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The 2022 NFL season is just around the corner and the league's 32 teams will battle it out to reach Super Bowl LVII. The NFL season is a sprint in which each team plays 17 regular season games. The NFL season is difficult to predict and there is a chance a team will come from nowhere to reach the Super Bowl.

Last season, few fans would have expected the Cincinnati Bengals to reach the NFL championship game. The Cats defied the odds to get to the final, although they came up short. Cincinnati's ability to overcome the odds and defy expectations shows just how things unfold unexpectedly in the NFL.

Teams will open their preseason camps in July just ahead of preseason exhibition games in August. From there, the gridiron season will kick off. The NFL season will kick off on September 8, 2022. The regular season will run until January 8, 2023. Each NFL team will play a total of 17 regular season games before the playoffs begin on January 14, 2023. The NFL season will have 18 weeks with each team receiving one bye week to rest.

The Los Angeles Rams are the reigning Super Bowl champions. The Rams are aiming to return to the summit of the NFL. It won't be easy for the Rams to return to the biggest sporting event in North America.

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NFL Odds - Outright Winner

Last season, the Los Angeles Rams won the Super defeating the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 in a fantastic final. No NFL team has won back to back Super Bowls since the New England Patriots accomplished the feat in 2003 and 2004.

Here are the latest NFL odds:

  • Buffalo Bills 13/2
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9/1
  • Kansas City Chiefs 10/1
  • Los Angeles Rams 10/1
  • Green Bay Packers 12/1
  • Los Angeles Chargers 16/1
  • Denver Broncos 16/1
  • San Francisco 49ers 16/1
  • Baltimore Ravens 20/1
  • Cincinnati Bengals 22/1
  • Cleveland Browns 22/1
  • Dallas Cowboys 22/1
  • Indianapolis Colts 25/1
  • Philadelphia Eagles 28/1
  • Tennessee Titans 33/1
  • Arizona Cardinals 33/1
  • Las Vegas Raiders 35/1
  • Miami Dolphins 35/1
  • New England Patriots 35/1
  • Minnesota Vikings 40/1
  • New Orleans Saints 40/1
  • Washington Commanders 66/1
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 80/1
  • New York Giants 100/1
  • Seattle Seahawks 100/1
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 125/1
  • Detroit Lions 125/1
  • Chicago Bears 125/1
  • Carolina Panthers 125/1
  • New York Jets 150/1
  • Atlanta Falcons 200/1
  • Houston Texans 250/1

Who Is the Favourite to Win the Super Bowl?

Has Hell frozen over? It sure feels like it, because the Buffalo Bills are the bookies' favourite to win the Super Bowl ahead of the season's kick off. It seems a bit harsh to say such a thing about the Bills. However, the Buffalo Bills have not reached the NFL's championship game since 1993.

Buffalo are famous for reaching four consecutive Super Bowl games between 1990 and 1993. The Bills were beaten in all four of those championship games. Can Buffalo put the past behind them in 2022-23?

Perhaps the Bills can end their Super Bowl drought. The Buffalo Bills have never won the NFL's ultimate prize. The team is at the best betting odds of 13/2 to win the big game. Josh Allen is one of the league's best quarterbacks. If he can stay healthy and put points on the board early, then the Bills could go far.

While the Bills will hope to win a first ever Super Bowl, they will have plenty of competition in the AFC. The Kansas City Chiefs are just as strong this season as they were three years ago when they won the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, the Cincinnati Bengals are hungry for more success after reaching the final last season.

In the NFC, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are reunited with Tom Brady. Can the greatest quarterback in NFL history win another Super Bowl? The Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers will also expect big things in 2022.

Who Are the Favourites to make the Super Bowl?

Prior to the start of the NFL season, the Buffalo Bills are the favourites to win the AFC, while the NFC favourites are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Buccaneers won the Super Bowl in 2021, defeating the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9.

Tampa Bay did see plenty of change in the offseason with new head coach Todd Bowles taking over the team. The team is still led by Tom Brady, who retired after the NFL's 2021 season but quickly decided to return to pro football. Brady is the key to success for the Bucs. If he can continue to turn back the clock, then Tampa Bay will play well.

The Bills finish 11-6 last season and finished first in the AFC East. Buffalo lost in the playoffs against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Playoffs 42-36 in overtime.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers ended the 2021 season 13-4. The Bucs reached the NFC Divisional Playoffs where they lost to the Los Angeles Rams. Tampa Bay won the Super Bowl in 2021. Tom Brady led the team to their first NFL championship in 18 years. The Bucs have won just two NFL titles in their history.

Who Are the Regular Season Winner Favourites?

The NFL is a unique sports league. The 32 teams are divided into two conferences of 16 teams. Those 16 teams are then subdivided into four regional divisions of four teams each. Each team will play its division rivals home and away. The other games in the regular season are made up of fixtures versus teams from the NFC and AFC.

In the AFC, the top 5 NFL betting odds favourites to win the conference are:

  • Buffalo Bills 7/2
  • Kansas City Chiefs 5/1
  • Los Angeles Chargers 8/1
  • Denver Broncos 9/1
  • Cleveland Browns 10/1

In the NFC, the top 5 NFL betting odds favourites to win the conference are:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3/1
  • Los Angeles Rams 9/2
  • Green Bay Packers 5/1
  • San Francisco 49ers 8/1
  • Dallas Cowboys 9/1

When is the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LVII will be held on February 12, 2023. This year's NFL championship game will be held in Glendale, Arizona at State Farm Stadium. The venue is the home of the Arizona Cardinals.

The Super Bowl is played at a neutral venue each year. In 2021, the LA Rams played in the NFL final at their home stadium, So-Fi Stadium, in Los Angeles. The Rams were the first team to win a Super Bowl in their home stadium.

The 2023 Super Bowl will be the first NFL championship game to be held in Arizona. The 2015 championship game was the most recent to be played at the Arizona Cardinals' home stadium.

What Number Super Bowl is this season's event?

The 2023 Super Bowl will be number 57. The first Super Bowl was held in January 1967. The inaugural game was played between the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs. The Packers won the game 35-10. Since its inception, the Super Bowl has been a travelling final. It has been played at neutral venues

Miami has hosted the most Super Bowl games with 11. Six cities share the distinction of hosting the fewest NFL title games with one apiece. Those cities are New York City, Indianapolis, Dallas, Jacksonville, Santa Clara, and Pasadena. In Total, 16 cities have hosted the big game.

Who Won the Super Bowl Last Season?

Super Bowl LVI was won by the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20. The Rams trailed the Bengals 20-16 late in the fourth quarter, but quarterback Matthew Stafford drove the team down the field to score a late touchdown. By the time the Bengals got the ball back, there wasn't enough time on the clock to score.

Last year's NFL championship win was the second in Rams' history. The team previously won the Super Bowl in 1999 defeating the Tennessee Titans. However, the Rams were located in St. Louis at the time.

How Do You to Get to the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is one of the most difficult championship games to reach in sports. Players go their entire careers without reaching the big game. To reach the Super Bowl, a team must first qualify for the NFL's playoffs.

The NFL is split into two 16 team conferences, the AFC and NFC. Within each conference are four divisions. The 16 teams in each conference are further divided into four, four team divisions.

Teams must play the clubs in their divisions home and away for a total of six games. Teams must also play six games against other teams from their own conference. Finally, during the regular season, teams must play five games against teams from the opposite conference four times. In total, a team must play 17 regular season games with one bye week allowing them to rest.

A team must either finish first in their division to qualify for the playoffs or have a better record than the non-division winning teams. For example, the Cincinnati Bengals can come third in the AFC North and still make the playoffs if their record is better than the other teams that finished second in their respective AFC divisions. It is complex on the surface, but once you get to know the NFL a bit more, the calculations for making the playoffs make sense.

As it stands, 14 teams make the NFL postseason, seven from the AFC and seven from the NFC. Once the playoffs begin, only AFC teams play each other and NFC teams play each other. The playoffs continue in one off games until the winner of the AFC and winner of the NFC meet in the Super Bowl.

What is the difference between the Regular Season Winner and the Super Bowl Winner?

The regular season winner is simply the NFL team with the best record at the end of the 17 game regular season. Unlike in soccer, rugby, or ice hockey, the NFL does not use a points system for wins, draws, and losses. In the NFL, your record and the league table are based on wins and losses. In some cases, it can be determined by win percentage.

NFL Draft Recap

The NFL Draft enables teams to resupply their squads with fresh talent from the university/collegiate football system. The NFL Draft is always an exciting time for NFL fans. Teams spend countless hours preparing for the draft before selecting the player or players they believe will lead them to a Super Bowl. This year's draft was no different as teams supplemented their squads with young players.

The Jacksonville Jaguars had the first pick in the draft and selected defensive tackle/defensive end Travon Walker. Walker had just won the NCAA National Championship with the Georgia Bulldogs and was a highly touted defensive player. He has all the attributes to be the NFL's defensive rookie of the year.

Defensive was a huge priority in this year's draft. The first five teams in the draft selected a defensive player. It makes sense that these teams would focus on the defensive side of the ball. All five teams, the Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, New York Jets, and New York Giants, struggled to keep the ball out of the endzone last season. Draft selection order in the NFL is based on a team's performance from the previous season. Rather than give the best teams in the league first choice, the teams that had the worst record the prior season are given priority.

Which Team Go the Best Draft Picks?

The Baltimore Ravens had an excellent draft in 2022. The Ravens finished fourth in the AFC North with a record of 8-9. The Ravens had a number of areas to address and took five defensive players to reload.

The New York Jets, who always seem to pick high in the draft order, selected cornerback Sauce Gardner first. In total, the Jets selected three top 10 collegiate players in the draft.

The Kansas City Chiefs are considered one of the NFL's best teams and arguably have the league's best quarterback in Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs' scouts' eye for talent shined once more in the draft selecting cornerback Trent McDuffie. The Chiefs were methodical on draft day, going down their list of needs and addressing them. Big things are expected from wide receiver Skyy Moore, who was selected to replace Tyreek Hill, who was traded to Miami Dolphins.

While the Ravens, Jets, and Chiefs were all winners in the NFL Draft, there were, of course, losers, too. The new England Patriots were considered losers on draft day by selecting a player they overvalued in the first round. Offensive guard Cole Strange was considered by some draft experts to be a third round worthy pick. Yet, the Pats took Strange in the first round. New England then took wide receiver Tyquan Thornton second based on his excellent speed. Experts have criticised Thornton's selection as other than speed, there isn't a lot available.

The Washington Commanders were also slated for their picks. The Commanders selected players that look likely to add depth to the squad. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of high quality talent in the starting team.

Players to Watch This Season

So, which players should you watch out for this season in the NFL? Joe Burrow is certainly one player to keep tabs on. Burrow is headed into his second season in the NFL with the Bengals. Last season, Burrow led the Cats to the Super Bowl. Burrow had a 10-6 record in the regular season, completed 70.4% of his passes, and threw 34 touchdowns. Although the Bengals are not one of the favourites to win the AFC or the Super Bowl, the team has been strengthened in the offseason.

Aaron Rodgers is another player to watch out for. He is the NFL's highest paid player in 2022 at $42 million. Rodgers is now 38 years old and his body may not be able to take the same punishment it has previously.

Another ageing quarterback to watch is Tom Brady. The 44 year old retired after the 2021 season, but quickly backtracked. He will play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers once more this season, the team he won the Super Bowl with in 2020.

If the Buffalo Bills are to win the Super Bowl, then Josh Allen will need his wide receivers to make big plays. Wide receiver Gabriel Davis is a big play man. Last season, he scored four touchdowns and tallied 200 receiving yards against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa will have a speedy set of wide receivers around him. The Dolphins are going to stretch teams this season, or at least try to, with a group of receivers that resemble a track team. Tagovaioloa could put up some big passing yard numbers with these wideouts.

MVP Odds

The NFL MVP is one of the great individual awards in the league. The MVP often goes to the best quarterback in the NFL, so be prepared to bet on one of the league's elite signal callers to win the trophy. In the NFL's history, only two times have a defensive player won the MVP award. The last man to do it was Lawrence Taylor in 1986. The odds of a defensive player winning the award this season are slim.

Here are the NFL MVP betting odds for the top 10 candidates:

  • Josh Allen 8/1
  • Patrick Mahomes 9/1
  • Tom Brady 10/1
  • Aaron Rodgers 12/1
  • Justin Herbert 12/1
  • Joe Burrow 14/1
  • Matt Stafford 17/1
  • Russell Wilson 17/1
  • Dak Prescott 18/1
  • Kyler Murray 22/1

You should not that the top 10 NFL MVP candidates in terms of odds are all quarterbacks. As the NFL regular season progresses, there is likely to be a running back or wide receiver that enters the top 10 in odds for the NFL MVP. The last nine awards have been won by quarterbacks.

Aaron Rodgers won the NFL's MVP award in 2021. It was the second consecutive season in which Rodgers won the honour. Rodgers has now won the NFL MVP four times.