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Gert Theron Form and Results

Gert Theron Results

Below is the latest horse racing form and results for horses in the Gert Theron stable.

Race DateRace TimeCourse NameSPResultRunners
06 Jan 202013:55Flamingo Park7/11112 ran
09 Dec 201912:55Flamingo Park/13 ran
09 Dec 201912:20Flamingo Park10/1411 ran
09 Dec 201911:45Flamingo Park20/1614 ran
09 Dec 201910:35Flamingo Park50/11414 ran
09 Dec 201910:35Flamingo Park33/11014 ran
25 Nov 201913:15Flamingo Park6/1212 ran
25 Nov 201912:10Flamingo Park11/247 ran
25 Nov 201910:55Flamingo Park/11 ran
25 Nov 201910:55Flamingo Park/11 ran
25 Nov 201910:55Flamingo Park/11 ran
11 Nov 201913:45Flamingo Park11/437 ran
11 Nov 201913:10Flamingo Park20/1210 ran
11 Nov 201912:35Flamingo Park40/148 ran
04 Nov 201913:55Flamingo Park18/1610 ran
04 Nov 201913:20Flamingo Park9/219 ran
04 Nov 201913:20Flamingo Park/9 ran
04 Nov 201913:20Flamingo Park/9 ran
04 Nov 201911:35Flamingo Park33/157 ran
28 Oct 201914:05Flamingo Park14/1814 ran
28 Oct 201914:05Flamingo Park50/1914 ran
28 Oct 201913:30Flamingo Park5/1311 ran
28 Oct 201913:30Flamingo Park80/11111 ran
28 Oct 201912:55Flamingo Park7/1310 ran
28 Oct 201912:15Flamingo Park50/11011 ran
28 Oct 201912:15Flamingo Park40/1711 ran
14 Oct 201915:30Flamingo Park8/112 ran
14 Oct 201914:50Flamingo Park50/169 ran
14 Oct 201914:50Flamingo Park66/179 ran
14 Oct 201912:30Flamingo Park33/1811 ran
14 Oct 201911:50Flamingo Park7/1714 ran
14 Oct 201911:50Flamingo Park/14 ran
23 Sep 201915:00Flamingo Park20/139 ran
23 Sep 201913:20Flamingo Park9/2410 ran
23 Sep 201912:50Flamingo Park40/1612 ran
23 Sep 201912:50Flamingo Park40/1912 ran
23 Sep 201912:50Flamingo Park80/11112 ran
16 Sep 201915:05Flamingo Park40/178 ran
16 Sep 201913:20Flamingo Park6/118 ran
16 Sep 201913:20Flamingo Park40/188 ran
16 Sep 201912:10Flamingo Park18/1914 ran
16 Sep 201911:40Flamingo Park40/1713 ran
09 Sep 201913:20Flamingo Park6/11114 ran
09 Sep 201913:20Flamingo Park10/11014 ran
09 Sep 201913:20Flamingo Park50/11414 ran
09 Sep 201912:15Flamingo Park66/11213 ran
09 Sep 201912:15Flamingo Park50/11313 ran
09 Sep 201911:45Flamingo Park18/11414 ran
09 Sep 201911:15Flamingo Park25/1612 ran
19 Aug 201914:55Flamingo Park50/1910 ran
19 Aug 201913:50Flamingo Park1/118 ran
19 Aug 201912:45Flamingo Park5/218 ran
19 Aug 201912:45Flamingo Park50/188 ran
19 Aug 201912:45Flamingo Park33/168 ran
19 Aug 201912:10Flamingo Park22/128 ran
19 Aug 201911:40Flamingo Park22/1510 ran
12 Aug 201915:10Flamingo Park25/11314 ran
12 Aug 201914:40Flamingo Park33/1610 ran
12 Aug 201914:40Flamingo Park28/1910 ran
12 Aug 201913:35Flamingo Park11/2110 ran
12 Aug 201913:35Flamingo Park14/1210 ran
12 Aug 201913:00Flamingo Park/11 ran
12 Aug 201912:25Flamingo Park5/1613 ran
12 Aug 201911:20Flamingo Park40/1614 ran
03 Aug 201914:05Flamingo Park33/1714 ran
03 Aug 201912:55Flamingo Park40/11113 ran
03 Aug 201912:55Flamingo Park50/11013 ran
03 Aug 201912:20Flamingo Park33/1414 ran
03 Aug 201911:50Flamingo Park40/1813 ran
03 Aug 201911:20Flamingo Park16/1610 ran
22 Jul 201915:00Flamingo Park1/129 ran
22 Jul 201913:55Flamingo Park15/2311 ran
22 Jul 201913:55Flamingo Park7/2211 ran
22 Jul 201913:25Flamingo Park40/168 ran
22 Jul 201912:50Flamingo Park28/1911 ran
22 Jul 201912:50Flamingo Park18/1511 ran
22 Jul 201911:50Flamingo Park33/1712 ran
15 Jul 201915:40Flamingo Park/14 ran
15 Jul 201914:40Flamingo Park7/2113 ran
15 Jul 201914:40Flamingo Park16/1213 ran
15 Jul 201912:25Flamingo Park/11 ran
15 Jul 201912:25Flamingo Park50/1411 ran
01 Jul 201914:40Flamingo Park40/137 ran
01 Jul 201913:30Flamingo Park6/1214 ran
01 Jul 201913:30Flamingo Park33/1314 ran
01 Jul 201912:55Flamingo Park18/11213 ran
01 Jul 201912:25Flamingo Park/10 ran
01 Jul 201912:25Flamingo Park28/1810 ran
24 Jun 201915:40Flamingo Park8/1213 ran
24 Jun 201915:40Flamingo Park33/11113 ran
24 Jun 201913:30Flamingo Park50/1813 ran
24 Jun 201913:00Flamingo Park40/167 ran
10 Jun 201911:55Flamingo Park13/237 ran
10 Jun 201911:20Flamingo Park33/179 ran
03 Jun 201914:05Flamingo Park66/11113 ran
03 Jun 201913:00Flamingo Park50/1814 ran
03 Jun 201911:20Flamingo Park16/199 ran
20 May 201915:30Flamingo Park/13 ran
20 May 201915:30Flamingo Park33/1713 ran
20 May 201913:55Flamingo Park40/11010 ran
20 May 201912:20Flamingo Park33/1812 ran
13 May 201915:45Flamingo Park66/1713 ran
13 May 201912:45Flamingo Park18/1914 ran
13 May 201912:15Flamingo Park25/1610 ran
13 May 201912:15Flamingo Park8/1510 ran
13 May 201911:45Flamingo Park/13 ran
13 May 201911:45Flamingo Park/13 ran
06 May 201915:35Flamingo Park50/11013 ran
06 May 201914:35Flamingo Park/14 ran
06 May 201913:35Flamingo Park66/1912 ran
06 May 201911:50Flamingo Park/10 ran
15 Apr 201913:35Flamingo Park/14 ran
15 Apr 201913:35Flamingo Park10/11114 ran
15 Apr 201911:50Flamingo Park22/1813 ran
08 Apr 201915:40Flamingo Park40/11014 ran
08 Apr 201915:10Flamingo Park40/1312 ran
08 Apr 201915:10Flamingo Park66/1512 ran
08 Apr 201913:35Flamingo Park/14 ran
08 Apr 201911:50Flamingo Park25/11013 ran
25 Mar 201913:20Flamingo Park/14 ran
25 Mar 201913:20Flamingo Park/14 ran
25 Mar 201912:20Flamingo Park25/1712 ran
25 Mar 201910:20Flamingo Park12/148 ran
04 Mar 201914:30Flamingo Park40/1813 ran
04 Mar 201913:20Flamingo Park/14 ran
04 Mar 201913:20Flamingo Park66/11314 ran
04 Mar 201912:20Flamingo Park50/1810 ran
04 Mar 201911:20Flamingo Park40/1814 ran
04 Mar 201910:20Flamingo Park16/1710 ran
23 Feb 201915:40Turffontein50/11111 ran
23 Feb 201911:35Turffontein80/11010 ran
18 Feb 201914:55Flamingo Park40/1914 ran
18 Feb 201914:25Flamingo Park14/11013 ran
18 Feb 201913:55Flamingo Park/14 ran
18 Feb 201912:50Flamingo Park28/11313 ran
18 Feb 201912:20Flamingo Park80/11012 ran
18 Feb 201912:20Flamingo Park66/11212 ran
18 Feb 201911:20Flamingo Park/9 ran
18 Feb 201910:50Flamingo Park18/1813 ran
11 Feb 201912:50Flamingo Park/16 ran
11 Feb 201911:20Flamingo Park/11 ran
11 Feb 201910:50Flamingo Park/9 ran
04 Feb 201914:30Flamingo Park/14 ran
04 Feb 201913:25Flamingo Park6/11213 ran
04 Feb 201912:50Flamingo Park11/11111 ran
04 Feb 201912:20Flamingo Park66/1711 ran
04 Feb 201912:20Flamingo Park50/1611 ran
04 Feb 201910:50Flamingo Park28/1814 ran
04 Feb 201910:20Flamingo Park13/21313 ran
21 Jan 201914:30Flamingo Park7/1214 ran
21 Jan 201912:20Flamingo Park/13 ran
21 Jan 201912:20Flamingo Park40/11013 ran
21 Jan 201910:50Flamingo Park14/1110 ran
21 Jan 201910:20Flamingo Park6/1510 ran
14 Jan 201914:45Flamingo Park33/11114 ran
14 Jan 201914:15Flamingo Park/14 ran
14 Jan 201914:15Flamingo Park7/11314 ran
14 Jan 201913:15Flamingo Park33/11314 ran
14 Jan 201913:15Flamingo Park33/1514 ran
14 Jan 201912:15Flamingo Park25/199 ran
07 Jan 201914:20Flamingo Park40/1713 ran
07 Jan 201913:15Flamingo Park/10 ran
07 Jan 201912:45Flamingo Park/14 ran
07 Jan 201912:15Flamingo Park/12 ran
07 Jan 201912:15Flamingo Park50/1812 ran
07 Jan 201911:15Flamingo Park13/2214 ran
28 Dec 201814:00Fairview50/11011 ran
28 Dec 201812:10Fairview33/1412 ran
28 Dec 201810:10Fairview/10 ran
10 Dec 201814:25Flamingo Park50/11111 ran
10 Dec 201813:55Flamingo Park20/1611 ran
10 Dec 201813:25Flamingo Park22/11114 ran
10 Dec 201812:55Flamingo Park50/11014 ran
10 Dec 201812:55Flamingo Park22/1914 ran
10 Dec 201812:25Flamingo Park33/1712 ran
10 Dec 201812:25Flamingo Park50/11112 ran
10 Dec 201812:25Flamingo Park33/1912 ran
10 Dec 201810:20Flamingo Park18/1312 ran
03 Dec 201814:25Flamingo Park50/11314 ran
03 Dec 201814:25Flamingo Park14/11414 ran
03 Dec 201813:55Flamingo Park/14 ran
03 Dec 201813:55Flamingo Park18/1414 ran
03 Dec 201813:55Flamingo Park8/11314 ran
03 Dec 201813:25Flamingo Park/14 ran
03 Dec 201813:25Flamingo Park/14 ran
03 Dec 201812:55Flamingo Park50/11010 ran
03 Dec 201812:55Flamingo Park14/1910 ran
03 Dec 201812:20Flamingo Park33/1910 ran
03 Dec 201811:20Flamingo Park12/119 ran
03 Dec 201810:50Flamingo Park28/177 ran
26 Nov 201814:25Flamingo Park33/1811 ran
26 Nov 201812:20Flamingo Park50/1812 ran
26 Nov 201812:20Flamingo Park50/1712 ran
26 Nov 201811:50Flamingo Park40/11111 ran
26 Nov 201811:20Flamingo Park9/218 ran
26 Nov 201810:50Flamingo Park18/11113 ran
26 Nov 201810:50Flamingo Park13/21013 ran
26 Nov 201810:20Flamingo Park9/269 ran
12 Nov 201814:30Flamingo Park/12 ran
12 Nov 201814:30Flamingo Park/12 ran
12 Nov 201814:30Flamingo Park14/1812 ran
12 Nov 201814:00Flamingo Park20/1412 ran
12 Nov 201812:55Flamingo Park50/178 ran
12 Nov 201812:55Flamingo Park50/168 ran
12 Nov 201811:50Flamingo Park14/1713 ran
12 Nov 201810:50Flamingo Park/14 ran
05 Nov 201814:25Flamingo Park/14 ran
05 Nov 201814:25Flamingo Park16/1614 ran
05 Nov 201813:55Flamingo Park50/11114 ran
05 Nov 201812:50Flamingo Park33/1810 ran
05 Nov 201812:50Flamingo Park28/1910 ran
05 Nov 201812:20Flamingo Park17/2314 ran
05 Nov 201812:20Flamingo Park16/11014 ran
05 Nov 201811:50Flamingo Park/13 ran
05 Nov 201811:50Flamingo Park40/11113 ran
05 Nov 201811:20Flamingo Park/13 ran
05 Nov 201811:20Flamingo Park/13 ran
05 Nov 201810:50Flamingo Park4/126 ran
29 Oct 201814:40Flamingo Park11/1414 ran
29 Oct 201814:05Flamingo Park/14 ran
29 Oct 201814:05Flamingo Park25/11214 ran
29 Oct 201813:30Flamingo Park28/1613 ran
29 Oct 201812:55Flamingo Park/12 ran
29 Oct 201812:55Flamingo Park28/11112 ran
29 Oct 201811:50Flamingo Park/14 ran
29 Oct 201811:50Flamingo Park/14 ran
29 Oct 201811:20Flamingo Park16/11012 ran
15 Oct 201815:20Flamingo Park/14 ran
15 Oct 201815:20Flamingo Park16/11014 ran
15 Oct 201814:20Flamingo Park66/157 ran
15 Oct 201814:20Flamingo Park/7 ran
15 Oct 201814:20Flamingo Park/7 ran
15 Oct 201813:20Flamingo Park/10 ran
15 Oct 201813:20Flamingo Park40/1810 ran
15 Oct 201812:50Flamingo Park28/169 ran
15 Oct 201812:20Flamingo Park9/2810 ran
13 Oct 201812:15Turffontein66/168 ran
11 Oct 201815:00Turffontein25/11010 ran
08 Oct 201814:50Flamingo Park10/1214 ran
08 Oct 201814:50Flamingo Park40/1514 ran
08 Oct 201814:20Flamingo Park/14 ran
08 Oct 201814:20Flamingo Park/14 ran
08 Oct 201814:20Flamingo Park7/1914 ran
08 Oct 201812:20Flamingo Park14/1514 ran
08 Oct 201812:20Flamingo Park18/1714 ran
08 Oct 201811:50Flamingo Park40/1810 ran
08 Oct 201811:20Flamingo Park7/1512 ran
01 Oct 201815:25Flamingo Park28/1714 ran
01 Oct 201814:55Flamingo Park33/1810 ran
01 Oct 201813:50Flamingo Park/14 ran
01 Oct 201813:50Flamingo Park/14 ran
01 Oct 201813:50Flamingo Park28/1814 ran
01 Oct 201813:50Flamingo Park7/11414 ran
01 Oct 201813:20Flamingo Park50/11012 ran
01 Oct 201812:50Flamingo Park13/2413 ran
01 Oct 201812:20Flamingo Park/14 ran
01 Oct 201812:20Flamingo Park4/1814 ran
01 Oct 201811:50Flamingo Park11/21113 ran
01 Oct 201811:50Flamingo Park/13 ran
01 Oct 201811:20Flamingo Park18/11313 ran
17 Sep 201815:50Flamingo Park/14 ran
17 Sep 201815:50Flamingo Park33/1714 ran
17 Sep 201815:20Flamingo Park14/1213 ran
17 Sep 201815:20Flamingo Park14/1913 ran
17 Sep 201815:20Flamingo Park/13 ran
17 Sep 201814:20Flamingo Park3/1214 ran
17 Sep 201813:20Flamingo Park22/1514 ran
17 Sep 201813:20Flamingo Park28/1314 ran
17 Sep 201812:50Flamingo Park22/11014 ran
17 Sep 201812:20Flamingo Park28/11014 ran
17 Sep 201811:50Flamingo Park40/1413 ran
17 Sep 201811:50Flamingo Park40/11313 ran
03 Sep 201814:55Flamingo Park11/21213 ran
03 Sep 201813:50Flamingo Park40/1510 ran
03 Sep 201813:20Flamingo Park4/1211 ran
03 Sep 201813:20Flamingo Park40/11011 ran
03 Sep 201812:50Flamingo Park10/179 ran
03 Sep 201812:20Flamingo Park22/1714 ran
03 Sep 201812:20Flamingo Park10/11214 ran
03 Sep 201812:20Flamingo Park14/1514 ran
27 Aug 201815:20Flamingo Park18/1714 ran
27 Aug 201815:20Flamingo Park11/2914 ran
27 Aug 201814:45Flamingo Park10/3813 ran
27 Aug 201814:45Flamingo Park10/1513 ran
27 Aug 201813:45Flamingo Park11/2213 ran
27 Aug 201813:45Flamingo Park7/1413 ran
27 Aug 201813:15Flamingo Park/14 ran
27 Aug 201813:15Flamingo Park33/1914 ran
27 Aug 201812:15Flamingo Park20/177 ran
20 Aug 201815:30Flamingo Park14/1114 ran
20 Aug 201815:00Flamingo Park28/11114 ran
20 Aug 201814:00Flamingo Park13/2514 ran
20 Aug 201813:25Flamingo Park9/1512 ran
20 Aug 201812:20Flamingo Park33/1811 ran
20 Aug 201812:20Flamingo Park12/1711 ran
20 Aug 201812:20Flamingo Park9/1511 ran
20 Aug 201812:20Flamingo Park14/1411 ran
20 Aug 201811:50Flamingo Park33/1410 ran
13 Aug 201815:20Flamingo Park/13 ran
13 Aug 201815:20Flamingo Park20/11313 ran
13 Aug 201815:20Flamingo Park12/1913 ran
13 Aug 201815:20Flamingo Park33/1813 ran
13 Aug 201815:20Flamingo Park10/1213 ran
13 Aug 201815:20Flamingo Park/13 ran
13 Aug 201814:50Flamingo Park18/1710 ran
13 Aug 201813:45Flamingo Park22/1212 ran
13 Aug 201813:15Flamingo Park28/1710 ran
13 Aug 201813:15Flamingo Park11/2110 ran
13 Aug 201813:15Flamingo Park/10 ran
04 Aug 201816:05Flamingo Park50/11114 ran
04 Aug 201815:30Flamingo Park20/1814 ran
04 Aug 201814:15Flamingo Park22/1913 ran
04 Aug 201813:35Flamingo Park50/1513 ran
04 Aug 201812:20Flamingo Park13/2414 ran
04 Aug 201811:45Flamingo Park18/1714 ran
04 Aug 201811:45Flamingo Park40/11014 ran
04 Aug 201811:10Flamingo Park/9 ran
30 Jul 201815:25Flamingo Park/14 ran
30 Jul 201815:25Flamingo Park28/1614 ran
30 Jul 201813:50Flamingo Park7/1512 ran
30 Jul 201813:20Flamingo Park33/11112 ran
30 Jul 201812:50Flamingo Park/9 ran
30 Jul 201812:20Flamingo Park/14 ran
30 Jul 201812:20Flamingo Park/14 ran
30 Jul 201812:20Flamingo Park28/1914 ran
23 Jul 201816:00Flamingo Park/14 ran
23 Jul 201816:00Flamingo Park10/1114 ran
23 Jul 201816:00Flamingo Park6/1614 ran
23 Jul 201815:30Flamingo Park40/11214 ran
23 Jul 201812:20Flamingo Park50/1910 ran
23 Jul 201811:50Flamingo Park1/117 ran
16 Jul 201815:30Flamingo Park22/1814 ran
16 Jul 201813:20Flamingo Park9/2814 ran
16 Jul 201812:50Flamingo Park11/4211 ran
02 Jul 201815:25Flamingo Park/14 ran
02 Jul 201815:25Flamingo Park28/11314 ran
02 Jul 201813:50Flamingo Park28/1614 ran
02 Jul 201813:50Flamingo Park9/1214 ran
02 Jul 201813:20Flamingo Park28/1710 ran
02 Jul 201812:20Flamingo Park14/1812 ran
02 Jul 201811:50Flamingo Park28/11414 ran
25 Jun 201815:40Flamingo Park16/1814 ran
25 Jun 201815:10Flamingo Park/14 ran
25 Jun 201815:10Flamingo Park40/11214 ran
25 Jun 201814:10Flamingo Park7/1612 ran
25 Jun 201814:10Flamingo Park66/1812 ran
25 Jun 201813:10Flamingo Park/14 ran
25 Jun 201813:10Flamingo Park14/11114 ran
25 Jun 201813:10Flamingo Park9/11214 ran
25 Jun 201813:10Flamingo Park28/1914 ran
25 Jun 201812:40Flamingo Park4/1213 ran
25 Jun 201812:10Flamingo Park22/179 ran
25 Jun 201812:10Flamingo Park18/119 ran
11 Jun 201815:20Flamingo Park/14 ran
11 Jun 201815:20Flamingo Park10/1614 ran
11 Jun 201814:50Flamingo Park22/1712 ran
11 Jun 201814:50Flamingo Park/12 ran
11 Jun 201814:50Flamingo Park33/1912 ran
11 Jun 201813:20Flamingo Park18/1214 ran
11 Jun 201813:20Flamingo Park14/11014 ran
11 Jun 201812:50Flamingo Park14/1313 ran
11 Jun 201811:50Flamingo Park33/1812 ran
04 Jun 201815:30Flamingo Park7/1712 ran
04 Jun 201815:30Flamingo Park16/1512 ran
04 Jun 201815:00Flamingo Park/13 ran
04 Jun 201815:00Flamingo Park16/1713 ran
04 Jun 201813:55Flamingo Park15/21314 ran
04 Jun 201812:50Flamingo Park12/1613 ran
04 Jun 201812:50Flamingo Park/13 ran
04 Jun 201812:20Flamingo Park80/11313 ran
21 May 201815:15Flamingo Park/13 ran
21 May 201813:45Flamingo Park12/1514 ran
21 May 201813:45Flamingo Park14/1314 ran
21 May 201813:15Flamingo Park13/2813 ran
21 May 201812:15Flamingo Park10/1112 ran
21 May 201812:15Flamingo Park28/1312 ran
14 May 201814:45Flamingo Park9/228 ran
14 May 201814:15Flamingo Park9/159 ran
14 May 201812:45Flamingo Park10/3714 ran
14 May 201812:45Flamingo Park/14 ran
14 May 201812:45Flamingo Park40/1214 ran
14 May 201812:15Flamingo Park25/1514 ran
14 May 201812:15Flamingo Park/14 ran
07 May 201816:10Flamingo Park40/11011 ran
07 May 201815:35Flamingo Park33/178 ran
07 May 201815:00Flamingo Park/14 ran
07 May 201815:00Flamingo Park14/1314 ran
07 May 201814:25Flamingo Park4/1213 ran
07 May 201812:45Flamingo Park33/158 ran
07 May 201811:45Flamingo Park13/257 ran
30 Apr 201815:50Flamingo Park40/1913 ran
30 Apr 201815:20Flamingo Park9/2510 ran
30 Apr 201815:20Flamingo Park50/11010 ran
30 Apr 201814:45Flamingo Park7/1212 ran
30 Apr 201814:45Flamingo Park50/11112 ran
30 Apr 201814:15Flamingo Park20/11112 ran
30 Apr 201814:15Flamingo Park20/1612 ran
30 Apr 201812:45Flamingo Park22/1414 ran
30 Apr 201812:15Flamingo Park16/1713 ran
30 Apr 201812:15Flamingo Park33/11013 ran
30 Apr 201811:45Flamingo Park7/1110 ran
30 Apr 201811:45Flamingo Park66/1710 ran
23 Apr 201815:50Flamingo Park20/1413 ran
23 Apr 201815:20Flamingo Park/14 ran
23 Apr 201815:20Flamingo Park/14 ran
23 Apr 201814:50Flamingo Park/14 ran
23 Apr 201814:50Flamingo Park50/11114 ran
23 Apr 201814:50Flamingo Park12/1614 ran
23 Apr 201814:20Flamingo Park18/1411 ran
23 Apr 201813:20Flamingo Park16/11113 ran
23 Apr 201812:50Flamingo Park80/11112 ran
23 Apr 201812:50Flamingo Park10/1412 ran
16 Apr 201816:10Flamingo Park50/1614 ran
16 Apr 201815:40Flamingo Park11/1813 ran
16 Apr 201814:10Flamingo Park33/1614 ran
16 Apr 201813:40Flamingo Park/12 ran
16 Apr 201812:40Flamingo Park28/1414 ran
16 Apr 201811:40Flamingo Park66/1613 ran
09 Apr 201816:00Flamingo Park/13 ran
09 Apr 201814:55Flamingo Park/14 ran
09 Apr 201814:25Flamingo Park/14 ran
09 Apr 201813:50Flamingo Park/14 ran
09 Apr 201813:20Flamingo Park/14 ran
09 Apr 201813:20Flamingo Park/14 ran
09 Apr 201812:50Flamingo Park/14 ran
09 Apr 201812:50Flamingo Park/14 ran
09 Apr 201812:20Flamingo Park/14 ran
26 Mar 201816:15Flamingo Park16/1714 ran
26 Mar 201815:45Flamingo Park25/1714 ran
26 Mar 201815:15Flamingo Park25/11313 ran
26 Mar 201814:45Flamingo Park50/1513 ran
26 Mar 201813:45Flamingo Park16/1313 ran
26 Mar 201813:15Flamingo Park18/11111 ran
26 Mar 201812:15Flamingo Park18/11212 ran
22 Mar 201814:20Vaal/10 ran
22 Mar 201813:05Vaal/15 ran
19 Mar 201813:20Flamingo Park/17 ran
19 Mar 201813:20Flamingo Park/17 ran
19 Mar 201812:50Flamingo Park/16 ran
19 Mar 201812:50Flamingo Park/16 ran
19 Mar 201812:20Flamingo Park/17 ran
19 Mar 201811:50Flamingo Park/15 ran
19 Mar 201811:50Flamingo Park/15 ran
19 Mar 201811:20Flamingo Park/16 ran
19 Mar 201810:50Flamingo Park/12 ran
05 Mar 201815:00Flamingo Park/14 ran
05 Mar 201815:00Flamingo Park50/11214 ran
05 Mar 201815:00Flamingo Park12/1414 ran
05 Mar 201813:55Flamingo Park28/1612 ran
05 Mar 201812:55Flamingo Park14/1913 ran
05 Mar 201812:25Flamingo Park85/4099 ran
05 Mar 201812:25Flamingo Park14/149 ran
05 Mar 201811:55Flamingo Park40/167 ran
05 Mar 201811:20Flamingo Park/14 ran
05 Mar 201811:20Flamingo Park15/2614 ran
05 Mar 201811:20Flamingo Park16/11114 ran
05 Mar 201810:50Flamingo Park10/11414 ran
05 Mar 201810:50Flamingo Park28/1414 ran
05 Mar 201810:20Flamingo Park7/178 ran
26 Feb 201814:55Flamingo Park22/11014 ran
26 Feb 201814:25Flamingo Park10/1914 ran
26 Feb 201813:20Flamingo Park14/1910 ran
26 Feb 201812:50Flamingo Park/14 ran
26 Feb 201812:50Flamingo Park/14 ran
26 Feb 201812:20Flamingo Park/12 ran
26 Feb 201812:20Flamingo Park/12 ran
26 Feb 201811:50Flamingo Park33/177 ran
26 Feb 201811:20Flamingo Park9/1910 ran
26 Feb 201811:20Flamingo Park28/1610 ran
19 Feb 201814:55Flamingo Park40/11414 ran
19 Feb 201814:25Flamingo Park20/11313 ran
19 Feb 201813:20Flamingo Park14/11314 ran
19 Feb 201813:20Flamingo Park33/11414 ran
19 Feb 201813:20Flamingo Park28/1514 ran
19 Feb 201812:50Flamingo Park33/1913 ran
19 Feb 201812:50Flamingo Park28/11113 ran
19 Feb 201812:20Flamingo Park28/11212 ran
19 Feb 201811:50Flamingo Park14/139 ran
19 Feb 201811:20Flamingo Park/14 ran
05 Feb 201813:20Flamingo Park28/1614 ran
05 Feb 201812:00Flamingo Park4/1312 ran
05 Feb 201811:35Flamingo Park12/189 ran
05 Feb 201811:10Flamingo Park11/2712 ran
29 Jan 201813:30Flamingo Park/17 ran
29 Jan 201813:30Flamingo Park/17 ran
29 Jan 201813:00Flamingo Park/11 ran
29 Jan 201813:00Flamingo Park/11 ran
29 Jan 201812:00Flamingo Park/11 ran
29 Jan 201811:35Flamingo Park/14 ran
29 Jan 201811:35Flamingo Park/14 ran
22 Jan 201813:50Flamingo Park/14 ran
22 Jan 201812:20Flamingo Park28/1813 ran
22 Jan 201811:50Flamingo Park25/1312 ran
22 Jan 201811:20Flamingo Park11/2413 ran
22 Jan 201810:50Flamingo Park7/1611 ran
22 Jan 201810:20Flamingo Park50/11111 ran
08 Jan 201814:25Flamingo Park15/2213 ran
08 Jan 201813:55Flamingo Park50/11113 ran
29 Dec 201710:40Fairview6/1411 ran
22 Dec 201713:45Fairview13/249 ran
22 Dec 201710:40Fairview6/1410 ran
18 Dec 201713:25Flamingo Park5/1212 ran
18 Dec 201711:35Flamingo Park14/11013 ran
18 Dec 201711:10Flamingo Park/13 ran
18 Dec 201710:20Flamingo Park66/11414 ran
04 Dec 201714:30Flamingo Park/13 ran
04 Dec 201714:00Flamingo Park18/1914 ran
04 Dec 201711:35Flamingo Park33/11113 ran
04 Dec 201711:35Flamingo Park6/1213 ran
04 Dec 201710:20Flamingo Park9/258 ran
04 Dec 201710:20Flamingo Park4/188 ran
04 Dec 201710:20Flamingo Park22/168 ran
27 Nov 201714:25Flamingo Park/14 ran
27 Nov 201713:20Flamingo Park66/11314 ran
27 Nov 201712:50Flamingo Park11/1614 ran
27 Nov 201710:50Flamingo Park11/2510 ran
27 Nov 201710:20Flamingo Park22/1212 ran
13 Nov 201714:25Flamingo Park/12 ran
13 Nov 201711:50Flamingo Park66/11010 ran
13 Nov 201711:20Flamingo Park12/136 ran
13 Nov 201710:20Flamingo Park20/178 ran
06 Nov 201714:00Flamingo Park14/1513 ran
06 Nov 201711:50Flamingo Park33/1910 ran
06 Nov 201710:20Flamingo Park33/1812 ran

Gert Theron's Stable

The following horses are part of Gert Theron's stable:

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