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The standing Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, faced a confidence vote that was announced by Sir Graham Brady. The vote, by secret ballot, took place at Westminster today (6 June 2022).

But now Boris faces more problems in parmilment as The Chancellor and Health Secretary, Rishit Sunak and Sajid Javid, have lead a wave of resignations as they've stated "they can no longer support Boris Johnson after he claimed to not know about 2019 allegations against MP Chris Pincher."

We've delved into bookmaker's betting odds to pick out the best returns on the Tory MPs who could replace Boris Johnson.

The parliamentary party seeking the vote is due to 54 Tory MPs who submitted letters stating they had no confidence in Boris Johnson's leadership.

Mr Johnson has been serving as Prime Minister and leader of the conservative party since 2019 when he won a landslide election and a majority of 80 seats. It seems that the Partygate scandal has not gone away so we turn our focus on who could replace Boris Johnson if he is forced from power.

Who is in the running for the next Prime Minister?

Here's a look into the conservative MPs who could replace Mr Johnson: 

Could the future be "Prime Minister Jeremy Hunt?" The former health secretary, Jeremy Hunt who was a candidate at the last Conservative leadership election and lost to Boris Johnson in the 2019 conservative party leadership contest, is the bookie's favourite to replace the current PM. Hunt's odds sit as high as 4/1.

Jeremy Hunt conservative party

Tom Tugendhat deals with foreign affairs as the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee and has done since 2017. He has been critical of Mr Johnson's leadership. He too has odds of 6/1.

Penny Mordaunt, the Trade Minister, seems to be a hit with punters. She was a big supporter of Jeremy Hunt in the 2019 election and is as high as the bookmaker's third favourite to replace Boris Johnson with odds of 6/1. Could she replace Boris Johnson?

Our foreign secretary, Liz Truss has had an important role in Britain's response to the invasion of Ukraine. She has also held previous positions under conservative Prime Ministers: David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson himself. She sits as the fourth favourite at 6/1.

Defence secretary, Ben Wallace, has been in this role since Boris Johnson entered Downing Street. His odds are 8/1 to replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

Nadhim Zahawi who is the current Education Secretary and was the vaccines minister during the pandemic is 12/1 to win.

Some MPs who have rather low odds, such as Anne-Marie Trevelyan who is the International Trade Secretary has odds of 100/1.

What Happens Next?

Although a vote will take place, if the majority of his party supports him, and supposedly Mr Johnson wins, he will be 'protected against further challenge for a year.

However, if he is to lose the vote, a leadership contest will be prompted.

What if a Prime Minister resigns? The resignation process depends on different circumstances - this is if a Prime Minister loses a general election. They then offer their resignation. Then the winning party will form a new government

If a Prime Minister resigns whilst their party/government are in power the process again is slightly different. The government is still elected therefore the resignation of the standing Prime Minister triggers a leadership contest, where members of that government will put a selection process in motion to select a new leader of that party.

Previous UK Prime Ministers

1. Boris Johnson - conservative: 2019-present

2. Theresa May - conservative: 2016-2019

3. David Cameron - conservative: 2010-2016

4. Gordon Brown - labour: 2007-2010

5. Tony Blair - labour: 1997-2007

6. John Major - conservative: 1990-1997

7. Margaret Thatcher - conservative: 1979-1990

Current conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson