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American football is the most popular sport in the United States to wager on. The American's love of gridiron action has spilt over to the United Kingdom in the last decade and more punters are following the hard-hitting game.
Not only is the NFL a major sport to bet on, but so is the fast-paced action of NCAA football. The collegiate game is the breeding ground of tomorrow's NFL stars. It is the closest thing to the excitement of European soccer that American sports get.
Our US football tips writers are experts in the gridiron game and follow all of the action from week 1 until the College Football Playoff National Championship. It is an exciting sport to wager on with plenty of twists and turns. You will be up to date on all the great games each weekend with our US football predictions articles. Don't miss out on gridiron action with NCAA US football.

US Football Tips

High-quality US football tips for NCAA gridiron action can be the difference between winning and losing a bet. NCAA football is not like the NFL and different factors go into the outcomes of games at the collegiate level. Punters who wager on NCAA US football are betting on potential NFL stars. These promising youngsters have plenty of pressure on their shoulders as they compete in major games each weekend. Our NCAA US football predictions articles will prepare you for the action on Saturdays. You will have everything you need to know from injuries to key players to what type of defence a team prefers to play.

US Football Predictions

Our US Football predictions staff writers are well-informed when it comes to the crunching tackles and long passes in the NCAA game. NCAA football is far different than the NFL as the play is quicker and big plays are more likely to occur.
In addition, big scorelines can also take place when it comes to the collegiate game. Our US football tips writers know when the biggest and the best play and can give you the edge when wagering on the gridiron.

US Football Schedule

The NCAA US football schedule runs from August until December for the regular season. Teams play on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays during the regular season US football schedule. There 130 NCAA football teams which mean there are over 60 games of high-calibre US football each week.
In December, the NCAA US football schedule changes to the postseason with teams playing in bowl games around North America. Depending on a team's regular-season record and conference finish, they receive the chance to play in a bowl game which makes for even more betting excitement. You can wager on 40 amazing bowl games each postseason.
The US football schedule is topped off with the College Football Playoff National Championship. The four top teams in the country at the end of the regular season qualify for the playoffs. The championship game will pit the two winners of the playoff semifinals in January.

US Football Free Bets

Many of the leading sportsbooks we partner with offer US football free bets. Simply sign up to the sportsbook of your choosing, fund your account, and you will receive US football free bets.Weekly NCAA football games give you the chance to research and prepare for the gridiron action. US football free bets can give you the chance to add more funds to each weekend's bet on the biggest games in America.

US Football New Customer Offers

US football new customer offers get you so close to the gridiron that you will feel each devastating tackle. US football fans can receive incentives courtesy of leading sportsbooks by simply signing up, funding their accounts, and wagering on the sport they love. US football new customer offers are a great way to enjoy a new sportsbook membership.

US Football Welcome Bonuses

We have partnered with a number of leading sportsbooks to give you the latest US football welcome bonuses. Simply sign up and fund your brand-new sportsbook account to enjoy a variety of welcome bonuses including free bets, additional funds, or an odds boost.
The NCAA US football schedule is filled with great gridiron games throughout the season. US football welcome bonuses are designed to give you more incentive to wager on the sport you love. From new customer offers to US football odds boosts, sportsbooks want to give you more bang for your buck.
US football welcome bonuses are also great ways to shop around to find the sportsbook that you like the most. Just because you sign up to a sportsbook doesn't mean you must stay married to it. You can find a welcome bonus that works best for you and offers you the most excitement.

US Football Bookmakers

The explosion of American football in the UK has led leading bookmakers to give even better US football odds and incentives to gamblers. You can get some of the best US football odds from the bookmakers we partner with.
Our tips writers scour the Internet to find the best US football bookmakers and select the best bonuses, odds and offers available. We then showcase those great deals for you to enjoy. After you fund your betting account and wager on a football game, you can sit back and relax while watching the US football streaming platforms. This gives you the chance to follow the action while betting on the sport. It is also a nice way to bet in-play.

US Football News

America is gridiron mad and the amount of US football news that occurs in the world of the NCAA is incredible. Luckily, our US football tips and predictions writers are also gridiron football mad. Our tipsters have their ears to the ground and follow all of the latest news.
Due to the amount of US football news that is released throughout the week, you can find a lot of misinformation or unimportant stats and figures. Our US football predictions will have vital details to help you gain more knowledge of gridiron football.