If you have explored your favourite online sportsbook recently, you may have come across the bet builder option. Bet builder is new for some online bookies, but regardless of their newness, they have become popular amongst bettors around the globe. The betting option is available for a variety of sports including football and cricket.

Bet builders appear to be similar to the classic accumulator bet. However, there are some differences that make the bet builder different than its contemporary. Let us explore bet builder bets and why you should give it a go.

Bet Builder Explained

What is a bet builder? A bet builder allows you to create an accumulator bet on markets from the same sporting event. This is very popular with football matches and you can build an entire acca on markets from one specific game.

A traditional acca only lets you select markets from different sports events. For example, if you want to create a four fold accumulator, you will need to make selections from four different games. In a bet builder, you can make four selections from the same match. The bet builder is a great tool for wagering on a single match, especially if you know a lot about the teams and players involved.

How to Place a Bet on a Bet Builder

First off, log in to your favourite sports bookmaker and find a football match you are interested in wagering on. After clicking on the game, you will see the 'bet builder' option. Click on this and it will give you a variety of markets to explore.

After you find the markets you want to wager on, select them and build your bet builder. You can add a number of selections. Be careful you do not build your bet builder with contradictory items or place too many items onto the bet builder. The more items you add, the riskier the bet becomes.

How Do You Win a Bet Builder?

A bet builder works the same way as an accumulator. You need all of the selections to be successful for the overall bet to win. If any one of the selections you made is not successful, then the bet will fail.

Football Bet Builders

Football bet builders are incredibly popular for punters. Instead of using the traditional acca in which you wager on multiple games, the bet builder allows you to wager on markets from the same game. If you fancy a punt on Liverpool versus Real Madrid, but want to add multiple selections to the bet, then this is for you.

You can wager on the full-time result, halftime result, both teams to score, total goals, and much more. In the traditional acca, you cannot add multiple selections from one match to your bet slip. The bet builder is great for fans that know a lot about a single team.

What Football Matches Can You Bet on Bet Builders

Leading sportsbooks allow you to create a bet builder bet on matches from the top leagues around the world. Bookies offer bet builders on the Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, and more competitions. Bet builder bets are great for punters ahead of a big-time match.

Does a Bet Builder include extra time?

A bet builder does not include extra time. Just like a match bet, extra time is not included. Therefore, you will need to consider extra time if the match is a cup game.

Bet Builders on bet365

Bet365 offers you the chance to create a bet builder bet. Your bet builder can include multiple markets from the same game. Make your selections, stake your wager, and sit back to watch the results come in.

Bet Builders on Paddy Power

Paddy Power provides bet builder bets on "top grade competitions". Like Bet365, Paddy Power doesn't offer the bet builder option on all leagues.

Can You Cash Out on Bet Builders?

The cash out option is one of the most popular betting inventions over the last decade. Unfortunately, bet builder bets do not offer punters the chance to cash out before the football match is over. This puts the power into the bookies' hands as you must wait for the result to come in before the bet builder can be cashed out.

Can You Use Bet Builders on other Sports?

Bet builder bets were developed for football events. However, the bet type has been adapted to other major sports. You can use a bet builder for sports including tennis, cricket, NFL football, basketball, and more events. Before signing up to a new sportsbook, simply check to see if the option is available.

Bet Builder Tips

When creating a bet builder, be sure not to place contradictory selections onto your bet slip. For example, don't place both teams to score and a total of under 1.5 goals on the same football match bet builder. This sounds impossible, but punters in a hurry that do not check their bet slips can make errors.

Like any sports bet, be sure to do your research, find out as much information as possible about the game you are wagering on. A bet builder bet allows you to wager on an event that you have a lot of information about. Bettors can focus all of their attention on one event rather than multiple events.

Bet builders are like other accas. The more selections you put on the bet builder, the more risk is created. By keeping your wager to only a few selections, you improve your chances of winning.

Is a Bet Builder a Good Bet?

A bet builder can be a good bet for punters seeking value from one event. A match with short odds and little value can be completely changed by the betting option. All of a sudden, you can create a bet builder with more exciting odds. However, you still have the same risk of the selections not coming off as in a traditional acca.

Rather than simply select multiple match bets, in a bet builder you will select from markets including the number of goals, both teams to score, and much more. If you are more accustomed to making match bets, then this may take some time to get the hang of.


The bet builder is provided by industry leading sportsbooks and provides you with the chance to create an accumulator on one football match. Traditional accas only allow you to make selections from multiple events. The bet builder enables you to make multiple selections from the same event.

Bet builder bets are available on a variety of sports including football events, tennis, golf, basketball, NFL football, ice hockey, cricket, and more. Sportsbooks only offer the betting option on select competitions. The league or tournament you want to wager on may not be available using the bet type.

The bet builder is a fantastic way to create an acca on a single event. Whether you are wagering on football or cricket, you can make your selections on the same match. Once you have made your bet builder bet, you can sit back and watch the match play out.