A win and each way bet is a common bet in the world of gambling. The bet type is popular in horse racing, motor sports, greyhounds, and other sports in which you are predicting a winner from a large field of participants.

An each way bet, also written as E/W, allows you to expand your potential return on a wager. This allows you to cover the possibility of more outcomes from an event such as a horse race.

Punters of all types use the win and each way bet regularly to ensure they receive a return. Let's explore the win and each way bet further and learn just how to use it.

What is Win and Each Way?

When you place an each way be, your are essentially making two bets at an equal price. The first bet is a win bet on your selection. In this case, you are wagering on your selection to win the event outright.

For example, if you bet win and each way on a horse race, then you are betting on a specific horse to win the event. This is the first portion of the bet or the win bet.

The second bet is the each way bet. For this, you are wagering on the same selection to place, which depends on the number of runners in the event. For example, the Grand National has a large field of horses and bookies pay out up to sixth place. Sportsbooks vary on places they pay up to in each way bets, so read the terms and conditions beforehand.

What Happens When You Bet Win and Each Way?

Since you are making two bets on one selection, your stake will be double. For example, if you wager £5 to win and each way on a horse, the bet will require a total stake of £10 (£5 to win and £5 to place).

Each way bets work well when there is a large field of entrants, such as a race or individual sport like golf. This allows you to wager on a participant to win the overall event or to place in a specific place.

Horse racing, motorsports, and greyhounds are popular markets for win and each way betting. However, you can use the bet type in other sports. Golf tournaments are perfect for win and each way. You can even bet on the outright winner of a football tournament such as the World Cup using the bet type.

How Many Places Pay on Win and Each Way?

The number of places paid depends on some different factors. For one, sportsbooks may offer more places for specific events or as a special promotion.

Oftentimes, the number of places that payout is determined by the event's participants. For example, horse races with small fields may only pay out two places. Horse racing events with large fields, such as the Grand National, will payout a number of places.

Some sportsbooks offer up to five places for the Grand National while others will offer up to six places. Just remember the bet stake doubles when you make an each way bet. Despite the increase in stake price, you will like having the insurance of receiving part of your bet back.

What are Each Way Terms?

Bets are paid differently according to race and sportsbook. Typical terms for an each way bet are as follows:

  • 1-4 runners: No each way places
  • 5-7 runners: 2 each way places
  • 8 or more runners: 3 each way places
  • 16 or more runners: 4 each way places

Sportsbooks typically offer fewer each way places on daily races. For major events such as the Grand National or Cheltenham Gold Cup, sportsbooks will offer enhances each way bet places.

If you place an each way bet, you will typically receive 1/5 the odds for the places. For example, if you place an each way bet on a race with up to three finish places at 1/5 odds and your horse finishes third, you will win the bet. Your payout will be for 1/5 the odds you paid on the horse at the start of the race to win the event.

One of the great things about the win and each way bet is that if the horse comes first, then you will receive two payouts, one for the win and the other for the place bet. If the horse finishes the race in second or third place, you will receive the payout for the place portion of the wager.

How do you work out Win and Each Way winnings?

You want your each way bet to at least payout to cover your initial stake of £5. The number of places that payout is at the discretion of the sportsbook along with the number of participants that take place in the event.

Here is how to calculate your winnings:

  • 1 to 4 runners – No Places – Win Only bets
  • 5 to 7 runners – 1/4 Odds – 1st and 2nd place only
  • 8 plus runners – 1/5 odds – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
  • 12 to 15 runners (handicapped races only) – 1/4 odds – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
  • 16 plus runners (handicapped races only) – 1/4 odds – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place

You can turn your horse racing bets into potential winnings using this information.

What is the difference between Win and Each Way and Win?

If you simply bet on a horse to win an event, you need the horse to finish first. If your selection doesn't win the race, then the bet is a loser. A win and each way bet offers insurance on the wager allowing you to receive a payout if the horse finishes in the specific places.

What is the difference between win and each way and to place?

A place bet backs a horse to finish in the top two, three, or four, depending on the number of runners in the event. You are not necessarily betting on the horse to win the race or place.

Can you bet just each way?

If you want to wager on your selection to finish second, third, or fourth, then you should bet for the horse to place. If you think that the horse can win, but want some insurance on the wager, then a win and each way bet is the best way forward. Some bookies will simply call the bet an 'each way bet'.

Is Win and Each Way a popular bet?

Win and each way betting is very popular and is used by punters all over the world. It ensures you receive some type of payout even if your selection doesn't win.

Can you bet win and each way on accumulators?

Sportsbooks allow you to combine win and each way bets into accumulators. This allows you to combine the odds into one large price to wager on.

Types of multiple bets for win and each way

Along with accumulators, you can wager on horse racing and other events using multiple bets. Some of the popular horse racing multiple bets using the win and each way are 'Win to Win, Place to Place' and 'Each-Way All Each-Way'.

Can You Bet on Distance won?

Distance is a betting market offered by some sportsbooks that offer horse racing betting. If you bet on the total winning distance, you will be able to select the official distance between the horse that comes first and the horse that finishes second.

When selecting the distance, you will be able to choose whether the distance will be above, below, or in between the quoted distances offered by the bookie.

Can You Bet on Jockeys?

There are a variety of jockey markets offered by leading sportsbooks. Explore your favourite sportsbook to find the jockey markets that appeal to you. Markets include to ride a win, place accumulator, and more.

Can you Bet Win and Each Way in Other Sports?

Win and each way markets are offered by leading sportsbooks in a variety of sports including golf, tennis, rugby, football, and more. The market is available when betting on a tournament or league prior to its start.

For example, the FIFA World Cup win and each way market is available to punters. Leading bookies only offer up to the top two places for the E/W market.

Do All Bookmakers Offer Win and Each Way as an option?

Not all bookmakers are the same. Therefore, bookies may offer different options on win and each way for big races or sporting events. Some bookmakers will provide enhanced places to increase betting for big races. In addition, it may depend on how many runners are competing in the event.

Win and Each Way Tips and Strategies

Horse races in which there is a strong favourite along with a second, and possibly third favourite, make for great each way betting opportunities. These events have only a slim chance of the favourite being beaten and the places going to runners outside of the top favourites.

How do you read horse racing form?

Racing form is arranged left (oldest) to right (newest) in chronological order.

Declared vs Ante Post

An ante post wager is placed before the runners are confirmed for the race at the final declaration stage. If the horse doesn't run, then your stake is lost. The odds and risk of betting on the horse to win are higher.

What is Ante Post Betting?

Ante post betting is wagering on a horse prior to the event starting. This type of betting takes place further in advance of the event.

Do You Get Better Odds on Ante Post?

The odds are higher with ante post betting, but if your selection doesn't run, then you will lose your stake. The risk is also higher for ante post betting.

What is BOG?

BOG is short for, Best Odds Guaranteed, and it is an excellent horse racing concession in which you can take an early price on a specific horse. You will either recive a payout at these odds or the starting price depending on which one is larger.


A win and each way bet is a great way to provide yourself with insurance on a wager. If your horse wins, then you not only receive the payout for the win portion of the bet, but you get a payout for the place part of the bet.

If your selection merely places, then you will receive a payout as well. This payout can cover your stake. Win and each way betting is popular and used oftentimes in racing. It is a great way to earn a payout, but you will need to double your stake.