Jul 202020:32Monmouth Park/10 ran
25 Jul 202020:04Monmouth Park/9 ran
25 Jul 202019:35Monmouth Park/7 ran
25 Jul 202019:08Monmouth Park/12 ran
25 Jul 202018:42Monmouth Park/6 ran
25 Jul 202017:50Monmouth Park/8 ran
24 Jul 202023:00Monmouth Park/7 ran
20 Jul 20200:04Monmouth Park/11 ran
19 Jul 202023:08Monmouth Park/11 ran
19 Jul 202021:39Monmouth Park/8 ran
19 Jul 202021:09Monmouth Park/7 ran
19 Jul 202020:40Monmouth Park/9 ran
19 Jul 202019:42Monmouth Park/10 ran
19 Jul 202019:13Monmouth Park/7 ran
19 Jul 202018:45Monmouth Park/10 ran
19 Jul 202018:17Monmouth Park/7 ran
18 Jul 202023:51Monmouth Park/11 ran
18 Jul 202023:20Monmouth Park/13 ran
18 Jul 202022:46Monmouth Park/7 ran
18 Jul 202020:33Monmouth Park/14 ran
18 Jul 202018:27Monmouth Park/10 ran
18 Jul 202017:56Monmouth Park/11 ran
18 Jul 202017:00Monmouth Park/13 ran
18 Jul 20200:00Monmouth Park/14 ran
17 Jul 202023:30Monmouth Park/12 ran
17 Jul 202022:30Monmouth Park/10 ran
14 Jul 202018:49Parx Racing At Philadelphia Park/8 ran
13 Jul 202019:45Delaware Park/8 ran
12 Jul 202021:34Monmouth Park/9 ran
12 Jul 202021:07Monmouth Park/7 ran
12 Jul 202020:38Monmouth Park/14 ran
12 Jul 202019:42Monmouth Park/9 ran
12 Jul 202019:14Monmouth Park/7 ran
12 Jul 202017:50Monmouth Park/14 ran
11 Jul 202022:01Monmouth Park/12 ran
11 Jul 202021:34Monmouth Park/10 ran
11 Jul 202020:38Monmouth Park/12 ran
11 Jul 202019:14Monmouth Park/12 ran
11 Jul 202018:19Monmouth Park/7 ran
11 Jul 20200:00Monmouth Park/14 ran
10 Jul 202023:00Monmouth Park/8 ran
10 Jul 202022:00Monmouth Park/14 ran
05 Jul 202022:54Monmouth Park/7 ran
05 Jul 202021:41Monmouth Park/11 ran
05 Jul 202021:10Monmouth Park/9 ran
05 Jul 202019:39Monmouth Park/11 ran
05 Jul 202018:42Monmouth Park/8 ran
04 Jul 202022:32Monmouth Park/9 ran
04 Jul 202022:12Monmouth Park/14 ran
04 Jul 202021:41Monmouth Park/8 ran
04 Jul 202021:10Monmouth Park/14 ran
04 Jul 202020:39Monmouth Park/9 ran
04 Jul 202018:42Monmouth Park/9 ran
04 Jul 20200:30Monmouth Park/10 ran
03 Jul 202023:00Monmouth Park/11 ran
27 Jun 202021:15Delaware Park/14 ran
27 Jun 202020:45Delaware Park/9 ran
27 Jun 202019:45Delaware Park/14 ran
24 Jun 202020:28Tampa Bay Downs/10 ran
24 Jun 202019:58Tampa Bay Downs/14 ran
24 Jun 202019:28Tampa Bay Downs/9 ran
24 Jun 202017:56Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
22 Jun 202020:59Tampa Bay Downs/11 ran
22 Jun 202020:29Tampa Bay Downs/9 ran
22 Jun 202019:59Tampa Bay Downs/14 ran
22 Jun 202019:29Tampa Bay Downs/10 ran
22 Jun 202018:29Tampa Bay Downs/7 ran
22 Jun 202017:29Tampa Bay Downs/7 ran
17 Jun 202018:57Tampa Bay Downs/14 ran
17 Jun 202018:27Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
17 Jun 202017:56Tampa Bay Downs/11 ran
15 Jun 202020:30Tampa Bay Downs/13 ran
15 Jun 202019:28Tampa Bay Downs/13 ran
15 Jun 202018:57Tampa Bay Downs/7 ran
15 Jun 202017:57Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
10 Jun 202020:57Tampa Bay Downs/12 ran
10 Jun 202018:27Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
10 Jun 202017:23Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
03 Jun 202017:50Tampa Bay Downs/6 ran
01 Jun 202019:50Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
01 Jun 202018:20Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
01 Jun 202017:50Tampa Bay Downs/6 ran
30 May 202020:43Tampa Bay Downs/8 ran
29 May 202019:40Tampa Bay Downs/9 ran
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