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Added to Betslip

Below are the latest results and form for Mr M J P Kendrick

Form: 1548

Mr M J P Kendrick rides the following horses:

Mr M J P Kendrick Race Results

Find out the latest results for Mr M J P Kendrick below.

Race DateRace TimeCourse NameSPResultRunners
18 Jul 202116:25Newton Abbot3/15 ran
18 Jul 202114:05Newton Abbot22/189 ran
17 Jul 202114:40Market Rasen28/1416 ran
14 Jul 202116:50Uttoxeter11/110 ran
12 Jul 202116:38Newton Abbot66/156 ran
12 Jul 202113:45Newton Abbot1/114 ran
02 Jul 202114:30Newton Abbot11/425 ran
15 Jun 202115:30Stratford12/189 ran
15 Jun 202113:50Stratford11/2312 ran
15 Jun 202113:20Stratford9/468 ran
11 Jun 202121:00Aintree7/235 ran
11 Jun 202118:50Aintree15/258 ran
10 Jun 202120:40Uttoxeter28/158 ran
03 Jun 202116:40Uttoxeter12/1715 ran
29 May 202115:20Cartmel/14 ran
29 May 202114:10Cartmel/13 ran
22 May 202119:40Stratford/11 ran
21 May 202120:10Worcester17/2911 ran
21 May 202119:40Worcester66/178 ran
19 May 202117:45Southwell11/136 ran
15 May 202120:20Uttoxeter7/21012 ran
04 May 202116:25Fakenham22/113 ran
04 May 202115:20Fakenham22/166 ran
23 Apr 202116:05Worcester80/115 ran
22 Apr 202116:15Warwick12/1412 ran
22 Apr 202115:05Warwick11/415 ran
21 Apr 202116:10Perth10/3112 ran
21 Apr 202115:35Perth3/1611 ran
21 Apr 202114:30Perth13/846 ran
20 Apr 202114:05Sedgefield6/1410 ran
19 Apr 202119:20Kempton2/124 ran
18 Apr 202111:45Stratford10/1310 ran
16 Apr 202118:50Exeter8/1211 ran
15 Apr 202117:00Cheltenham12/1411 ran
14 Apr 202115:15Cheltenham9/45 ran
13 Apr 202116:35Newton Abbot10/3112 ran
12 Apr 202113:30Huntingdon11/8310 ran
11 Apr 202116:00Warwick125/18 ran
10 Apr 202113:45Aintree11/1219 ran
05 Apr 202113:00Chepstow22/1310 ran
04 Apr 202117:21Hereford/ ran
04 Apr 202116:21Hereford/ ran
04 Apr 202115:46Hereford/ ran
04 Apr 202114:16Hereford/ ran
03 Apr 202114:30Newton Abbot11/1512 ran
01 Apr 202114:05Uttoxeter7/216 ran
31 Mar 202113:30Ludlow7/446 ran
30 Mar 202114:50Fakenham5/245 ran
29 Mar 202117:00Stratford25/1215 ran
29 Mar 202113:50Stratford12/1711 ran
28 Mar 202114:45Ascot33/11014 ran
28 Mar 202113:00Ascot11/415 ran
26 Mar 202117:15Musselburgh/6 ran
26 Mar 202115:40Musselburgh16/5111 ran
25 Mar 202115:55Sedgefield9/45 ran
24 Mar 202116:55Hereford10/1714 ran
24 Mar 202114:10Hereford22/133 ran
23 Mar 202116:55Wetherby12/179 ran
20 Mar 202115:55Fontwell7/248 ran
20 Mar 202115:20Fontwell80/1910 ran
19 Mar 202116:40Fakenham40/17 ran
19 Mar 202114:55Fakenham22/189 ran
19 Mar 202114:20Fakenham9/117 ran
19 Mar 202113:45Fakenham10/347 ran
17 Mar 202116:00Huntingdon6/126 ran
17 Mar 202114:20Huntingdon9/249 ran
17 Mar 202113:45Huntingdon11/1814 ran
15 Mar 202112:30Stratford9/138 ran
14 Mar 202116:50Warwick8/112 ran
14 Mar 202116:15Warwick7/2111 ran
13 Mar 202115:27Hereford11/2210 ran
13 Mar 202114:52Hereford18/1110 ran
12 Mar 202113:55Sandown28/18 ran
11 Mar 202117:00Wincanton33/1511 ran
11 Mar 202115:25Wincanton50/158 ran
10 Mar 202116:15Catterick13/268 ran
10 Mar 202115:10Catterick50/15 ran
08 Mar 202115:15Wetherby300/116 ran
07 Mar 202114:30Huntingdon300/17 ran
05 Mar 202116:40Newbury8/1512 ran
04 Mar 202115:15Ludlow/17 ran
27 Feb 202115:15Newcastle66/112 ran
25 Feb 202113:30Huntingdon6/44 ran
24 Feb 202113:55Ludlow9/2110 ran
21 Feb 202114:05Market Rasen9/425 ran
20 Feb 202116:10Ascot9/2115 ran
19 Feb 202116:15Fakenham50/149 ran
18 Feb 202116:28Fontwell66/17 ran
18 Feb 202115:58Fontwell22/1616 ran
18 Feb 202115:23Fontwell50/19 ran
18 Feb 202114:48Fontwell/3 ran
17 Feb 202112:30Wetherby250/11414 ran
16 Feb 202115:35Carlisle33/11010 ran
16 Feb 202112:30Carlisle18/1412 ran
15 Feb 202116:30Warwick16/114 ran
13 Feb 202116:10Newbury/17 ran
13 Feb 202113:50Newbury/16 ran
11 Feb 202113:05Kempton/11 ran
09 Feb 202116:30Taunton/ ran
09 Feb 202113:55Taunton/14 ran
08 Feb 202116:20Plumpton/15 ran
05 Feb 202114:20Chepstow7/112 ran
04 Feb 202114:35Ffos Las66/113 ran
01 Feb 202112:15Lingfield22/1812 ran
29 Jan 202116:17Doncaster5/4112 ran
24 Jan 202114:20Hereford/8 ran
24 Jan 202113:50Hereford/10 ran
22 Jan 202114:45Ffos Las/16 ran
20 Jan 202114:30Newbury6/1415 ran
18 Jan 202116:05Ayr4/168 ran
18 Jan 202115:35Ayr9/2111 ran
16 Jan 202116:05Warwick7/137 ran
15 Jan 202115:00Huntingdon/ ran
15 Jan 202113:00Huntingdon/ ran
14 Jan 202112:50Bangor-on-Dee3/159 ran
11 Jan 202115:20Hereford/15 ran
08 Jan 202112:50Lingfield28/1114 ran
07 Jan 202115:58Ffos Las/6 ran
07 Jan 202113:28Ffos Las/6 ran
04 Jan 202115:25Fakenham200/177 ran
02 Jan 202115:45Ayr/9 ran
31 Dec 202013:20Warwick10/1114 ran
30 Dec 202014:05Taunton9/239 ran
29 Dec 202014:20Doncaster9/248 ran
27 Dec 202015:40Kempton4/1413 ran
26 Dec 202015:13Wetherby11/2211 ran
18 Dec 202012:45Ascot125/1512 ran
17 Dec 202012:35Exeter80/113 ran
16 Dec 202013:20Ludlow16/112 ran
15 Dec 202013:20Catterick28/1312 ran
14 Dec 202015:28Plumpton50/178 ran
14 Dec 202012:15Plumpton80/11013 ran
12 Dec 202015:07Hereford7/218 ran
11 Dec 202015:25Doncaster12/1912 ran
11 Dec 202014:52Doncaster50/1710 ran
08 Dec 202014:38Fontwell28/156 ran
07 Dec 202014:35Plumpton17/2812 ran
06 Dec 202012:12Huntingdon/ ran
05 Dec 202013:15Sandown4/125 ran
04 Dec 202012:25Exeter25/11416 ran
03 Dec 202013:15Wincanton18/1815 ran
02 Dec 202012:10Haydock11/248 ran
29 Nov 202015:22Carlisle7/217 ran
29 Nov 202012:10Carlisle7/1311 ran
28 Nov 202012:05Doncaster150/112 ran
27 Nov 202014:00Doncaster50/1717 ran
27 Nov 202012:25Doncaster16/1811 ran
26 Nov 202015:33Lingfield6/159 ran
23 Nov 202015:10Kempton4/1711 ran
23 Nov 202014:35Kempton5/1310 ran
21 Nov 202015:43Huntingdon3/129 ran
21 Nov 202014:33Huntingdon125/111 ran
21 Nov 202012:48Huntingdon200/137 ran
21 Nov 202011:45Huntingdon11/2510 ran
20 Nov 202012:05Catterick40/1610 ran
19 Nov 202012:30Market Rasen1/115 ran
18 Nov 202016:00Ffos Las14/1510 ran
16 Nov 202014:20Plumpton/4 ran
16 Nov 202013:50Plumpton/10 ran
16 Nov 202012:45Plumpton40/17 ran
14 Nov 202013:32Uttoxeter200/113 ran
14 Nov 202011:52Uttoxeter50/1811 ran
13 Nov 202016:05Cheltenham3/1417 ran
13 Nov 202013:15Cheltenham33/11417 ran
12 Nov 202014:50Ludlow7/2211 ran
10 Nov 202013:37Hereford10/3112 ran
09 Nov 202015:45Chepstow16/1311 ran
09 Nov 202014:05Chepstow9/1610 ran
06 Nov 202012:25Warwick150/11012 ran
05 Nov 202012:20Newbury6/139 ran
04 Nov 202015:20Musselburgh5/219 ran
04 Nov 202013:50Musselburgh9/4111 ran
02 Nov 202015:20Hereford/9 ran
02 Nov 202014:45Hereford6/19 ran
01 Nov 202016:05Lingfield/11 ran
01 Nov 202015:00Lingfield/7 ran
31 Oct 202012:15Ascot7/159 ran
27 Oct 202016:35Chepstow10/1211 ran
27 Oct 202014:55Chepstow33/11012 ran
27 Oct 202012:50Chepstow125/1412 ran
22 Oct 202016:07Lingfield250/1716 ran
21 Oct 202015:35Hereford14/128 ran
18 Oct 202013:00Ffos Las25/1917 ran
17 Oct 202017:36Market Rasen20/1714 ran
16 Oct 202013:20Uttoxeter11/836 ran
15 Oct 202013:20Carlisle4/5111 ran
14 Oct 202015:35Wetherby125/1911 ran
13 Oct 202013:15Hereford4/1212 ran
08 Oct 202015:50Ffos Las7/219 ran
07 Oct 202015:20Ludlow10/338 ran
05 Oct 202014:45Stratford/8 ran
03 Oct 202014:19Fontwell17/237 ran
01 Oct 202014:20Warwick8/177 ran
30 Sep 202017:00Bangor-on-Dee8/138 ran
28 Sep 202014:40Newton Abbot7/217 ran
26 Sep 202015:20Market Rasen9/2211 ran
25 Sep 202014:00Uttoxeter5/1514 ran
24 Sep 202015:25Perth10/1119 ran
21 Sep 202014:45Warwick11/4110 ran
20 Sep 202016:25Plumpton18/577 ran
19 Sep 202016:10Newton Abbot28/188 ran
15 Sep 202016:10Hexham14/1214 ran
09 Sep 202017:15Uttoxeter7/112 ran
09 Sep 202014:00Uttoxeter33/1916 ran
08 Sep 202013:00Newton Abbot5/1311 ran
07 Sep 202015:10Perth4/1710 ran
06 Sep 202015:20Fontwell80/113 ran
03 Sep 202016:00Southwell12/1511 ran
02 Sep 202013:15Uttoxeter5/2816 ran
30 Aug 202015:50Perth14/112 ran
30 Aug 202014:05Perth13/258 ran
30 Aug 202013:30Perth13/829 ran
23 Aug 202012:45Cartmel15/836 ran
21 Aug 202015:50Newton Abbot11/1028 ran
19 Aug 202016:45Stratford11/29 ran
17 Aug 202015:40Uttoxeter18/1712 ran
16 Aug 202016:00Market Rasen9/4312 ran
07 Aug 202015:45Cartmel11/211 ran
07 Aug 202012:15Cartmel2/118 ran
05 Aug 202013:15Newton Abbot1/2110 ran
30 Jul 202016:00Southwell14/137 ran
29 Jul 202014:00Bangor-on-Dee11/179 ran
29 Jul 202013:00Bangor-on-Dee12/119 ran
27 Jul 202016:30Market Rasen16/111 ran
27 Jul 202012:50Market Rasen33/1710 ran
24 Jul 202018:05Newton Abbot11/847 ran
24 Jul 202016:35Newton Abbot4/918 ran
23 Jul 202016:10Uttoxeter8/1610 ran
23 Jul 202013:10Uttoxeter5/2212 ran
19 Jul 202016:50Southwell5/119 ran
16 Jul 202013:15Uttoxeter/10 ran
14 Jul 202015:25Southwell28/1512 ran
14 Jul 202014:55Southwell13/236 ran
14 Jul 202013:50Southwell7/19 ran
07 Jul 202016:50Newton Abbot11/429 ran
07 Jul 202016:20Newton Abbot7/277 ran
18 Mar 202014:10Ludlow/8 ran
16 Mar 202015:50Hereford50/147 ran
14 Mar 202017:10Fontwell14/156 ran
14 Mar 202014:40Kempton20/1420 ran
14 Mar 202014:05Kempton33/11718 ran
13 Mar 202013:55Fakenham13/825 ran
12 Mar 202015:05Doncaster16/110 ran
11 Mar 202017:40Huntingdon11/2314 ran
10 Mar 202016:10Cheltenham/9 ran
09 Mar 202014:20Taunton40/189 ran
08 Mar 202016:40Warwick14/111 ran
03 Mar 202014:50Newcastle9/2512 ran
27 Feb 202014:15Ludlow11/145 ran
27 Feb 202013:40Ludlow25/1910 ran
23 Feb 202015:30Wolverhampton/6 ran
22 Feb 202016:10Kempton5/18 ran
15 Feb 202015:57Wincanton/11 ran
15 Feb 202013:37Wincanton/13 ran
08 Feb 202016:25Warwick10/1916 ran
08 Feb 202014:32Uttoxeter10/1212 ran
06 Feb 202016:04Doncaster7/1416 ran
06 Feb 202015:30Doncaster66/11418 ran
29 Jan 202015:30Hereford/7 ran
26 Jan 202014:30Sedgefield4/16 ran
23 Jan 202012:55Fakenham16/128 ran
22 Jan 202015:35Catterick10/145 ran
21 Jan 202016:15Leicester/9 ran
18 Jan 202013:05Taunton/16 ran
17 Jan 202013:10Chepstow6/1410 ran
16 Jan 202013:10Market Rasen9/149 ran
13 Jan 202015:10Lingfield16/17 ran
11 Jan 202013:30Kempton/8 ran
07 Jan 202014:30Taunton5/127 ran
03 Jan 202013:10Hereford40/1810 ran
01 Jan 202013:50Exeter25/156 ran
31 Dec 201912:25Warwick3/1515 ran
30 Dec 201916:00Taunton33/11616 ran
29 Dec 201914:45Doncaster11/19 ran
26 Dec 201913:40Market Rasen14/1510 ran
21 Dec 201912:25Haydock8/123 ran
20 Dec 201915:40Ascot25/179 ran
19 Dec 201912:40Hereford50/1910 ran
17 Dec 201914:10Fakenham40/1511 ran
17 Dec 201912:40Fakenham100/1910 ran
15 Dec 201912:10Southwell10/17 ran
14 Dec 201913:45Hereford/3 ran
12 Dec 201912:50Warwick50/115 ran
10 Dec 201913:10Uttoxeter7/417 ran
08 Dec 201912:30Huntingdon10/1515 ran
07 Dec 201912:50Sandown14/1913 ran
06 Dec 201914:45Sedgefield9/246 ran
05 Dec 201913:05Market Rasen14/11113 ran
28 Nov 201915:50Taunton20/1613 ran
25 Nov 201915:50Ludlow6/138 ran
23 Nov 201915:50Ascot22/11013 ran
23 Nov 201912:30Huntingdon10/1310 ran
20 Nov 201912:30Warwick40/11515 ran
18 Nov 201915:00Plumpton14/147 ran
17 Nov 201916:00Cheltenham7/158 ran
17 Nov 201912:45Cheltenham14/1816 ran
15 Nov 201914:50Newcastle7/123 ran
14 Nov 201915:40Taunton2/138 ran
13 Nov 201912:55Exeter11/219 ran
12 Nov 201914:40Huntingdon7/1211 ran
11 Nov 201915:50Kempton6/1210 ran
09 Nov 201913:15Wincanton14/110 ran
06 Nov 201914:05Chepstow5/1110 ran
04 Nov 201915:20Hereford10/1412 ran
01 Nov 201915:50Uttoxeter7/145 ran
01 Nov 201914:05Uttoxeter16/110 ran
27 Oct 201913:35Wincanton9/419 ran
26 Oct 201917:30Cheltenham6/11215 ran
19 Oct 201917:30Market Rasen7/249 ran
15 Oct 201914:00Hereford16/1514 ran
09 Oct 201914:45Ludlow11/2117 ran
07 Oct 201916:50Stratford66/1911 ran
02 Oct 201917:15Huntingdon22/1114 ran
02 Oct 201915:40Huntingdon12/1110 ran
01 Oct 201914:10Southwell/6 ran
25 Sep 201916:55Perth/11 ran
24 Sep 201916:20Warwick/9 ran
23 Sep 201915:15Warwick9/147 ran
23 Sep 201914:45Warwick6/428 ran
18 Sep 201917:15Kelso6/1414 ran
09 Sep 201916:30Newton Abbot16/145 ran
08 Sep 201915:15Fontwell6/145 ran
30 Aug 201916:40Bangor-on-Dee33/1312 ran
29 Aug 201919:35Fontwell9/235 ran
20 Aug 201919:35Newton Abbot33/19 ran
14 Aug 201918:00Worcester25/11718 ran
02 Aug 201914:45Bangor-on-Dee20/149 ran
01 Aug 201917:00Stratford66/114 ran
30 Jul 201918:05Worcester/4 ran
30 Jul 201917:35Worcester/9 ran
28 Jul 201915:35Uttoxeter/7 ran
26 Jul 201914:35Uttoxeter5/125 ran
23 Jul 201920:40Southwell80/18 ran
23 Jul 201920:10Southwell15/856 ran
21 Jul 201915:15Newton Abbot8/1612 ran
20 Jul 201914:45Market Rasen/10 ran
14 Jul 201917:55Stratford33/11011 ran
13 Jul 201916:45Newton Abbot5/1112 ran
05 Jul 201915:45Newton Abbot50/1711 ran
05 Jul 201914:40Newton Abbot13/228 ran
03 Jul 201914:20Worcester22/114 ran
30 Jun 201916:15Cartmel12/159 ran
24 Jun 201914:45Southwell5/19 ran
24 Jun 201914:15Southwell/12 ran
23 Jun 201915:35Southwell/9 ran
14 Jun 201920:55Newton Abbot/7 ran
10 Jun 201916:45Stratford5/2312 ran
05 Jun 201916:10Newton Abbot9/210 ran
04 Jun 201916:30Bangor-on-Dee4/159 ran
02 Jun 201915:00Fakenham11/1024 ran
27 May 201913:35Huntingdon7/227 ran
22 May 201919:45Southwell8/1117 ran
20 May 201916:55Ludlow4/519 ran
20 May 201915:55Ludlow100/17 ran
18 May 201916:35Bangor-on-Dee5/1112 ran
18 May 201916:00Bangor-on-Dee2/135 ran
14 May 201920:00Ffos Las8/18 ran
13 May 201915:15Kempton11/214 ran
12 May 201913:55Ludlow10/11217 ran
11 May 201920:00Warwick28/1613 ran
11 May 201914:00Haydock17/289 ran
09 May 201917:20Worcester25/112 ran
09 May 201914:00Worcester/8 ran
08 May 201917:20Newton Abbot12/1513 ran
07 May 201915:45Fakenham33/110 ran
07 May 201915:10Fakenham100/17 ran
07 May 201914:40Fakenham16/18 ran
07 May 201914:10Fakenham10/177 ran
06 May 201917:00Warwick6/1711 ran
04 May 201914:10Uttoxeter5/11217 ran
03 May 201917:35TRP Extras8/1810 ran
26 Apr 201917:20Chepstow25/155 ran
25 Apr 201917:55Warwick12/118 ran
25 Apr 201916:15Warwick/7 ran
24 Apr 201919:30Taunton/13 ran
24 Apr 201914:00Fontwell1/313 ran
22 Apr 201916:35Huntingdon6/433 ran
22 Apr 201914:50Huntingdon100/19 ran
22 Apr 201914:15Huntingdon80/147 ran
22 Apr 201913:40Huntingdon6/159 ran
21 Apr 201917:05Plumpton/8 ran
18 Apr 201914:40Cheltenham6/167 ran
12 Apr 201915:15Fontwell3/125 ran
11 Apr 201917:40Wetherby9/2415 ran
11 Apr 201914:45Huntingdon13/858 ran
09 Apr 201917:25Southwell16/113 ran
09 Apr 201916:20Southwell33/1413 ran
07 Apr 201917:15Ffos Las9/278 ran
06 Apr 201918:20Aintree/19 ran
06 Apr 201913:45Aintree50/11221 ran
03 Apr 201917:05Market Rasen8/128 ran
30 Mar 201917:35Uttoxeter33/1913 ran
26 Mar 201916:30Hereford15/816 ran
26 Mar 201915:00Hereford33/178 ran
26 Mar 201914:30Hereford40/1312 ran
24 Mar 201916:35Carlisle/10 ran
22 Mar 201914:20Newbury8/118 ran
19 Mar 201917:15Huntingdon7/149 ran
16 Mar 201917:10Fontwell7/226 ran
15 Mar 201914:35Fakenham5/14 ran
13 Mar 201915:05Huntingdon6/1610 ran
05 Mar 201915:45Exeter10/1114 ran
03 Mar 201917:10Huntingdon16/1211 ran
03 Mar 201914:30Huntingdon150/189 ran
02 Mar 201913:30Newbury25/1112 ran
01 Mar 201914:40Doncaster10/1127 ran
24 Feb 201915:25Fontwell125/1913 ran
20 Feb 201916:10Ludlow200/114 ran
20 Feb 201914:25Ludlow/3 ran
20 Feb 201913:20Ludlow50/110 ran
19 Feb 201916:00Wetherby33/11217 ran
19 Feb 201914:25Wetherby7/233 ran
19 Feb 201913:55Wetherby20/11517 ran
17 Feb 201913:00Huntingdon/13 ran
15 Feb 201915:50Fakenham/6 ran
08 Feb 201913:50Kempton/16 ran
07 Feb 201916:30Doncaster/11 ran
07 Feb 201914:10Doncaster/13 ran
02 Feb 201916:10Sandown9/19 ran
31 Jan 201916:20Fakenham/6 ran
31 Jan 201915:20Fakenham/7 ran
30 Jan 201915:00Plumpton/8 ran
29 Jan 201915:05Newcastle5/1713 ran
26 Jan 201913:15Cheltenham14/178 ran
25 Jan 201915:35Doncaster9/49 ran
24 Jan 201915:55Wetherby/9 ran
24 Jan 201914:45Wetherby/10 ran
23 Jan 201913:20Catterick/4 ran
22 Jan 201914:10Leicester12/1410 ran
21 Jan 201914:40Warwick16/189 ran
21 Jan 201913:00Warwick33/1613 ran
17 Jan 201912:40Ludlow20/1611 ran
14 Jan 201914:25Fontwell17/28 ran
14 Jan 201913:55Fontwell20/111 ran
11 Jan 201913:30Huntingdon4/129 ran
08 Jan 201915:55Bangor200/11213 ran
08 Jan 201915:25Bangor250/156 ran
07 Jan 201913:05Chepstow66/11010 ran
02 Jan 201914:30Hereford15/826 ran
02 Jan 201913:55Hereford50/149 ran
02 Jan 201913:20Hereford33/111 ran
02 Jan 201912:50Hereford20/1515 ran
01 Jan 201915:40Fakenham16/1610 ran
31 Dec 201815:05Warwick16/114 ran
31 Dec 201813:05Uttoxeter7/1411 ran
30 Dec 201815:55Taunton25/11417 ran
30 Dec 201812:45Taunton/10 ran
29 Dec 201815:15Doncaster11/158 ran
26 Dec 201815:35Fontwell33/17 ran
26 Dec 201815:00Fontwell12/125 ran
26 Dec 201813:15Fontwell7/2213 ran
19 Dec 201814:00Ludlow40/111 ran
15 Dec 201813:45Hereford25/119 ran
14 Dec 201812:35Doncaster10/313 ran
13 Dec 201813:35Taunton14/11016 ran
10 Dec 201813:00Lingfield4/136 ran
09 Dec 201813:20Huntingdon12/1814 ran
08 Dec 201813:25Chepstow50/1516 ran
08 Dec 201812:55Chepstow66/169 ran
07 Dec 201812:25Exeter12/1612 ran
06 Dec 201815:30Market Rasen22/137 ran
06 Dec 201813:10Leicester5/137 ran
05 Dec 201815:20Ludlow100/11516 ran
04 Dec 201812:30Southwell18/125 ran
03 Dec 201814:00Plumpton7/1112 ran
29 Nov 201813:00Taunton9/48 ran
28 Nov 201815:40Hereford50/11315 ran
28 Nov 201813:35Hereford9/2111 ran
27 Nov 201813:30Lingfield20/166 ran
22 Nov 201814:00Market Rasen33/18 ran
21 Nov 201815:55Chepstow8/1717 ran
21 Nov 201814:45Chepstow12/1912 ran
21 Nov 201813:40Chepstow150/11315 ran
17 Nov 201814:00Uttoxeter50/1614 ran
17 Nov 201812:50Uttoxeter66/11015 ran
15 Nov 201813:50Ludlow9/229 ran
12 Nov 201813:50Kempton50/1412 ran
12 Nov 201812:45Kempton25/1413 ran
10 Nov 201813:50Wincanton/7 ran
10 Nov 201813:15Wincanton50/19 ran
08 Nov 201815:40Market Rasen16/11014 ran
05 Nov 201814:30Plumpton33/17 ran
03 Nov 201813:15Ascot11/1514 ran
02 Nov 201812:55Uttoxeter9/1211 ran
30 Oct 201815:15Bangor16/1110 ran
27 Oct 201817:30Cheltenham28/11213 ran
19 Oct 201814:05Fakenham40/146 ran
10 Oct 201816:40Ludlow7/158 ran
07 Oct 201816:35Uttoxeter9/2210 ran
12 Sep 201814:50Uttoxeter8/1211 ran
08 Sep 201815:30Stratford11/177 ran
04 Sep 201817:05Stratford50/1911 ran
23 Aug 201819:50Fontwell6/136 ran
15 Aug 201818:20Worcester7/227 ran
05 Aug 201814:35Market Rasen6/155 ran
02 Aug 201815:45Stratford5/1311 ran
09 Jul 201814:50Worcester2/125 ran
03 Jul 201821:00Stratford/6 ran
27 May 201813:55Uttoxeter6/111 ran
15 May 201817:30Southwell66/1910 ran
13 May 201815:30Southwell40/1910 ran
12 May 201820:00Warwick8/19 ran
12 May 201818:30Warwick9/1613 ran
10 May 201820:20Wincanton25/11111 ran
09 May 201814:45Newton Abbot/3 ran
08 May 201814:10Fakenham250/156 ran
07 May 201816:25Warwick9/1716 ran
27 Apr 201819:55Towcester50/11113 ran
27 Apr 201819:20Towcester/4 ran
26 Apr 201813:40Warwick100/11518 ran
24 Apr 201817:10Huntingdon66/1916 ran
22 Apr 201816:45Stratford6/19 ran
22 Apr 201816:10Stratford20/1413 ran
21 Apr 201817:35Bangor14/128 ran
15 Apr 201815:45Ffos Las18/19 ran
02 Apr 201817:15Plumpton/5 ran
29 Mar 201817:25Towcester16/1211 ran
29 Mar 201814:10Towcester12/111 ran
26 Mar 201817:10Huntingdon100/1818 ran
26 Mar 201816:10Huntingdon11/1612 ran
26 Mar 201814:10Market Rasen10/1126 ran
17 Mar 201815:35Uttoxeter40/118 ran
16 Mar 201815:20Fakenham11/256 ran
15 Mar 201815:55Towcester50/137 ran
14 Mar 201814:50Cheltenham66/12026 ran
11 Mar 201817:30Warwick16/157 ran
11 Mar 201814:00Market Rasen6/415 ran
02 Mar 201817:00Southwell5/224 ran
24 Feb 201814:45Newcastle20/117 ran
23 Feb 201817:10Warwick33/1612 ran
22 Feb 201813:50Huntingdon11/1814 ran
21 Feb 201817:00Doncaster25/169 ran
21 Feb 201814:15Doncaster13/2114 ran
09 Feb 201816:35Kempton13/2514 ran
08 Feb 201816:05Doncaster33/1514 ran
05 Feb 201815:00Southwell10/1710 ran
01 Feb 201816:00Towcester5/277 ran
01 Feb 201814:50Towcester8/114 ran
01 Feb 201813:40Towcester150/177 ran
22 Jan 201815:25Fakenham9/236 ran
21 Jan 201814:40Fontwell/11 ran
18 Jan 201814:10Wincanton9/219 ran
17 Jan 201816:05Newbury8/1311 ran
15 Jan 201815:05Plumpton/6 ran
09 Jan 201812:25Doncaster16/148 ran
08 Jan 201814:30Hereford/14 ran
07 Jan 201814:25Newcastle/7 ran
01 Jan 201814:30Fakenham18/156 ran
31 Dec 201713:00Warwick6/117 ran
26 Dec 201715:00Huntingdon12/17 ran
26 Dec 201711:40Huntingdon13/249 ran
21 Dec 201714:25Towcester66/169 ran
21 Dec 201713:25Towcester20/11016 ran
20 Dec 201714:40Newbury3/148 ran
20 Dec 201712:30Newbury200/11112 ran
19 Dec 201715:10Fakenham5/29 ran
17 Dec 201712:25Southwell9/110 ran
16 Dec 201715:40Cheltenham20/1313 ran
15 Dec 201712:25Doncaster13/216 ran
07 Dec 201714:40Wincanton16/112 ran
04 Dec 201714:30Fakenham12/155 ran
03 Dec 201712:40Leicester66/11010 ran
02 Dec 201714:55Doncaster25/1311 ran
26 Nov 201713:55Exeter9/127 ran
25 Nov 201713:30Ascot11/1110 ran
21 Nov 201715:30Southwell40/1613 ran
21 Nov 201715:00Southwell40/1910 ran
19 Nov 201713:15Cheltenham20/119 ran
14 Nov 201715:10Huntingdon25/115 ran
14 Nov 201713:40Huntingdon20/19 ran
10 Nov 201715:00Fontwell6/137 ran
09 Nov 201714:35Market Rasen7/16 ran
11 Oct 201715:00Ludlow33/113 ran
08 Oct 201714:25Uttoxeter11/119 ran
24 Sep 201713:40Uttoxeter14/116 ran
13 Sep 201715:00Uttoxeter25/112 ran
30 Aug 201717:35Worcester12/17 ran
09 Jun 201720:25Stratford7/228 ran
09 Jun 201717:30Stratford7/4114 ran
06 Jun 201719:05Southwell3/156 ran
26 May 201720:20Worcester9/1512 ran
20 May 201717:20Bangor40/199 ran
17 May 201716:15Worcester33/126 ran
14 May 201714:45Plumpton3/136 ran
13 May 201717:30Warwick6/136 ran
09 May 201715:40Fakenham10/110 ran
09 May 201714:40Fakenham11/279 ran
05 May 201717:10Cheltenham4/1212 ran
17 Apr 201715:25Fakenham9/216 ran
17 Apr 201714:15Fakenham50/1811 ran
17 Apr 201713:40Fakenham14/137 ran
12 Apr 201715:10Fontwell5/1611 ran
06 Apr 201716:05Aintree100/128 ran
03 Apr 201717:20Huntingdon16/1310 ran
03 Apr 201716:20Huntingdon5/138 ran
31 Mar 201716:40Fontwell7/226 ran
28 Mar 201716:40Southwell16/1211 ran
21 Mar 201716:15Exeter15/225 ran
20 Mar 201716:40Southwell25/1311 ran
17 Mar 201717:15Fakenham7/27 ran
16 Mar 201716:35Towcester14/146 ran
15 Mar 201715:05Huntingdon14/119 ran
13 Mar 201714:20Chepstow16/1910 ran
10 Mar 201716:15Sandown6/166 ran
09 Mar 201714:55Wincanton9/18 ran
08 Mar 201716:10Fontwell/7 ran
24 Feb 201714:45Exeter9/118 ran
18 Feb 201716:30Wincanton20/1716 ran
17 Feb 201715:00Fakenham10/146 ran
12 Feb 201715:40Sedgefield7/437 ran
10 Feb 201715:20Bangor12/111 ran
31 Jan 201716:30Lingfield10/1911 ran
29 Jan 201714:10Fontwell2/129 ran
28 Jan 201715:20Uttoxeter11/226 ran
28 Jan 201714:45Uttoxeter25/18 ran
27 Jan 201716:25Doncaster50/114 ran
26 Jan 201715:30Fakenham/10 ran
15 Jan 201715:20Fakenham/ ran
14 Jan 201712:40Warwick7/111 ran
11 Jan 201719:45Kempton4/128 ran
10 Jan 201714:00Lingfield8/128 ran
09 Jan 201715:45Doncaster15/814 ran
09 Jan 201714:05Doncaster9/1412 ran
06 Jan 201715:10Wetherby25/1410 ran
01 Jan 201715:35Fakenham5/115 ran
26 Dec 201612:45Huntingdon/12 ran
15 Dec 201615:45Exeter33/11213 ran
12 Dec 201614:10Wolverhampton11/819 ran
11 Dec 201615:30Southwell14/1412 ran
06 Dec 201615:30Uttoxeter28/1510 ran
03 Dec 201612:50Sandown8/1410 ran
21 Nov 201615:10Kempton12/168 ran
20 Nov 201613:00Uttoxeter7/227 ran
11 Nov 201615:50Cheltenham/15 ran
01 Nov 201615:50Exeter8/157 ran
29 Oct 201616:45Ascot8/155 ran
18 Oct 201614:10Exeter/8 ran
02 Oct 201616:50Huntingdon12/157 ran
24 Jul 201614:00TurfTV Extras8/1711 ran
21 Jul 201617:30Worcester16/1511 ran
31 May 201615:10Towcester15/246 ran
24 May 201620:35Southwell/ ran
20 May 201617:45Stratford7/114 ran
19 May 201615:15Worcester4/914 ran
18 May 201620:45Southwell12/115 ran
17 May 201620:00Huntingdon11/139 ran
10 May 201620:35Southwell/8 ran
09 May 201619:30Towcester/12 ran
06 May 201613:50Market Rasen11/157 ran
27 Apr 201620:10Cheltenham16/1710 ran
21 Apr 201619:50Market Rasen16/1410 ran
21 Apr 201618:20Market Rasen10/157 ran
18 Apr 201619:10Huntingdon/8 ran
15 Apr 201619:40Southwell10/118 ran
14 Apr 201616:45Cheltenham9/1712 ran
28 Mar 201613:50Market Rasen5/125 ran
21 Mar 201617:20Southwell18/11013 ran
19 Mar 201617:00Kempton8/114 ran
17 Mar 201616:25Towcester9/138 ran
08 Mar 201615:05Exeter16/1310 ran
08 Mar 201614:35Exeter9/11 ran
24 Feb 201615:00Doncaster66/1712 ran
19 Feb 201616:50Sandown8/17 ran
28 Jan 201614:20Warwick9/110 ran
26 Jan 201616:00Wetherby6/1511 ran
22 Jan 201615:30Market Rasen28/110 ran
16 Jan 201615:00Warwick16/19 ran
12 Jan 201615:40Lingfield14/178 ran
02 Jan 201615:00Sandown/15 ran
26 Dec 201515:20Market Rasen14/1413 ran
26 Dec 201514:10Market Rasen14/1612 ran
10 Dec 201514:30Warwick12/1412 ran
05 Dec 201513:20Sandown66/1810 ran
05 Dec 201512:15Sandown2/136 ran
04 Dec 201515:10Sandown8/137 ran
03 Dec 201513:25Wincanton6/137 ran
27 Nov 201512:45Doncaster25/112 ran
25 Nov 201515:00Wetherby17/2311 ran
14 Nov 201513:40Uttoxeter12/16 ran
14 Nov 201513:05Uttoxeter4/126 ran
13 Nov 201516:00Cheltenham50/11012 ran
12 Nov 201516:00Ludlow7/11011 ran
06 Nov 201515:10Fontwell20/16 ran
30 Oct 201513:50Uttoxeter200/114 ran
22 Oct 201515:00Southwell7/236 ran
19 Oct 201516:50Windsor14/119 ran
08 Oct 201515:05Worcester12/110 ran
08 Oct 201514:35Worcester11/29 ran
07 Oct 201515:15Ludlow12/111 ran
27 Aug 201515:20Southwell66/114 ran
31 Jul 201514:45Bangor25/11012 ran
30 Jul 201516:30Stratford33/1913 ran
23 Jul 201517:55Worcester11/112 ran
05 Jul 201516:25Market Rasen10/1610 ran
05 Jul 201515:50Market Rasen/6 ran
01 Jul 201517:20Worcester12/110 ran
01 Jul 201514:20Worcester50/1810 ran
30 Jun 201521:00Stratford50/1910 ran
21 Jun 201515:20Worcester100/19 ran
17 Jun 201517:45Uttoxeter25/178 ran
15 Jun 201514:30Southwell7/167 ran
11 Jun 201515:15Worcester15/225 ran
06 Jun 201517:00Worcester16/1411 ran
05 Jun 201516:55Market Rasen8/138 ran
30 May 201520:55Stratford33/1613 ran
28 May 201516:40Worcester15/2310 ran
28 May 201515:40Worcester/8 ran
26 May 201520:20Huntingdon16/1810 ran
26 May 201517:50Huntingdon2/146 ran
18 May 201516:40Towcester11/236 ran
17 May 201516:30Stratford9/1810 ran
14 May 201518:45Fontwell8/111 ran
11 May 201517:45Wolverhampton10/1912 ran
02 Mar 201515:50Southwell/12 ran
24 Feb 201515:20Leicester/9 ran
20 Feb 201514:40Warwick/6 ran
14 Feb 201514:30Wincanton11/2411 ran
07 Feb 201515:15Warwick50/111 ran
06 Feb 201515:35Kempton5/159 ran
03 Feb 201516:30Market Rasen/ ran
29 Jan 201514:20Towcester50/1911 ran
28 Jan 201515:30Leicester6/126 ran
23 Jan 201515:50Doncaster100/115 ran
15 Jan 201513:55Ludlow10/127 ran
13 Jan 201515:15Fakenham14/178 ran
12 Jan 201513:55Plumpton20/16 ran
09 Jan 201513:55Huntingdon16/146 ran
06 Jan 201513:10Bangor150/1716 ran
04 Jan 201514:50Plumpton/12 ran
04 Jan 201514:20Plumpton/9 ran
03 Jan 201515:35Sandown/11 ran
01 Jan 201513:50Fakenham3/124 ran
31 Dec 201415:20Warwick/10 ran
26 Dec 201413:35Towcester8/126 ran
26 Dec 201413:00Towcester25/11011 ran
18 Dec 201415:10Towcester18/148 ran
14 Dec 201413:45Southwell50/1210 ran
14 Dec 201413:10Southwell100/18 ran
11 Dec 201413:30Warwick50/18 ran
09 Dec 201415:20Uttoxeter66/178 ran
07 Dec 201412:35Huntingdon11/2611 ran
05 Dec 201415:00Sandown4/116 ran
04 Dec 201412:50Market Rasen100/1914 ran
29 Nov 201412:45Towcester10/334 ran
24 Nov 201413:50Ludlow50/1912 ran
23 Nov 201415:15Towcester11/126 ran
20 Nov 201414:40Market Rasen11/236 ran
06 Nov 201415:40Towcester/9 ran
04 Nov 201415:45Exeter10/1312 ran
31 Oct 201416:10Uttoxeter66/11414 ran
30 Oct 201416:10Stratford5/1711 ran
30 Oct 201413:10Stratford12/1613 ran
23 Oct 201416:50Ludlow16/156 ran
22 Oct 201415:35Fontwell9/178 ran
16 Oct 201417:00Uttoxeter13/2211 ran
08 Oct 201417:15Towcester50/166 ran
08 Oct 201416:45Towcester33/19 ran
05 Oct 201416:10Huntingdon15/249 ran
03 Sep 201416:45Southwell10/158 ran
19 Aug 201417:10Worcester16/16 ran
10 Aug 201414:15Windsor3/148 ran
22 Jul 201414:15Southwell7/235 ran
13 Jul 201417:15Southwell50/1712 ran
10 Jun 201414:10Fontwell7/268 ran
01 Jun 201415:30Fakenham33/17 ran
13 May 201419:05Southwell5/1111 ran
12 May 201418:00Towcester200/114 ran
03 May 201416:55Punchestown14/114 ran
30 Apr 201419:50Cheltenham12/1617 ran
22 Apr 201415:35Ludlow20/1512 ran
21 Apr 201414:35Huntingdon16/19 ran
15 Apr 201416:20Kempton5/229 ran
03 Apr 201415:40Aintree25/1621 ran
02 Apr 201416:15Wincanton16/1514 ran
09 Mar 201416:10Market Rasen5/149 ran
07 Mar 201416:25Leicester/4 ran
07 Mar 201415:15Leicester6/127 ran
02 Mar 201414:30Huntingdon8/144 ran
16 Feb 201415:55Market Rasen7/226 ran
14 Feb 201415:55Fakenham14/15 ran
04 Feb 201414:50Market Rasen11/28 ran
30 Jan 201415:20Towcester/9 ran
19 Jan 201414:10Towcester8/139 ran
01 Jan 201414:05Fakenham5/158 ran
01 Jan 201413:30Fakenham7/45 ran
17 Dec 201314:20Fakenham9/237 ran
18 Nov 201313:50Plumpton12/117 ran
07 Nov 201314:10Towcester33/1816 ran
22 Oct 201314:10Exeter25/1312 ran

Mr M J P Kendrick's Cheltenham Results

Mr M J P Kendrick's latest results from Cheltenham are as follows:

Form: 51444

Mr M J P Kendrick's last race at Cheltenham was: Spreadex Sports Betting Mares' Standard Open NH Flat Race (GBB Race) on 15th April 2021.

Mr M J P Kendrick has won 0 races at Cheltenham.

Mr M J P Kendrick Grand National Results

Mr M J P Kendrick has raced in the Grand National 7 times with the following horses:

Below are latest results for Mr M J P Kendrick in the Grand National:

Form: 12253

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