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Ross Casey - 07:01, 4th January 2017

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James Cosmo 11/8
Spiedi 5/1
Coleen Nolan 7/1
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It is the 19th Celebrity Big Brother and they’ve delivered us a strange bunch again for this season; with the premise being ‘All stars’ versus ‘New stars’. Our reality TV man Ross Casey is on hand to run through the contenders...

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We have 12 housemates left, so let’s roll through the winners and the likely losers that this series has to offer us...

All aboard the banter bus!

Celebrity Big Brother Odds

James Cosmo @ 2/1 – BET NOW

Brave old soul entering the house for this series is Game of Thrones actor James Cosmo. The bookies gave him no chance at the start at 25/1 but he is now favourite at 2/1 as he has kept his quiet dignity whilst all around him people are losing theirs! 

Calum Best @ 11/2 - BET NOW

Calum Best arrives on series 19 of Celebrity Big Brother with a third place already in the bag from the past and holding his mother’s hand. He was likable and affable a few years back in the show and has shown his doting side for his mother, but his people pleasing saw him drift to 5/1 from 11/2.

Jedward @ 7/1 - BET NOW

Planet Jedward has arrived in the Big Brother house and they have already provided the fun factor! They had gone straight to the top of the market thanks to their infectious personality and humour, but are now 7/1 after showing a bitchy side to themselves not before seen on TV.

Speidi @ 10/1 – BET NOW

The reality TV power couple caused a real stir last time they were in the house, spectacularly falling out with everyone during their time on the show. You cannot deny they are entertaining TV when they are like that, but this series they have been less than fun with James Jordan stealing their devious limelight.

Bianca Gascoigne @ 10/1 – BET NOW

At the start of the show I wrote "Bianca Gascoigne will get plenty of sympathy from voters for the plight of her father Paul Gascoigne and if she can reign her party animal ways in just a little and be better-rounded as an individual then I think she can and will do well." She has gone from 20/1 to 10/1 in that time so she sure has!

Chloe Ferry @ 12/1 - BET NOW

Chloe is an alumni of Geordie Shore and with Scotty T and Charlotte Crosby already both former winners from the same show, it is little surprise the short in stature but loud in volume girl was favourite after entering the house on Friday night. However, her actions since have seen her drift to 12/1.

Jessica Cunningham @ 16/1 - BET NOW

Jessica Cunningham is off the Apprentice, which I don't watch so I am coming into her personality blind. From what I have seen so far, she seems nice enough and the bookies make her 16/1.

Coleen Nolan @ 25/1 – BET NOW

Coleen Nolan is a former Celebrity Big Brother runner up so she has every chance of going far again in series 19. She is well liked by the target audience from her appearances on Loose Women and has a good sense of humour which is important on this show. She is clearly game for a laugh too - see her lap dance to Calum but is also struggling with her public perception in the house.

Kim Woodburn @ 33/1 – BET NOW

Kim Woodburn is not new to reality TV and has no qualms about getting up people's noses so I can see her being up for nomination plenty.

Jamie O’Hara @ 40/1 – BET NOW

Jamie O'Hara is the millionaire footballer that threw it all away. He is second fiddle to Calum Best at the moment, and seemed to turn his affections for his friend's wife Nicola in the past few episodes. I was surprised he had shortened from 25/1 to 16/1. He is now 40/1 so he has clearly taken a wrong turn!

Stacy Francis @ 40/1 – BET NOW

Being the first to be ‘edited out’ by the all-star housemates will be a real test of her nerve and if she comes out fighting and gains popularity from it I think it could prove a very good thing she was chosen for it. I personally am really enjoying her eccentricities.

Nicola McLean @ 100/1 – BET NOW

Her public perception is not great and a gameshow than revolves around a nation’s popularity contest that is not a good thing. Her drunk antics won't sit well with viewers and the way she acts around Kim can come across as very bitchy.

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