If you explore your favourite online sportsbook, you may come across something known as Asian odds or Asian handicap betting. At first glance, you may be confused about the different numbers on display. Yes, Asian handicap betting can be a little overwhelming, but rest assured, once you learn about the betting and odds format, it all makes sense.

Here, we will take a deep dive into Asian handicap betting and learn about the odds display format. Once you finish reading about Asian odds, you may want to wager on the unique betting format.

What are Asian Odds?

Let us start off by saying Asian odds are an advanced sports betting type. If you are still coming to grips with fractional, decimal, and American odds, then it may be best to master those before moving on to Asian odds.

Asian odds is a type of bet used in a variety of sports. Due to the large number of potential markets available using Asian odds, they have become popular across the world with sports bettors. There are plenty of professional bettors that simply use Asian handicap betting to make a living. Once again, Asian odds are a more advanced bet type. Therefore, study the subject in depth before wagering your money using it.

Bookmakers offer Asian odds as a way to make a sporting event more even. They basically balance an imbalance between two different teams. Over the course of the last decade, Asian handicap betting has become popular in the football betting world.

Let us use an example to further illustrate what Asian odds are exactly. Imagine Manchester City are playing Salford City in the FA Cup. This is a match between a Premier League team and a League Two club. There is a major gulf in quality between the two sides.

Bookmakers' odds would be skewed in favour of Manchester City to win. There is very little reason for a punter to wager on Manchester City to win or draw the game as the potential profit would be small. Moreover, there is no value in betting on Salford City, who would be at long odds to win or draw.

Asian odds balance the betting odds offered by sportsbooks by evening out the scoreline. The odds are levelled closer to EVENS. The winning probability for either team to win is now closer to 50%.

So, how do Asian handicap betting make the odds more even? Bookmakers post a handicap on a team winning or losing by subtracting or adding to their final goal tally. In a way, Asian handicap betting is similar to run line betting in baseball and puck line betting in hockey.

One of the big differences with Asian handicap betting is that you could win your initial stake back if the team you wagered on does not fall below or exceed the handicap mark.

One of the popular reasons the Asian handicap betting market is utilized by professional bettors is that your wager is more easily covered. Asian odds basically cover the outcome of a draw occurring.

How do you read Asian odds?

Asian handicap betting lines can come in full lines (round numbers), half lines (0.5, 1.5, etc), or quarter lines (0.25, 1.25, etc). For this example, let us look at a full line.

Similar to American odds, the favoured team has a minus (-) symbol in front of its whole number. The underdog team has a plus (+) symbol in front of its whole number.

  • Manchester United -1.00
  • Watford +1.00

Here are the possibility of the outcomes:

Manchester United have to win by two or more goals for the bet to be successful. A win by one goal would be a push, which means your stake is paid back. A draw or loss to Watford would mean the bet loses.

A wager on Watford is successful if they win or draw the game. A loss by one goal is a push, which means your stake will be paid back. If Watford lost by two or more goals, the bet would lose.

The chances of a draw outcome have been removed by the bookies.

How Do You Convert Asian odds into Potential Winnings?

Asian handicap betting is offered in fractional, decimal, and American odds formats. Depending on your preference, you can get odds on Asian handicap betting margins in your preferred odds format.

Most leading online sportsbooks offer Asian handicap betting and odds on a variety of markets are listed. Converting Asian odds into profits may be easier than you think. However, Asian odds are a complex, advanced betting style. It takes trial and error, and plenty of research to make a winning bet using Asian handicap betting.

Do Asian Odds Calculate Probability?

While it is easy to calculate probability when using fractional odds, decimal odds, and American odds, it isn't quite so simple with Asian odds. The good news for bettors is that there are a number of websites that offer Asian odds calculators. Simply punch in the odds, Asian handicap betting line, and your stake to get the potential profit you could make.

How Betting Odds Work

Betting odds explain the likelihood of an outcome occurring based on a sportsbook's opinion. There are different types of betting odds including fractional, decimal, American, and Asian odds.

Each betting odds type provides you with a different way to view a potential bet. It is important for bettors to learn the various types of odds formats. Learning the differences and being able to see the odds in multiple ways can help you exploit value in the betting market.

What's the Difference Between Asian Odds and Decimal Odds?

Decimal odds show the amount you would win for every £1 wagered. You would typically find decimal odds used on betting exchanges. An example of decimal odds would be 3.00. This means that you would receive a £3 payout for a £1 wager. The payout takes into account your original stake. Therefore, you will receive £2 in profit and the £1 stake to make £3 total.

Asian Odds or Decimal odds?

Decimal odds are the most commonly used odds format in the world today. Countries across Europe along with Canada, Australia, and New Zealand favour decimal odds over other formats. Decimal odd quickly and easily show you who is the favoured team and who is the underdog. You also know how much money you will win off of a £1 bet.

Asian odds are far more complex. While there is value in the Asian handicap market, it isn't clear just looking at the odds. You may need to use an odds converter to understand how much money you will make off of a bet. In addition, it takes time to understand the outcomes of Asian handicaps.

How Do You Convert Asian odds into Decimal Odds?

Decimal odds are provided by online sportsbooks. You will see Asian handicap betting displayed in decimal odds.

What's The Difference Between Asian Odds and American Odds?

American odds are typically used by sports bettors in North America. American odds are based on winning or wagering £100 on a bet. The odds are represented by a plus (+) or minus (-) sign. The plus and minus signs indicate which team is the favourite and the underdog.

American odds are a bet on the winner of a particular sports event. Like Asian handicap betting, the draw is eliminated from American odds.

What are Moneyline odds?

Moneyline odds are the same as American odds. The two terms are often used interchangeably by some punters and bookies.

How Do You Convert Asian odds into American Odds?

Asian handicap betting odds are their own specific entity. Therefore, they do not convert easily into American odds. Both formats are unique.

What is the Difference Between Asian odds and Implied probability?

Implied probability explains what the bookmaker expects the outcome of an event to be. Implied probability is also known as implied odds. Asian handicap betting odds are given to a sporting event based on the bookies' opinion of what the outcome should be.

How Do You Convert Asian Odds Into Implied Probability?

Converting Asian handicap betting odds over to implied probability is simple by using an online calculator. There are a variety of implied probability calculators available.

Which Countries Use Asian Odds?

Asian handicap betting has become popular around the world over the last decade. The rise of football betting has led to many punters seeking an advantage over bookmakers. Asian handicap betting provides bettors with more value and the chance to cover their original stake. You may not lose your bet when using Asian handicap betting markets.

Why Do Some Countries Use Asian Odds?

In countries in which football betting is popular, Asian handicap markets have become increasingly in demand. In the United States and Canada, similar betting markets are available for baseball and hockey.

Many punters have become fans of Asian handicap markets due to the number of potential bets they can make. There is no shortage of potential markets. In addition, Asian handicap market betting is popular on betting exchanges.

Do Betting Sites Give you the Option to Use Asian Odds?

Online betting sites provide you with the chance to use Asian handicap betting. Whether you want to use Asian handicap lines or Asian handicap half lines, you will have the option to bet on these markets courtesy of industry leading bookies.

Which Is the Best Odds Format?

The best odds format is up to you. Personal preference will determine which odds format you will use to wager on sports.


Asian handicap betting is one of the most popular ways to wager money on sports today. It provides football bettors with a more balanced market. Asian handicap betting is advanced. Therefore, if you are still struggling with other betting types and odds formats, it isn't something to jump into right away.