A Canadian bet consists of 26 equal bets. These bets are made on selections from five different sports events. The Canadian bet is made up of 10 doubles, 10 trebles, five four folds, and one five fold.

The bet does not include single bets, unlike some other similar bet types. Since the Canadian bet does not include single bets, you won't receive a return on just one of your selections winning. You will need at least two of your selections to win to receive a payout. Even then, your payout may not cover your original stake.

The trebles, four fold accumulators, and the five fold accumulator provide significant increases in winnings if three or more of your selections win. As more of your multiple bets win, your returns grow sharply.

In this article, we explore the Canadian bet and why you may utilise it in your arsenal of bets.

Canadian Bet Explained

What is a Canadian bet? Also known as the Super Yankee bet, the Canadian includes five selections from five different events. In total, there are 26 bets made. When making a Canadian bet, your stake will be multiplied 26 times. A £1 wager on a Canadian would have a total stake of £26.

The bet consists of 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four fold accumulators, and 1 five-fold accumulator. Due to the number of different multiple bets that make up the Canadian, it is a complex wager. It is similar to the Yankee bet (hence the reason it is also known as a Super Yankee bet) and the Lucky 15.

The big difference between the Canadian and these other bets is the size of it. Canadian bets are expanded versions of the Yankee and Lucky 15 with five selections rather than four, and a total of 26 bets. The Canadian isn't for new bettors and new customers to sports books. It should be used by bettors with experience.

Before placing a Canadian bet, you should know a lot about the particular sport, teams, and leagues you are wagering on. Due to the stake being multiplied 26 times, you may lay down a large stake. Having little knowledge about a specific event could see you lose a large sum of money.

If you are familiar with and knowledgeable about a specific sport, team, and league, then you may earn a large return. The ability to make a large return makes the Canadian bet extremely attractive.

How Many Selections are in a Canadian Bet?

A Canadian bet features five selections from five different sports. You cannot make selections from the same event. If you would like to make a wager on selections from the same event, then you should try the bet builder feature.

Canadian betting makes 26 wagers on your five selections. The bet is made up of:

  • 10 doubles
  • 10 trebles
  • 5 four fold accumulators
  • 1 five fold accumulator

Unlike the Lucky 15, there are no single bets. This means the Canadian bet is not a full coverage wager. You will need at least two of your selections to be successful to return money.

How do you Calculate Canadian Bets Winnings?

The easiest way to tally up your winnings before making a Canadian bet is to use a Canadian bet calculator. Simply search for a Canadian bet calculator online and enter your odds and stake for the wager to get the potential winnings.

An online Canadian bet calculator is the best way to calculate your potential winnings. You can also use a betting calculator smartphone app.

If you prefer to calculate the winnings yourself, then follow this formula:

First, covert your odds to decimals if they are in fractions. You can do this by dividing the top number by the bottom number. Then add one to get the decimal odds.

Now, for doubles, trebles, four fold accumulators, and five fold accumulator, multiply the decimal odds for the each selection together. Next, multiply the result by your stake.

How Does a Canadian Bet Payout?

The payout for a Canadian bet depends on the odds of your selections and the amount of money you stake. It is doubtful that a positive return on your stake will be achieved on just two winning selections. You will likely need three selections to win to receive a positive return on the original stake.

Let's look at an example. If you wager £1 on a Canadian, the total stake will be £26. In this example, each football match is priced at 2.00.

  • 0 selections win – £0 return with a profit of -£26
  • 1 selection wins – £0 return with a profit of -£26
  • 2 selections win – £20 return with a profit of -£22
  • 3 selections win – £20 return with a profit of -£6
  • 4 selections win – £72 return with a profit of £46
  • 5 selections win – £232 return with a profit of £206

While three selections could help you break even, profits are unlikely to be made until four or five selections win.

How to Place a Canadian Bet

Log in to your favourite online sportsbook. Next, find the sport you want to wager on. Make five selections from five different events and add them to your bet slip.

Then, go to your bet slip and scroll down to 'multiple bet'. After clicking in 'multiple bet' locate Canadian bet or Super Yankee. Now, enter your stake. Before pressing 'bet', review your bet slip. Once you are happy with your selection, hit 'bet' and sit back to watch the results roll in.

Is a Canadian Bet a Good Bet?

If there are five selections from five separate sports events you want to wager on, then a Canadian is a great alternative to a five fold accumulator. The Canadian combines the selections in different ways and can lead to a larger return than on the traditional five fold accumulator.

You can even get a return if just three, or four of your selections win. In addition, Canadian betting means you do not have to assemble 26 different bets on your selections. The bet type does it for you.

What is the difference between a Canadian Bet and a Yankee Bet?

A Yankee bet is made up of 11 bets. These bets are of equal value on selections from four different events. The bet includes:

  • 6 doubles
  • 4 trebles
  • 1 four fold accumulator

Like the Canadian, a Yankee bet must have at least two selections win to generate a return. The trebles and four fold accumulator increase the winnings should more than two wins occur.

Is a Canadian Bet Better than a Super Yankee?

A Canadian bet and Super Yankee are the same thing. The bet type is known by the same name. Different betting websites and bookies will call the bet type either Canadian or Super Yankee. In the end, the bet is the same thing.

How much is a 50p Canadian Bet?

A 50p Canadian bet would cost you a total stake of £13. Remember that Canadian betting stakes are multiplied 26 times. Therefore, it is a bet for experienced punters due to the amount of money you may risk.

Canadian Bet Example

For this example, let's look at five Premier League matches from a weekend of football:

If just one of your selections win, then you won't receive any return. There are no singles in the Canadian bet. It is not a full coverage bet type. Ten doubles will be made across these selections meaning that if two of your selections are winners, you will receive a payout. Ten trembles are also made. Five four fold accumulators and one five fold accumulator will also be made on the selections. Your potential profits will rise if the accumulators are successful.

Canadian Bet in Horse Racing

Canadian betting is very popular with horse racing. It allows punters to select five horses from five different races and place them into one multiple bet. Horse racing punters use the Canadian rather than a five fold accumulator, because it allows for greater profits to be made. The Canadian is a great way to wager on short odds selections and make more money than on a traditional five fold.

Each Way Canadian Bet

You can place an each way Canadian bet, but keep in mind that you will make 52 bets rather 26. You stake will be multiplied 52 times.

What Sports Can You Bet a Canadian?

Horse racing is the most popular sport for Canadian bets. However, you can use a Canadian for a variety of other sports including football, basketball, tennis, cricket, and more. If you have five selections and fancy them to win, then selecting a Canadian bet could be beneficial.

Canadian Bet Strategies

The Canadian bet does not include single bets. This means that it isn't a full coverage bet. Therefore, you need to be knowledgeable about the sport, team, and league that you are wagering on. The Canadian is not for novice bettors due to its complexity. Therefore, you should have plenty of experience wagering on sports before adding the Canadian bet to your arsenal. Canadian bets can be costly. It is important to weigh up the risk and reward before wagering.

What are Similar Bets to a Canadian?

The Lucky 31 is similar to the Canadian bet. The difference is that the Lucky 31 includes five single bets. The addition of the five single bets means that the Lucky 31 is a full coverage bet. If just one of the single bets wins, it will generate a return.


The Canadian bet, also known as a Super Yankee, consists of 26 bets of equal value across five different selections. The bet includes 10 doubles, 10 trembles, five four fold accumulators, and one five fold accumulator. You stake is multiplied 26 times when making a Canadian bet. Therefore, the bet is known as a complex wager and not for novice bettors.